Game Day: 5 Things to Watch


  1. Attendance

If the crowd looks slightly smaller than half-filled and it is announced at 31,000, there will be 31,000 people in the stands. Temple does not “fudge” figures. The number of fannies in the seats are the number of fannies in the seats, because the figure is solely taken from the number of tickets scanned at the gate and that goes directly to the press box. Thirty-one K is the figure to shoot for since the last five Temple homecoming crowds were slightly over 25K. If a 4-0 start with a win over PSU isn’t worth at least six more K fannies, then we do not know what to say.


  1. Explosive passing game

Temple coach Matt Rhule said that the wide receiver group is about to make a big impact in terms of explosive downfield plays in the passing game. With Jahad Thomas setting them up by establishing the  running game, this could be the week. Tulane will cheat up the safeties and LBs to try to stop Thomas, then P.J. Walker will fake it into his belly and pull it out and Temple receivers will be running so free through the secondary, Walker will not know which one to pick out.

All systems are go for a beautiful day.

All systems are go for a beautiful day.

  1. The Tight End Pass

Kip Patton has shown flashes of brilliance so far and that trend should continue. A couple of plays that might work to Patton would be the old Chester Stewart rollout play to Evan Rodriguez and the old Chester Stewart jump pass to Steve Manieri in the back of the end zone. The problem is that Marcus Satterfield doesn’t know those plays. Matt Rhule, who originally drew them up, does. Hopefully, his headset works. (Note to Sat: The first play is where P.J. makes a quick fake to the running back, rolls two steps to his right and dumps an easy screen pass over the head of the DE to the TE; the second comes near the goal where P.J. jumps in the air and finds Kip at the back of the end zone.)

  1. Some Passes for Frank

We finally saw backup quarterback Frank Nutile (pronounced NEW-TILE) last week, but that was only to take three knees. Hopefully, the lead becomes large enough to get Frank some passes in case P.J.’s shoulder goes out later in the season.

  1. A Touchdown for Tavon

Tavon Young was a major playmaker for the Owls last year, scoring a touchdown on an interception against UConn and another on a fumble recovery against ECU. Something tells me he is going to jump a route an take one to the house against Tulane. Call it a strong hunch. Or just say he’s due.

Sunday: Complete Game Analysis


9 thoughts on “Game Day: 5 Things to Watch

  1. Nice beatdown! Letting a team only have 110 yards total and 8 yards rushing is huge!

  2. How on Earth is Toledo ranked 24th and Temple isn’t ranked?! Oh because Toledo beat Arkansas who has a 2-3 record. It isn’t like Temple beat PSU who is 5-1 and leading their division of the Big Ten. Oh wait, they did.

    • Close win at Umass is the reason. I can’t imagine us not breaking in if we beat UCF (0-6) and ECU (3-2). Both doable in my opinion.

      • Not to say that we can’t beat ECU, but it is not an automatic win. They are a good team. They lost at Florida and at Navy. Sure they got stomped by Navy but that can happen to any team facing that triple option.

      • Agreed. ECU isn’t a gimmie. We stand a good chance though, and it’ll be a good litmus test for ND given that they beat Navy pretty handily.

        I was really impressed with the run game today, and PJ looked natural in the pocket. Biggest thing that will hold us back are the bad fumbles and penalties like what happened in the first quarter today. Against a bad team we can bounce back. Against a tough team those missed points/opportunities could be costly.

  3. Why the 7:30pm kick-off vs. UCF? TV and money, I guess. What time will ND game kick-off?

  4. What happened to my comment? It was largely about Temple getting better about not having all those penalties at the beginning of games (and this game was particularly bad!), but also how well the O and D is doing.

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