5 Owl Tricks That Could Lead to a Treat

Click on the photo to see five trick plays that could help get Temple a Halloween treat.

Click on the photo to see five trick plays that could help get Temple a Halloween treat.


8 thoughts on “5 Owl Tricks That Could Lead to a Treat

  1. Well, Rhule certainly has an affinity for trick plays. I mentioned this before that unexpected punts (UT vs Vandy years ago) can turn a game around through field position. I may be crazy but I have a feeling Temple can get a treat Saturday night. Go Owls. If not let’s hope for a close game.

  2. PJ and the offense must play their best game of the year against the best team Temple has faced in the last 15 years…, it doesn’t get any bigger than this for Temple Football

  3. College GameDay is finally coming to our city. HUGE oppurtunity for the Owls to make a statement to the country that they are for real. This is huge for recruiting and national recognition. 10 years ago Al Golden took over a winless program that was the worst team in Division 1 and considering dropping football all toghether. Who would have thought 10 years later college gameday would be in philly as hosts to the undefeated nationally ranked Temple Owls playing on ABC prime time national game of the week. The Owls sure have come a long way.

  4. As a Memphis fan, I want all of you to know that the entire city of Memphis will be cheering for you against the Irish. Go OWLS!!!

    • Thanks, Mark, we were all going crazy in the parking lot cheering for Memphis against Ole Miss prior to our night game. We had the game on at the tailgate and a satellite hooked up just because of that game. Very proud moment for the AAC.

  5. I remember a game against Penn State, I think it was at Franklin Field, where Coach Hardin quick kicked on third downs several times. That helped keep the game close until late in the game he took the leash off of the offence. With our offense and our late heroics something similar might work against the Irish. Just a thought.

    • totally agree. this is the first time a good temple team has been at this kind of disadvantage visa vie 5 and 4 star talent vs. 3 and 2 stars since UCLA. I thought our kids gave a valiant effort vs. UCLA, but talent won out. What would have helped even the playing field that night was some trickery but AG chose to play it straight up. We will need at least … at least … 3 trick plays. Pull out all of the stops. We won’t be in this position again. When you are 3d and 25 against a team like this, quick kicking is a far better percentage play than going for it.

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