Temple Trending Upward Because of Perfect Storm

Click on the photo of Jahad Thomas thanking God for the Owls' good fortune for reasons.

Click on the photo of Jahad Thomas thanking God for the Owls’ good fortune for  five reasons.


16 thoughts on “Temple Trending Upward Because of Perfect Storm

  1. I’m surpised reason 5 wasnt higher, and the emergence of #5 thomas wasnt in there.

    Those 4 players you mentioned have all been huge. imagine this team without there starting 2 wrs, starting LT and starting DE. I like V Bryant, but hes young and may have struggled being the #1 receiver. I keep hearing about wr shippen, but I havent seen him. maybe hes underated or is a well rounded player who blends in

    • We knew about Thomas when he went off for 154 yards last year against Tulsa. Then they didn’t give him the ball the rest of the year because of their stubborn insistence on that 5 wides insanity. I knew if they gave him the ball, and committed the run, we’d see more Tulsas. The other 5 points were bonuses, getting a couple of kids transfer in; surviving a nutty fight (Temple players of the 70s and 80s have told me if they suspended everyone who got into a fight, they’d have no players). Then, P.J. plays with a separated shoulder. Temple TUFF. We’re fortunate.

      • Do you know if the athletic team thinks a separated shoulder can heal slowly? I’m assuming it can’t until the seasons over. It just sucks to have a lingering injury. I’d like to hear it slowly heals even if it gets bumped

      • The team’s running success in the Tulsa and ECU game is what makes the coaches’ insistence in sticking to that crappy offense last year so perplexing. Frankly, I think the coaches kicked themselves after doing their season end review and determined that they made a big error. Thank goodness they saw the error of their ways.

  2. the ND game is a sellout which means the Owls may wind up leading the AAC in average home attendance this year.., no worse than 43,000 per game avg…, why should Temple build a stadium smaller than 45,000?

    • Short answer: Temple should not. Long answer: Another BOT meeting came and went with no mention of a stadium yesterday. Clearly, not a priority. They talked about the new minor league facility at William Penn (for Olympic sports). So they met in December, March, July and now October with no mention of a stadium. The next meeting is December.

  3. crazy as it sounds would not be far fetched the see Rhule leave and Golden come back next year

    • I think we Temple fans have been spoiled by the loyalty of great coaches like John Chaney, Wayne Hardin, Skip Wilson and Harry Litwack. Those are guys who were wooed like crazy but said I like it right where I am. After that, money talked and bullshit walked. I do have a feeling that “Matt” (of all others since) is more like the above group, but we will see. Now that he has made a commitment to the run and throw off play action, I’d like to see him see this thing through. If Phil wants to retire, Al would make for a great DC.

  4. The season has a long way to go and it’s only one season. I’m already looking ahead to see if they can keep it going (assuming this year turns out to be a great one as it well might but no guarantees either). Have at least 3 good years in a row (not only playing football but attendance too) to show some sustainability then build the new stadium. it’s a huge investment and should require some proof of success. I’m having fun so far this year – it feels good, but we’ve seen other good years in the past come and go all too quickly. If Rhule does well and then leaves in just a couple more years, will the program be starting from scratch again? Not to be a wet blanket, but while enthusiasm is great, some realism when it comes to business is necessary.

    • excellent post, Jon.

    • If Rhule leaves and if he continues to be successful he will have opportunities we will be able to recruit another good coach. The Temple job is no longer a coach killer job. It might not be the destination right now but it is trending that way. Two of our previous coaches were recruited and hired by ACC schools. If Rhule gives us 5 years and the remaining 3 are 7-8 win seasons or more, I will thank him and wish him well.

  5. I could be all wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time, but I don’t think that Rhule will leave. He makes 1.6 million now. I know the many schools pay more than that. However, I’ve spoken to him many times and haven’t seen that he’s driven by money or the urge to be successful in a bigger pond. More importantly, I didn’t detect condescension or deception when he said that he wanted to stay at TU and make it a successful program. I think that his goal is to have sustained success at Temple, and if he achieves that goal, he will receive all the accolades he can handle because no coach, even Harden, was able to pull that off. We all know that if he finishes 9-3, the wolves will be at his door just like they were after Golden’s first couple of years. If I’m correct, he’ll drive them away and stay with TU.

    • After talking to Daz a few times, my BS detector went up like the antenna on Ray Walston in “My Favorite Martian.” I knew the guy was a used-car salesman. The three times I talked to Matt Rhule (one a 35-minute conversation on the phone and a couple on C&W Day), I got the idea that he was about as sincere and committed to Temple has coach Hardin was. I may have criticized his gameday coaching in the first couple of years, but I’ve always written that he’s an incredibly nice guy and not a BSer. Al Golden gave us five good years. I think he does at least the same.

    • It isn’t always about the money even though money is nice and it does motivate some people. Sometimes its about being comfortable and sometimes its about seeing if you can be successful at the next level such at a p-5 school or for some college coaches the NFL. Coaches are like the athletes they coach and most are former athletes who thrive on challenge. Rhule doesn’t sound like the used car salesman type and he sounds humble and sincere about wanting to stay at Temple for the long haul but if the right opportunity would present itself, he might jump. If he does so after 5 years with a good track record in the last three years, good for him and I’d wish him well. The good news is that the last three Temple coaches have achieved some modicum of success (Rhule is just starting to blossom) at Temple so there will be an abundance of solid candidates that would want the job if it opens up. What we need to do is keep winning, continue to get support from the administration and the alumni base. I think the administration is in, so it’s the alumni that needs to wake up by donating to supplement funding and attending games. Attendance needs to average over 30k for conference games and non marquee out of conference games which is doable. if this happens, then an on campus stadium can become a reality. I was very happy to see the solid turnout for the Tulane game. I hope we can keep it up for the UCF game this week.

      • That’s interesting you were pleased with the attendance. I haven’t been to many games to compare, but I thought ppl would’ve wanted a full sellout of the whole bottom level. I’m curious how many show up Saturday. And once the undefeated record isn’t there ,whenever that happens.

  6. The announced gate was 35K plus which is about 10K more on average than the previous 4 homecoming games (that would be about 30k more that attend a Villanova homecoming game). Temple football has had some abysmal years and you don’t grow a fan base overnight especially if you have struggled on the field. Maybe if you are a real Temple fan and I’m thinking you are not, but if you are, you might want to go down to a few games. My thinking is you root for another local school that plays in a high school field. You come here to help soothe your ego.

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