Game Day: Some Deep Galactic Thoughts

Some crazy stars and asteroids are aligning soon, and we’re not really sure what they mean, if anything, about the outcome to tonight’s Temple at ECU game.

What I have learned on the ABC Evening News with David Muir is that an Asteroid is coming within close proximity of the Earth on Halloween Night. Since I have purchased one of those $20 Millionaire lotto raffle tickets drawn that night, it would be my luck to win a million at 7 p.m. and have the earth smashed into by an Asteroid at, oh, about 11:30 p.m.

If, however, a 7-0 Temple team were to beat a 6-1 Notre Dame team five minutes earlier, I could not have picked a better way to go–so maybe that Asteroid means the Owls will beat the Pirates tonight. Omen quotient: Temple win.

Fans watching the game on ESPN2 tonight will be treated to live cuts to Temple fans cheering on the Owls at Shorty's Flatiron Bar in NYC.

Fans watching the game on ESPN2 tonight will be treated to live cuts to Temple fans cheering on the Owls at Shorty’s Flatiron Bar in NYC.

Some other galactic omens:

  • Last year, East Carolina was unbeaten and ranked No. 21 coming into Philadelphia to play Temple and lost to the 4-3 Owls. Tonight, Temple is unbeaten, ranked No. 22 and playing a 4-3 team in Greenville. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean history repeats itself for the 4-3 and unbeaten squads. Not even Bill O’Reilly can spin this one positively. Omen quotient: Temple loss.
  • Both teams have won a game they’d like to do over: Temple beating UMass, 25-23, and East Carolina beating Towson, 28-20. UMass is bad, but it’s 10x better than Towson. Omen quotient: Temple win.
  • Last trip to North Carolina: Temple’s 37-3 win at Charlotte looks better in light of Charlotte extending Old Dominion to a 37-34 game last week. A lot of projections have Old Dominion in a bowl game. Omen quotient: Temple win.
  • ESPN is going to send a film crew to New York City to shoot a group of Temple fans watching the game at Shorty’s Flatiron, 66 Madison Avenue, Manhattan. ESPN is owned by the same company that owns ABC, Disney. ABC is doing the Temple vs. Notre Dame game primetime in nine nights. There is nothing more this Mickey Mouse operation (and we say that positively) would like than to be shooting shots of screaming happy Owl fans after Temple touchdowns. Omen quotient: Temple win.
  • Matt Rhule channeled his inner Joe Maddon before the game: “As Joe Maddon says, if the pleasure outweighs the pressure, you’re good. I don’t want the pressure to be too much.” The Cubs got swept, 4-0. Much more interested in what Terry Collins had to say. Omen quotient: Temple loss.

    Joe Maddon

    Joe Maddon

  • Jahad Thomas mentioned two words that have never been uttered by a Temple player before: “National championship” in response to a question from Mike Kern about what would constitute notable accomplishments. “A conference championship, an undefeated season, a national championship—things of that nature,” Thomas said. Well, we were just hoping the Owls weren’t looking ahead to Notre Dame, let alone nine games down the road. Omen quotient: Temple loss.

Hopefully, just an innocent remark and not bad Karma but we won’t find that out until around 10:30. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the sky.

Tomorrow: Game Analysis


29 thoughts on “Game Day: Some Deep Galactic Thoughts

  1. Just saw the line. Temple is a 3 point underdog. That says a lot.

    I don’t see this as a close game, either way. I can see Temple lay an egg and get blown out. ECU is too good to not take advantage of the mistakes Temple has been making early in games. I can also see Temple come in completely focused and dominate the game. I dont see a middle ground. Hopefully it is the latter.

    GO OWLS!

    • Most lines count playing at home as worth at least 3 points. So if you take that into consideration the lines have it pretty even. That being said I agree with you. I don’t think it’ll be close. Completely winnable if we eliminate turnovers and run the ball. ECU has suffered against the run, and we’ve been strong. Save the 4 wides for another day. GO TEMPLE!

      • what the line says is if the game was played halfway between philly and d.c., it would be a tie. I think “they think” the 47,000 fans=equal 3 points. I just don’t think ECU is on a par with Penn State or Cincinnati. My personal opinion. Temple really dominated both of those teams. If anything, the 47K fans make it closer. I see this as something like a 24-10, 24-13 Owl win.

    • Interesting paragraph in that story:
      Rhule said he would be honest with his players if he were presented with an opportunity to coach at a larger program in a more prestigious conference

      what, exactly, does that mean? wish caldwell did not see the need to put it in there or at least elaborate or clarify what Rhule meant by that.

      • What Rhule is intimating is that he won’t jump for a bad job in a p-5 conference which includes the likes of Rutgers, Maryland, Illinois, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Wake Forrest which are either open or will be open. I might even include Miami (really tough job with expectations not mirroring reality) in that category. He would jump at a p-5 job to a program that has a real chance at winning. However, I don’t think those schools would offer a guy with 3 years experience and one really good season under his belt. Those other jobs mentioned are in better conferences but I don’t think are much better than the temple situation. I think he will stay between 5-7 years if he leaves at all by his own volition.

      • yeah, still disappointing in the sense that I thought the commitment was even more firm than that. Just for recruiting purposes (to help his own cause out) he should probably say I’m here to stay no matter what school comes calling.

      • Think that Rhule was being honest and that’s all. There is no one other than Joe Paterno who wouldn’t jump at, or at least strongly consider, a 3 or four hundred percent raise and even he jumped for the NFL but quickly reconsidered. I think that if the administration gives him the resources necessary to be successful, he’s not going to leave.

  2. Cincinnati held a blackout (or a whiteout?). ECU is having blackout, which may help the Owls hunt better. Cosmic Quotient – Temple Win.

    • Good one, Dave. I missed that one. I like cosmic more than omen. I’m sure there are a few other ones out there floating around in space that I missed as well. In a completely unrelated thought, it occurred to me that the NYT story contrasted to the two Inky columns (Sielski, Brookhover) shows Temple is more appreciated in New York than it is in Philly. I just hope when they cut to the New York bar tonight they make sure to say the school is in Philly, not New York.

      • Agree with the comment about the Philly Rag. However, they did have two stories today on the second page while PSU was relegated to the back of the sports page. Philly sports coverage sucks unless your one of the pro temas. A couple of years ago the NY Post had better stories about the reconfiguration and then the break up of the Big East including the fact that Villanova was doing everything in its power to keep TU out. Their position will cost them in the end because without football to protect them the Big East is toast especially if the top five conferences decide to bolt the NCAA. On another topic, had TU’s myopic administration got on board with football and built the facilities they have now, TU would not be scrambling like it is to get into one of the top conferences. Gotta spend money to make it.

  3. PJ looks awful and think he is really hurt…, time to put in Nutile before the game gets away

    • 6 deep passes in the first 20 min of the game?? What is Sutterfield regressing?

      • 3 of those passes should have been completed for big plays.

      • More concerned with how badly the defense is playing on 3rd and even 4th and long. The offensive issues aren’t a real surprise and I agree a couple of those long passes should have been caught. Let’s hope our strong second half trend continues.

  4. It’s still 10-14, but I’m getting nervous. Too many dropped passes and missed throws.

  5. When will Snow get it that he can’t rush three guys.

    • Not getting any pressure with 3 that’s for sure and to be honest I am not really impressed with this Kemp at QB compared some of the others we faced. Defense is just getting shredded by ECU it seems whenever they need the yards.

  6. Walker is playing horribly and the play calling is not helping him.

  7. take PJ out, go with Nutile and blitz when we get on defense…, unbelievable amount off penalties.., poor coaching…., 6-0, then lose to ECU, ND, and Memphis.., 9-3 is a good season and we’ll be in a bowl.., losing 3 out of the last six is disappointing

    • Dude you are really way to negative.

    • i really wish u stop posting on here. all your posts show what an idiot u are. u are always wrong and off point and u never post after u have been proven wrong time and time again. how about ya Penn St pick? #pleasetakeaseat

  8. Why does PJ only seem to play well when there is absolutely no pressure on him or when there is a ton of pressure on him.

  9. If they can win when playing so poorly, this must be a really good team. Watch out ND if they get it together.

  10. So proud of our players and coaches who have worked this hard. Christmas came early with many milestones: beating Penn State, being ranked nationally, and now a historic 7-0. Whatever the season brings after this is fine by me, come what may, I’m going to savor this moment.

  11. This team is resilient. Again great half time adjustments, they won the half 14-0. Congratulations to coach Rhule his players and the other coaches. Let teams crowd t h e box the middle of the field was wide open down the stretch and we made em pay.

  12. Excellence and Poise Under Pressure.

    If the City of Philadelphia doesn’t embrace this team its a Disgrace!


    Now this is tounge in cheek, of course, but I’m I the only one who hates these “black out” games/uniforms?? My god why can’t teams, both college and professional stick with their colors? What an absolute scam and silly practice to continue.

    I hated the black helmets the Owls wore last week against UCF and hope we never see them again. And that goes for the basketball uniforms as well. I know the barn door has been wide open for years on this all-black uniform wave, and I am sure that in just a bit cranky about this, but isn’t it been long enough already?

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