These Are the Good Old Days

When a group of guys get together like a lot of us have over the last 20 years or so of Temple tailgating, a lot of the talk invariably returns to the “good old days.”

Well, as Carly Simon once said, “these are the good old days” and the beauty of them is that all of the Temple family, old, young, middle-aged can experience the times together.

Right now, look around and savor them because those days are here and maybe it’s just a hunch but they are going to get better.

Without a doubt, the two greatest linebackers in Temple history.

Without a doubt, the two greatest linebackers in Temple history.

Tyler Matakevich stopped by our particular Temple tailgate yesterday and I told him he was a POS. I think he took it in the good humor it was meant to be because I still have all my teeth but it came because he said he stopped by another tailgate first. It was great to see the linebacker who is going to break Steve Conjar’s career tackle record breaking bread with Steve Conjar afterward and it could not happen to two nicer guys.

The character of Matakevich was on display for all to see not only yesterday and every game this season but more importantly earlier this week when Tyler and his teammates stopped by to say hello in an old folks’ home to a 97-year-old ex-Temple player, James Woodside, who was the last living Owl to have beaten Penn State. The visit was a beautiful thing to see and that video was much of the conversation.

“Tyler, I just wanted to say that video of you with Mr. Woodside was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen,” I said. “It brought a lot of us to the verge of tears.” After Tyler said thank you, John Belli had perhaps the best line of the day, delivered with impeccable timing.

“Tyler, that was because all of us are closer to his age than we are to yours,” Belli said.

Everybody laughed one of those hearty belly (or in this case, Belli) laughs reserved for one of those stories of old guys reliving their youth.

You can talk about the football part of yesterday, the 49-10 win and the great plays and the great job of the Temple fans all you want, but the character part of it is perhaps the reason why the football part of it is happening. This team has great senior leadership from Tyler Matakevich to Matt Ioannidis to Tavon Young and that leadership is leaving no doubt.

The talk turned to the next game, UCF.

“The best thing about Leave No Doubt is that every game is a championship game,” I told Tyler.

“Absolutely,” he said.

It is the reason why we have “the good old days” right now and the reason why we can expect more in the near future. Knowing the leadership on this team, it could not happen to a nicer group of guys.

They are taking the rest of us on one heckuva ride.

Monday: Photo Gallery.


47 thoughts on “These Are the Good Old Days

  1. My favorite part is getting to see the current students enjoying the game. The team needs more alumni support if it is going to survive and thrive. Unfortunately, the team has been so bad for so long that alumni support is not great. It will take awhile to build but you have to start somewhere.

  2. Thought the size of the crowd yesterday was a good sign. Also PSU game aside, which I kind of put in it’s own category, yesterday was one of the best atmosphere’s I’ve experienced at a Temple game in a long time, both tailgating and in the stadium. Met quite a few if the “prodigals” in the Alumni tailgate tent who said they were going to most likely attend more than Homecoming this year. Hopefully that attitude will turn into more season ticket holders and Owl Club members

  3. For all you fire Marcus Satterfield fans just remember you could have fraudazio here, his offense put a whopping 3 points on the board Saturday. This was after they put up a 7 points the week before. Thank goodness he’s gone.

    • There was a call to fire him because his offense stank. They are not running that offense now. On top of that, many of us didn’t like Addazzio. Not to defend him, his offense has suffered some key injuries including to his QB.

      • Addazio is a dinosaur and I’m glad he took his Jurassic show on the road to bean town. Even with the beautiful campus, complete with its own stadium, he still can’t generate anything resembling a successful or even watchable program.

        I do feel badly for AG’s struggles down in the swamps of Florida. MR and company are standing on the shoulders of the football renaissance he started. I hope MR sticks around after this season to build on his success and I hope we’re all rewarded with a new stadium in which 35k fans feels like a full stadium.

      • actually if they build the NBC Today Show Stadium at the size they are talking about 5,000 fans would have been turned away yesterday

      • it’s a beautiful thing and it’s something the florida fans warned us and something we warned the bc fans and the bc fans will warn the ball state fans …

      • Mike that video is awesome. I didn’t see the finish to the game but that has to be one of the stupidest calls I’ve ever seen…and for the record my 85 year old mom scored as many points yesterday as Adazzio’s offense. I never liked that prick and I’m glad he’s wallowing in the misery of his latest ‘dream job’. Btw great comment about him going to Ball State or some other tier three program after defecating in the bed.

      • daz will have to rebuild his reputation elsewhere. bc being a catholic school will honor his contract, but I don’t think it will be renewed once the 5 years are up.

    • definitely Matt put his foot down and changed the entire Temple offensive scheme from the insane 5 wides to a more balanced approach that we have pleaded for in this space for the last 2 years. Marcus deserves credit for following orders, nothing more. Matt deserves more credit for giving the orders. As far as Addazio, we can all agree that we’re happy he’s BC’s problem.

      • AG’s struggles are his fault because he won’t fire or demote Donofrio. They have four and five star athletes on defense who Donofrio is clearly is misusing. Send someone with Harbaugh’s coaching skills there, they would have a top defense like Michigan.

      • AG’s final gift to the university was taking D’Onofrio with him to Miami. Heater was a huge improvement and it seems after a rather embarrassing start Phil Snow is also very effective in that role.

  4. Could be wrong but I think Rhule has taken control of the O. It’s probably not Satterfield’s decisions any more – there’s just to many changes. And btw, what was the attendance?

    • a legit 35,179 … just a great job by the Temple fans. I told kicker Tyler Mayes after the game that was the first time I ever remember a wave being done at a Temple game. I’ve always hated the wave but I must admit, there was an inherent beauty in seeing it go all around the stadium with not a single Tulane fan involved. Tyler said the players noticed it on the sideline. The first time in my life at either the vet or linc I’ve ever seen the “visiting” side full of Temple fans.

      • That number made me so happy to read and one I was guessing around during the game (32-33).

        Yes, it was homecoming, but it was against a team from Louisiana. Not much of a home crowd. I counted maybe 10 Tulane skaters/hats, that was 35k TEMPLE fans all wearing gear.

        This is truly a season to remember.

      • Mike, I’ve had the same feelings regarding the wave but it was awesome that there were enough TU fans to have it go all the way around the stadium

      • I didn’t get to nearly as many games last year as I would have like so I don’t know if it was the case then, but it is so good someone finally realized to close the upper decks. In the past there would be IDK 5K fans scattered about the upper deck, why? Make them fill the lower bowl and create a legit football atmosphere. If they don’t want to be sitting next to someone at a football game they don’t want to be at a football game.

    • Rhule May have changed the offense but Saterfield is still calling the plays. Unlike the guy at BC he has a passing game.

  5. moving UCF to a night game will hurt attendance – fans in the seats is more important to the program than TV revenue at this stage in program development.

    bthis team is undefeated and has beaten PSU and Cincy in the same season – no reason for fan apathy!

    even though the coaches and the team have flaws they have upheld their side of the bargain – Philly and the entire Temple community must provide this team with better support.

    our offense must adjust, it is hard to consistently run the football when the defense put nine guys in the box.

    and, I don’t understand why we can’t find a real RB coach? the RBs would not fumble as much as they are doing right now if they had a coach who knew and could teach proper techniques

    • after talking to the many people I talked to in the concourse and after the game, not a single person–and this includes the Prodigal Sons and Daughters–said that a night game was stand in the way of their decision to come back. We might not get 35K for UCF (I hope we do), but it will at least be in that 25-30K range. Temple Fever is spreading and maybe more than those who were there yesterday will catch it.

      • Temple fever is spreading you say? I’ve had a couple people ask if I sell any Temple tickets that I don’t attend. When they asked where my seats are (47 yard line) they insisted I keep them in mind if I want to sell. For a TEMPLE game!!

        I smiled and said I attend ALL home games.

      • I sat there in my normal 122 seat and had my mouth open looking at all the Temple fans PACKING the so-called “visitors” side. I have never seen that many Temple fans on the opposite side of the field since Temple Stadium and that happened only for the BC game (1973) and the Villanova game (1971) and the West Virginia game.

      • This is on a Saturday not a Tuesday or Wednesday like those attendance killing MAC games, and shouldn’t affect the attendance all that much because they’re winning.

    • This team is 5-0, beat Penn State first time since ’41 beat Cinn. on the road and you come on this board trying to fire someone. Let’s see first it was Snow, then Rhule, then Saterfield and now the running backs coach. He didn’t fumble the balls the players did. By the way all teams have flaws even Ohio Stat too. You really need to stop with the negativity. The team won 49-10. What else do they have to do? I’m sure when they lose a game or two and they will you will want to fire Rhule again.

      • I don’t know who you are talking about but never once (not once) did I ever call for Temple to fire Rhule. Chill out and enjoy the win.

      • My comment was for kj who was taking shots at the running backs coach.

      • Never mind then. My bad. Sorry.

      • constructive criticism is part of the process.., have you ever listened to coaches when the talk to their players? Telling someone what they have to do to get better is positive, not negative…, Temple needs a quality RB coach. Satterfield is not a good RB coach, and would probably do a better job as the OC if he did not have to coach the RBs.., his full-time job is OC, he is coaching the RBs in his spare time and it shows – period

      • KJ-Like you would know a good running backs coach from a bad one. Unreal! Guess how many TDs the running backs had on Saturday? If you guessed more than three you would be right.

  6. Temple has started a season 6-0 three times. If they win next week (which they should, UCF is really bad this year) they will make it four. If they win against ECU they will make it 7-0 for the the first time ever. As much as it would be nice to beat ND, ECU is probably the most important game in Temple history. They are in second place in the division and though it is unlikely Temple will lose their lead there is always a chance. Also, if Temple loses that game then there is no luster for the ND game. Imagine the national story if Temple has the better record when ND comes to Philly to play! Winning the ND game would be great and might really change the trajectory of Temple football for years to come but the next two games are conference games and probably far more important.

    • #leavenodoubt means full focus on ucf then it’s time to cram for the ecu test. after talking with tyler matakevich and tyler mayes yesterday, it appears the team is bound and determined to take that approach. good sign.

      • At this point, the next game is the most important game of the season. Any letdown, any loss, will be used to say “same old Temple.”

    • Good points, the way I look at it, ECU could be for the division and the Memphis game could have the potential to be for home field for the AAC championship

  7. Please, BOT, build us a stadium. Jeffrie Lurie is a fraud. There is more Eagles stuff up at Temple’s homecoming than Temple stuff. Even the tunnels had Eagles banners. Go to a University of Pitt game, there is barely any sign of the Steelers on game day. Can’t stand Lurie.

    On a positive note, what a great last 3 quarters. Not sure why the team starts off so slow, but they sure know how to finish!

    • I don’t know who runs the PA music before the game but Temple needs to adopt some sort of hype up song. For instance, Florida uses (or used) AC/DC Thunderstruck right before kickoff. It needs to be the same song every game to let the crowd know it is go time. Right now the game kind of just begins without a big build up. If the crowd is amped it will get the team amped.

  8. Love the 5-0 start! Keep it going. Does anyone else notice PJ starring down his intended receiver? He never looks DB’s off. And I never see him going through check downs. Is OL not giving him time? He is playing great thus far and he is a good QB. I’m just worried and it seems like a big deal when they play more elite teams he is going to throw a lot of pics. Any thoughts?

  9. The American Conference is outplaying the AAC this year..,

    Memphis is good enough to beat Ole Miss, and Houston just might finish the regular season undefeated. ECU and Memphis are much bigger games for Temple than ND.

    Houston has the best chance of finishing the season undefeated and getting into a New Year’s Day Bowl Game.

  10. See what happens when u trust the process!

    • the process changed this past winter when Matt Rhule walked out of the film room saying watching the five wides on the goal line at the 1 “made my heart ache.” That process a year ago made my heart ache in real time. Fortunately, Matt saw the light in the darkness of the film room. Better late than never.

      • and also part of the process was letting Freshman & sophomores develop into Juniors and Seniors. top notch recruiting & developing a winning mindset in these young guys. we are seeing the results of all the above.

    • The MRAs just won’t give it up that the coaches did a good job the last two seasons. The process was horrendous. The offense was abysmal and the defense was unable to stop anyone when it had to. What the MRAs refuse to acknowledge is that many people on this blog had it right when they criticized the coaching, something the COACHES themselves admitted. They would have had eight wins last season had they run this offense.

  11. Actually Tractorr, there were fans in the upper deck (I watched the game on TV from here in Ohio) and given that the lower deck was filled I was surprised to notice quite a few (dozens if not hundreds) in fact. And as far as amping the team, maybe they’re too amped which is causing all those mistakes in the beginning of every game – even Rhule said they’re too fired up. Even tho I’m still somewhat cautiously optimistic, I’m starting to trust that they will come out and win. The game management has been much more solid, Rhule seems to have a great repoire with the players on the sideline and the play calling is working. Just need to clean up all those early penalties. The players seem like they’re on a mission. If they keep it up and whenever they lose it can’t be blamed on poor performance – by players or coaches. If they lose some it will mean they just get beat by a better team. There is still a long way to go folks, but hold on to your hats – this is FUN!

  12. Mike, are you really hearing only 30K for a campus stadium? That is ridiculous. It would tie us for smallest stadium in the AAC. There is no chance of moving up to a better conference with a stadium like that. Other than Tulane all of the recent stadiums built for AAC teams have been 40K or more. Tulane is happy that they moved up and they know that they aren’t getting an invite anywhere else. Isn’t Temple aiming a bit higher at this point?

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