Derik Hamilton’s USA Today Photo Essay

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12 thoughts on “Derik Hamilton’s USA Today Photo Essay

  1. jt badley –

    constructive criticism is part of the process.., have you ever listened to coaches when they talk to their players? Sometimes they are not very kind. Telling someone what they have to do to get better is positive, not negative…,

    Temple needs a quality RB coach. Satterfield is not a good RB coach, and would probably do a better job as the OC if he also did not have to coach the RBs.., his full-time job is OC, he has been coaching the RBs in his spare time and it shows – period.

    • says the guys who picked Penn State to hammer us and wrote many response as to why we couldn’t match up to Penn State.

    • Offensive coordinators generally act as a position coach as well. An FBS team is allowed one HC, nine assistants including the coordinators, and two grad assistants. You have to cover two coordinators, OL, QB, WR, RB, TE, DL, LB, secondary, special teams. Somebody has to do double duty. Most common is the offense coordinator is the QB coach, but sometimes they are the WR or OL coach. RB coach is a little unusual for the coordinator but he switched to that position when they brought on Glenn Thomas as QB coach.

      I am sure there are some others where the offensive coordinator does that alone but the only one I could find while searching was Rutgers. I don’t really think what Rutgers is what we should be shooting for. On the other hand, PSU, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, Michigan, Baylor, TCU, Alabama all have offensive coordinators who also coach a position.

    • What exactly has the RB coach done wrong? Thomas, a former college d-back, has top 20 stats and Armstead is a freshman playing like a junior. Point to specifics and and say why you think this is the case. Compared to last year, the back are giving the team as much as it needs.

  2. Many of these College Ranking sources have Temple at #26 or #25 and Penn State around #32. What would happen is Temple takes care of UCF and Penn State beats top 5 ranked Ohio State? Would Penn State surpass Temple in the Rankings even though we gave them a smack down in week 1?

    • no, cannot pick a 1-loss PSU over an unbeaten team that kicked the crap out of them (and probably could have rolled it up 34-10 or more in the 4th q).

      • Mike, they’ll pick em for the same reason that PSU gets top billing in TU’s home paper-more notoriety and history. It may not seem like much but readers of the Philadelphia Rag should not reach a PSU story in the Sunday paper before seeing TU’s story ever and especially this year. The fact that TU is discounted by the Philadelphia Inquirer means that they’ll be discounted by the national press. Frankly, I believe that the Inquirer is still wondering why we still have football, which was the position held for years by Dolson and Lyons and is exhibited by that hit piece after the PSU win about everyone not being happy about the win and the one last spring plainly warning that building a stadium would be a risk. Mark my words that if the university decides to build a stadium, the Inquirer will come out against it.

  3. that sielski piece was a hit job worthy of the Sopranos, I will agree. Also, there was a nice little spot at the bottom of the front sports page on sunday that would have been perfect or Temple but, instead, the bottom 1/4 was devoted to a 7-1 regular-season Flyers’ loss. I so wish Mr. Katz was alive today to see that. Heads would have rolled.

  4. wonder why Adonis Jennings and Colin Thompson have not seen more balls come their way? Kip Patton has Sunday ability, the catch and run last Saturday reminded me of his catch and run during the Spring Game. I don’t think LBs and SS can cover Thompson or Patton, would like to see more of the double TE set.

    • Thompson is being kept in as additional protection for P.J., which is fine with me given P.J.’s shoulder. He delivered a helluva block on Robby’s TD.

      • As was said many times last season, rather have the protection than five receivers in a pattern. The throw to Anderson for the td exemplifies what PJ can do with a little more time.

  5. It’s not that PSU shouldn’t get good coverage, but when there are many more PSU articles as Temple articles and Temple is rarely the lead article when Temple just hammered someone, it’s pretty ridiculous. And your “perfect storm” article reminded me that I’ve thought maybe Temple got PSU when they weren’t quite ready for the season yet. Could be the Owls would do it now too but that’s how seasons go – Temple sure was ready! It’s great PSU has rolled up a 5-1 record and the 1 is losing to Temple! And John it’s not just giving more time to PJ but to the receivers too to get open. Whatever, I just hope they can keep their focus and keep winning. Go owls.

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