The Importance of Being 7-0

Matt Rhule on being 6-0 … 7-0 would be off the charts (literally).

If there was ever a book to be published about this Temple football season, I am pretty sure the title would be “Leave No Doubt” but, like most books, there has to be a subtitle and that would be “What’s Next?”

This season is so good, so far, that it needs two titles. I must admit, I haven’t seen the “what’s next?” part until recently, but here’s what’s next.


The last time TU tried to get to 7-0 was in 1974, the two previous years are below. Who knows when the next chance will come?


The book is a work in progress, but the next task is to write Chapter 7. Temple has never been 7-0. That is something worth balling for, worth squeezing every extra ounce of energy and effort to achieve.


The Owls have been playing this game since 1898—the school has been in existence since 1894—and they have never started the season 7-0. For all of the talk about how important this game is from an AAC standpoint or getting ESPN Gameday here standpoint, doing something that no team has ever done in the history of the school should be the most important thing now.

The Owls' last chance to go 7-0 was 41 years ago.

The Owls’ last chance to go 7-0 was 41 years ago.

You play the game to win championships, but three hours of superb play can cement this team’s legacy into the Temple record books forever. That should mean something. It should mean everything.

The last 3 times TU tried to get to 7-0. Who knows when the next chance will come?

Every guy who ever put on the Cherry and White uniform can root for that. It’s been a wall no one could break through and a wall that is there right in front of the team right now.

Forget the AAC. Forget about the implications surrounding a possible NY6 Bowl. Forget whatever bowl game the team might be selected for.  Forget Notre Dame. Those things are really too far down the road to worry about now. Forget even ECU. Two nights from now should be all about Temple.  Seven wins and zero losses is a goal that has never been achieved at Temple. This is a goal right in front of the Owls, three hard hours of football away, and, they should play like rabid Mad Dogs on every play. Capital M and Capital D. Protect the football, play great defense and special teams and make plays on offense.

If they do that, they can at least look in the mirror and say they gave it their best shot and accept whatever the outcome Thursday night.

Tomorrow: Game Plan Wednesday


9 thoughts on “The Importance of Being 7-0

  1. So let it be written, so let it be done!

  2. Got your dates mixed up there in the 4th paragraph (or 5th if you consider the 7-0 its own paragraph). Otherwise, I agree with everything here.GO OWLS!

  3. Hi Mike, this is Ernie / Millville and thanks for adding my name to the donation list. This further proves your are indeed honorable, in addition to being ‘ gung-ho-temple-thru -thick-and-thin’. I bet I am not the only person to fixate on possible negatives in this great time but I am worried about PJW 11. Watching him Saturday night vs UCF made me wince many times. He jumps in the air to let it fly and this aspect of his game has never improved even when there is not super strong pressure. Many of his passes were wide and or high due to his form. I trust MR and his coaches are very busy trying to develop a game plan to reduce the impact of this never improving flaw. So I say, thank god for the defense and running game. Also living now in Millville I am very interested in Nbr 25, Mr Armstead, too bad they called back his TD run last week.
    Will someone forgive me for my ying-yang for happy while jittery? Can I get an AMEN on this mood ? Thanks.

    • I’m confident, not cocky, Ernie. Our senior leadership will not let us down Thursday night. (… and I would rip that quick out throw that went or a Pick 6 out of the playbook. PJ is much more effective when we establish the run, fake it into the belly of the rb, pull it out, and hit an open Temple guy running through the middle seams. bring the lbs and the safeties up to the line to support the run and have them backtracking when our wrs and tes run past them. Gosh, simple, basic football that Wayne Helman would have loved.)

  4. Great pump article (got me pumped at least!). Went to the Eagles game last night and gave a couple T for Temple U! chants.

    We’re doing great things right now, and Mike I agree wholeheartedly, 7-0 is the goal. Come what may after that.

  5. I have a feeling if the Owls take care of business Thursday, that college Gameday may very well come to the Linc on Halloween. That would be HUGE for the program. It may very well be top 10 Notre Dame vs top 20 Temple. No other ranked teams play each other Halloween!!

  6. I think they will. Play hard and confident, not cocky and nervous. I see Robby scoring on a long touchdown catch and Tavon taking a Pick 6 to the house. I think they have a hard time moving the ball against Phil Snow’s defense. I think they beat ECU because of playmakers like Robby, Jahad, Tavon, Patton, etc.

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