Jim Dedmon’s USA Today Photo Essay

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4 thoughts on “Jim Dedmon’s USA Today Photo Essay

  1. The uniforms look okay close up, but I have to be honest. Those unis look horrible on TV. Charlotte’s looked terrible as well. Together it was perhaps the ugliest uniform combination I have ever seen in a college game.

    Luckily, the Owls’ play made up for it, GO OWLS!

  2. I hope we go back to Cherry and White for Homecoming. Simple and clean and we are the Cherry and White–plus a lot of alumni come back from all over the country expecting to see Cherry and White.

  3. both teams should never wear white helmets in the same game.., nightmare for the QBs picking out receivers… anybody have any idea on the status on tickets sales for Saturday? I think the attendance on Saturday will say much about the state of Temple football…, the team is undefeated and has beaten PSU and Cincy in the same season.., the coaches and players have given the Temple and Philadephia communities something to come out and watch.., shame on the Temple if they can’t figure out how to get 30k in the seats.., hard to argue for a stadium with less than 30,000 for an undefeated team on Homecoming

    • one of the guys who crunches the numbers by reviewing past history with ticketmaster, stub hub, etc., says 35K tickets have been sold so far. Two things, though: Any year PSU and ND come to town, you will always have more tickets sold than fannies in seats. the good thing about the new linc stadium deal is that attendance is solely based on scanned tickets walked through the gates. when a ticket taker scans your tickets, the total of the scanned is the announced crowd and the eagles, not Temple, give the Owls that figure to announce. So we will know for sure. I’m thinking 37K tickets sold and an announced “real” crowd of 31-32K.

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