James Gillory’s USA Today Sports Photo Essay

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14 thoughts on “James Gillory’s USA Today Sports Photo Essay

    • Worse thing is all the people who will read and believe that crap.., SMH…, so many folks from PSU are unbelievably obnoxious, they think they are something they’re not…., if we don’t play our best game of the year and lose by a wide margin we’ll have to hear that sh$&t about not deserving of a Top 25 ranking

  1. @CollegeGameDay on twitter is asking for input on where to have Game Day.

      • Get on Twitter and let them hear it

      • Ha I think they are still deciding between Pullman and Philly. Surprised they haven’t announced it yet.

      • I will boycott GameDay forever if they choose Pullman for a 2 loss WSU team over unbeaten Temple.

      • Indeed, unranked WSU who has lost to an FCS school vs a top 10 team. Or a undefeated, ranked team in the midst of an historic season against a top 10 team who is the most storied team in college football. Yeah that is a really hard decision which is the better storyline.

      • why do they need to sleep on it? no-brainer, in my humble opinion

      • Apparently, they were set to have it on Independence Mall but there are special rules because it is Federal land. They are probably trying to see if they can make it happen or find another site. GD being in Philly makes a lot of sense considering the ABC primetime game is ours.

  2. Miami just fired Golden…, grass didn’t turn out so green on the other side, and Daz will be gone soon.., this will make Rhule think twice about leaving Temple…, Rhule made significant coaching changes the last two years, all have been positive, the trend should continue next off season with goal being to improve the offense

    • If you would have told me after our 2 win season that in two years we’d beat Penn State, be ranked nationally, go 7-0, AND not be clamoring to hire Golden after his firing I’d say you’d make as much as Mike Missanelli!!

  3. Bell Tower is a nice spot, but there may be construction going in the vicinity. Camden Waterfront has a nice view of the city. Pullman Washington has a crappy weather forecast and it’s always sunny in Philadelphia.

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