Five Saturday Games of Interest to Owl Fans

If you have a weak stomach, please fast forward through the first 1:25 of this video. Otherwise, watch for historical perspective.

This is a weekend for Temple football fans to put their feet up on the couch and keep the remote and popcorn at arm’s length. Even though the Owls are not on TV this Saturday, there is plenty of college football to take in today and a lot of them have at least small implications for the Owls. The beauty of watching these games is the knowledge that if Temple takes care of business, none o these games will have significant impact on the possible rewards coming down the road.

Hopefully, the Owls will wear the distinctive Cherry T against ND.

Hopefully, the Owls will wear the distinctive  T  or spelled out TEMPLE against ND. One being the school brand and two being the long-time program brand.

  1. Penn State at Maryland, 3:30, ESPN

As hard as it might be for some Temple fans to digest, a Penn State team that finishes with only two or three losses will  benefit the Owls’ strength of schedule ranking greatly. In a system that is rigged to keep Group of Five teams out of the four-team playoff, a 27-10 Temple win over a 9-2 Big 10 team carries a lot more weight than a 6-6 Big 10 team so root for the Lions here.

  1. SMU at South Florida, 4 p.m., ESPN News

Only interesting in that South Florida is loaded with young players and seems to be playing its best ball of the season now and the Owls have to travel to South Florida later in the season. Both teams have bad losses, with USF being hammered by Maryland, 35-17, and SMU falling to James Madison,  48-45.

  1. Houston at Central Florida, Noon, ESPN News

Even though a strong argument can be made that keeping all three AAC teams unbeaten deep into the season will help Temple’s chances of a playoff later on, the immediate goal for the Owls would be to keep inching up in the Top 20 and a Houston loss, however unlikely, would help. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like UCF has the firepower to pull that off.

I usually do not like watching games online, but this Toledo at UMass game (3 p.m.) is an exemption. Go Minutemen.

I usually do not like watching games online, but this Toledo at UMass game (3 p.m.) is an exception. Go Minutemen.

  1. Tulane at Navy, 1 p.m., CBS Sports Network

This could get ugly real fast, but I would root for Navy here. Love to see the Owls face Navy and not Houston or Memphis in the Dec. 5 title game for obvious reasons. One, they already play Memphis in the regular season. Two, they played Navy so poorly a year ago they probably want to get that bad tast out of their mouth in the title game. Three, Navy has an arguably bigger game (Army) the next week in the same stadium. Plus, Houston has recruited better talent across the board than Navy.

  1. Connecticut at Cincinnati, 4 p.m., CBS Sports Network,

UConn is another interesting opponent down the road. It beat UCF by a wider margin than Temple did, but followed that up by laying an egg (28-20) at home to USF the next week. Plus, the Owls know they have to go out and recruit a quarterback to compete with Cincy redshirt freshman Hayden Moore down the road after P.J. Walker leaves. Hopefully, they already have that kid in the fold with Montel Aaron.

Tomorrow: ECU-TU Photo Essay

Monday: Halloween Tricks


27 thoughts on “Five Saturday Games of Interest to Owl Fans

  1. You have to root for Houston and Memphis to win every week, except the Temple game. Temple beating an undefeated Memphis in the reg season and an undefeated Houston in the AAC chanpionship game bolsters there chance of achieving the unlikely dream of getting into the playoff.

    You also have to root for all of the top ranked teams to lose a couple of games. It would be tough for the commitee to put a 2 loss acc or Pac12 team in over an undefeated Temple.

    This has been an amazing season already, but can you imagine Temple in the college football playoff? It is probably 1 in a million chance for everything to fall into place . . .but at least there is a chance. Go Owls!

    • I once dated a Miss Philadelphia so, if that can happen, so can this. I was about 30 years younger, though. It’s heady stuff to think a national championship is still in play–no matter how much a longshot. I will say this: If Temple goes 13-0 and gets shut out of a four-team playoff, there will be a significant amount of talking heads screaming bloody murder and many of them will have no connection to Temple. There are a significant amount of folks who will have smelled a rat and that rat would be the BCS.

    • Temple will either play a 1 loss memphis or a 1 loss Houston team because those 2 teams play each other in a couple weeks. Best case scenario, temple beats an undefeated top 15 memphis team in front of a another ESPN GameDay at the linc, then beats a 1 loss top 20 Houston team in AAC chanpionship. Maybe Notre Dame moves in to top 10 after this week. Dream scenario, Temple runs the table and beats top 10 ND, top 15 Memphis and top 20 Houston. It’s a Longshot but possible!

      • That scenario doesn’t work. Houston and Memphis play the week before Temple plays Memphis, so it is either play a one loss, likely unranked Memphis team and then play an undefeated Houston team who will probably be top 15, or play an undefeated top 15 Memphis team and then play them again two weeks later in the championship. These scenarios of course assume that either Houston or Memphis wins out except for the one loss against each other. It is hard to say which would be a better scenario. I guess I have to go with playing a one loss Memphis during the regular season because I don’t want to see any team twice (I forgot what the exact percentage is but the loser usually wins the rematch in college ball). The thing I worry about with Houston winning that game is that somehow they wind up being ranked ahead of Temple at the end of the season which would act as the tiebreaker sending the AAC championship to Houston. I doubt it would happen because this would mean that Temple had beaten Notre Dame, but if Temple squeaks by bother ND and Memphis but Houston somehow completely stomps Memphis it could happen.

      • Actually the scenario would work. If Memphis beats Houston they will most likely be top 15 the following week against Temple. Then Temple beats them giving the Owls a win over a top 15 team. Then if Memphis lays an egg in the last game against SMU it would send a 1 loss Houston team to the AAC championship over 2 loss Memphis. I realize we are thinking way to much into this but it’s nice to dream!!

      • And I would assume a 12-1 Houston team would be in top 25 going into AAC Championship.

  2. Everyone seems to be overlooking SFU. That’s a true trap game because they arten’t bad and are getting better every week. They smoked Syracuse. SMU would do us a favor by knocking them off today but that’s unlikely.

  3. I don’t think Temple has a huge complaint if an undefeated Temple gets passed over for a 1 loss Clemson or Florida State, or even a 1 loss Utah team. But if it was a 1 loss Pitt team gets in over an undefeated Temple, that would bother me. But that’s way down the line.

    For now, the dream is still alive. At least for another 7 days.

    • Yes. the beauty of this season is what’s next, as Tyler Matakevich keeps saying. He’s right. Beat ND that opens up a whole lot of possibilities. It’s like a Nick Sharga block in front of Jahad Thomas. We should all have a problem if an unbeaten Temple team gets passed over for even a 1-loss Clemson or 1-loss FSU because the AAC have proven to be a better conference in head-to-head than the ACC.

  4. It wouldn’t hurt if UMass figured out a way to knock off Toledo today. Temple could move up one spot and there would be one less undefeated team to talk about.

  5. Definitely agree with Mike that it wouldn’t hurt if UMass figured out a way to knock off Toledo today. Temple could move up one spot and there would be one less undefeated team to talk about. Any win by a Temple opponent increases our strength of schedule.

  6. Sorry Mike, under no circumstance can I ever root for Penn State. I despise their fan base. The way they would pile up the score on us when they were on top. Temple controls it’s destiny the rest of the way, PSU has no say it.

  7. Well, this may be the end of Al Golden in Miami. Clemson is clobbering them.

    • Matt Rhule should take notice of Al Golden. The grass isn’t always greener. If he leaves, I will be pissed. Not because he shouldn’t leave if he feels it is a better situation (I still root for Al Golden), but because Temple was his “Dream Job”. He wanted a lifetime contract. I don’t think he is going anywhere, but if he does, I will forever root against him.

  8. Temple will finish the season at 10-2 and play in the AAC Championship game…, and regardless of the outcome will play in a bowl game.., 14 games in 2015 should provide the opportunity for red-shirts and freshmen to get plenty of playing time and experience.

    Temple has a great defense but the offense is the lowest ranking and the least productive in the Top 25.., ND and Memphis will ring up Cincy type numbers, over 500 yards and 30 points, on the Temple D…., the 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense against 8 in the box will get exposed on national TV, and remind everyone why even a 35,000 seat on-campus stadium may be a bridge too far

    Notre Dame 35
    Temple 10

  9. I didn’t say they would beat either team, I said you are negative. I’ve read your posts all year. I also said Memphis’ s D flat out stinks. Look it up they are giving up 30 points per game. You have wanted to fire every coach after a bad play or game. Dude defense generally does win big games, wake up.

  10. TU’s defense bends but doesn’t often break and has a knack of making the big play in a timely fashion. Memphis’s defense has been lit up several times although they did come up big against Ole Miss.

  11. It’s fun and ok to dream, but kj is being criticized for using realistic expectations to predict Temple’s season. I mean, c’mon, they haven’t played a top 25 team yet and frankly the way they’re playing (especially all the foot shooting), they will be tested in a few of their remaining games. 10-2 would be a wonderful regular season, a chance to play in the AAC championship game and with a nice bowl game. Anything beyond that would be unbelievable, and I mean that literally. They HAVE to clean up the penalty mess they’ve gotten used to – it stalls many drives and scoring opportunities. That alone will lose those big games. I agree they play hard and have a lot of talent, but they’re not blowing everyone off the field. If they’re going to have a chance against ND and Memphis (and a couple other solid teams) they have to play smarter and have some luck. Sorry but as exciting as all this is I’m still not expecting miracles – undefeated and playoff is just a dream and nothing more. There, now you all can criticize me too!

    • No, kj has made dumb comments far too long, go back you can look it up. He wanted the running backs coach fired after the Tulane game because a couple of guys fumbled. At different times he has wanted Rhule, Satterfied and Snow fired. As for expectations, no one thinks Temple will go undefeated there are only 12 undefeated teams out of 120. Going 7-0 is still a majorr accomplishment in my mind and a building block for the future. This team has garnered more publicity for Temple than any other. I have no additional expectations, we are playing with house money. And let me end by saying Memphis’ D flat out stinks despite what the guy who wants to fire a different coach each week thinks.

    • KJ also said that Penn St would beat us by 30. he wrote many posts stating why that would happened. he wanted them 2 replace Walker with Nutile during the 1st half of last weeks game. he’s an idiot!

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