ESPN: Temple Has No Chance of Beating Notre Dame

Kickout blocks like Nick Sharga’s on Jahad Thomas’ first TD are something we’ve been talking about for two years on this site. Great to see the Owls adopt those principles on a regular basis this season.


Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I have heard the names Danny Kanell and Joey Galloway before but they were always no more than background noise until last night.

Then they had to open their mouths after what might not have been the biggest win in Temple football history but the biggest one for a lot of us who have followed the program for the last 30 plus years. Temple 24, East Carolina 14.

One of the ESPN hosts asked Kanell what chance Temple had of beating Notre Dame next week.

“Zero chance,” Kanell said.

“Yeah, no chance,” Galloway said.

Another slow start, but a wonderful finish for the Owls and Jahad Thomas.

Another slow start, but a wonderful finish for the Owls and Jahad Thomas.

Then more background noise, blah, blah, blah.

Galloway and Kanell are just two people, but they were the immediate face of ESPN after the first time Temple went 7-0, so you can pretty much say ESPN says the Owls have no chance.

Temple has a chance to beat Notre Dame. I cannot put a number on it, but it’s certainly not zero and it is certainly not “no chance.”  Let’s put it this way: If Memphis has a chance at beating Ole Miss, Temple has a chance of beating Notre Dame. Ole Miss is every bit as good as Notre Dame, maybe better. Temple is every bit as good as Memphis, maybe better. Oh what? Memphis did beat Ole Miss?

As Emily Latilla might say, “Never mind.”

The Owls were pretty much who we thought they were last night—an incredibly resilient team that fights hard through slow starts and answers the bell at crunch time. They have a lot of interesting weapons and two players on offense, Robby Anderson and Jahad Thomas, who are as good at their positions as anyone in the country and that includes Notre Dame. P.J. Walker can be my quarterback any day of the week and most nights. They have a defense that will shut people down, and often out, for long stretches of any game.

They are now 7-0 for the first time in their history and the first thing ESPN did was not praise them, but bury them.

Temple will show up in eight days to play Notre Dame and to say the atmosphere will be electric is really understating the energy factor. It’ll be more nuclear than electric. Let what happens on the field determine who has a chance to do what, not a couple of clowns in a studio.


25 thoughts on “ESPN: Temple Has No Chance of Beating Notre Dame

  1. Good stuff Mike. I used to really like ESPN but just cannot stand it anymore. Especially their “experts”. With ESPN being in bed with the so called power conferences they will always raise them up and put everybody else down.
    Go Owls!!!

    • Heard pretty much the same bashing of Memphis prior to their game against Ole Miss. Nobody said squat after the game. They acted like they never bashed Memphis in the first place.

  2. I have no idea if Temple is going to beat Notre Dame or not, but it sure is going to be a heck of a game.

  3. PJ’s passing and Snow’s defensive schemes give me heartburn as I watch the games but they always come through in the end. I just hope I don’t have a stroke watching the games. I have been an Owl fan for about 50 years and this is the best of times.

    • The pass defense falls apart when they rush three. Did it three times in the first half and each time ECU succeeded. They didn’t do it in the second half and the defense overwhelmed them. Hopefully, Snow recognizes this and abandons the prevent, which I think only prevents you from winning.

      • What I don’t understand about rushing three, is how can it leave such gapping holes? We should have 8 covering 5 at most. How are there guys wide open?

      • I just think going to the prevent at times is in Snow’s nature. Seems to have done it throughout his coaching. Just has to keep recognizing when it’s not working and change things up like he did last night

      • They gave them way too much room underneath the coverage. Looked like temple was worried about giving up the big play.I was ok with the keep it underneath philosophy but way too much yardage after the catch.

      • With 8 guys in coverage, one of the LBs has to be left in the middle of the field to take away that crossing route and to make the tackle on other short passes.

  4. The penalties (foot shooting!) is what drives me crazy. If they can limit those things next weekend, I really think they have a chance. Of course we were saying that with ECU and Temple has 100 yards in penalties and still came through. Its so great to actually feel that they have the ability to do what they need no matter what. Like they often go to 3rd and long (sometimes because of penalties) and PJ throws a great pass or Thomas breaks loose for the first down. I’m really becoming a believer for positive results for the first time in decades.
    Yeh, and those announcers talking about Rhule leaving now, did you all catch that? And I agree Wiley, ESPN and all the media are just pushing the money big boys. Gotta ignore that crap. Us old timers are truly on a fun ride this year. Hope they can get 11 or more wins to break another school record. Rhule has really taken charge on the sideline – guess he really learned from those first 2 years – but all our bitchin’ and moanin’ and skepticism was justified at the time. Go Owls, you can take ND down!

  5. Danny Kanell. Don’t get me started. Seriously, his opinions tend to be unhinged. Former Florida State QB. Has been arguing for years that the ACC is as good as the SEC. Hope this goes on the Temple bulletin board.

  6. Sounds like there is a real possibility of a stadium in the works. Also, there is alot of talk going around that Lee Corso, Kirk and the GameDay crew may be heading to Philly on Halloween. Temple football has finally arrived!! Now we just need to get invited to the ACC.

    • Heard thru the grapevine that Gameday will be televised from Independence Hall. Gates at Linc will open at 1:00 p.m. It’s going to be a loooong day.

    • My concern with the stadium story being referenced in today’s Inquirer is the $100 million price tag. I know that the 2 newest AAC stadiums, Yuhlman for Tulane and TDECU for Houston, were roughly in that price range but I think costs are much lower in those 2 cities than in Philly. Construction always seem to cost more here

  7. Temple defense will keep it in any game this season including ND. i’m getting a little worried about PJ. He doesn’t seem to be seeing the field well (similar to Bradford). he overthrew Robbie in the 1st quarter, when Robbie was wide open. he also missed a wide open Christopher twice on crossing patterns. to beat ND, PJ has to step up his game.

    • I hope you’re right. What worries me is that ND destroyed Navy, and they have fewer points allowed than we do (101 Navy, 102 Temple).

  8. Fartgate hasn’t blown over yet, and now they let another one slip. Phew!

  9. Temple is 7-0…, enrolled ’74, graduated in ’79 so I’ve been an ardent and suffering fan for 41 years…, and still can’t believe my eyes…, credit goes to these kids and coaches for just simply finding ways to win.., this team will continue to do great things with added focus on eliminating the silly penalties and figuring out how to score more points…, I think PJ is hurt, which has taken the read-option out of the equation…, building a 35,000 seats stadium means we’ll have to rent out the Linc for big game? with real estate you always buy bigger and grow into it

  10. Notre Dame is definitely vulnerable.

    Temple has a special teams group that can change a game on a dime.

    PJ manages the game and the receivers are hitting their routes.

    And I think our RUN Defense can stop the Irish. Their schedule is soft.

    • We CAN win. Will we win? I would not bet on it. I thought Temple would beat ECU “in the 24-10, 24-13 range” I wrote before the game. There are a lot of things that make me optimistic, like ECU losing by only a touchdown to Florida and Memphis beating Ole Miss. Watching Clemson beat Miami, 58-0, though, and knowing ND gave Clemson all it wanted gave me pause, though.

    • Schedule soft? Compared to who, not Temple. Texas beat Oklahoma, Georgia Tech beat FSU, USC just beat Utah and Navy has beaten everyone else they’ve played. Plus… Clemson. Check all the computer rankings, ND’s SOS is around 15 to 20th and Temple’s around 73 to 111th. Not arguing that they aren’t vulnerable but their schedule is NOT soft.

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