Unchartered Waters: ESPN Gameday

Temple fans are going to have to fill Independence Hall with a crowd this size plus a few hundred clever banners.

Temple fans are going to have to fill Independence Hall with a crowd this size plus a few hundred clever banners.

After stringing along two fan bases for more than 24 hours, the production made by ESPN in making its Halloween Day call for a GameDay site should be nominated for an Academy Award. There was that much drama in the official announcement that game down at 12:41 p.m., Eastern Time, on Monday.

The crew made the correct call in picking Temple, and downtown Philadelphia, as the site and made a whole lot of Washington State fans on the West Coast saltier than someone who accidentally fell into The Great Salt Lake.

In reality, the call was a no-brainer. Temple is 7-0 for the first time in its history, ranked No. 21, and is facing a Top 10 team in visiting and No. 9 Notre Dame. The show will serve to pump the ratings for the prime time game on ABC, which is the parent network of ESPN. Washington State, which barely beat former Temple Big East rival Rutgers, is 5-2 with a loss to FCS member Portland State. Losing to a FCS team should automatically disqualify a so-called Power 5 team from a GameDay visit.


Since there is construction on the main campus of Temple, the production crew felt the best backdrop would be Independence Hall, so that’s where the broadcast will originate from on Saturday morning. The site is rich in history since it is where both the Declaration and Independence and the Constitution were ratified and there is also some college football history connected with the game.

It will probably be the biggest game in modern Philadelphia college football history. Two ranked teams have not played in Philadelphia since No. 6 Penn played No. 2 Army to a 13-13 tie in the 1943 season.

No one knows who will win this modern day ranked matchup just yet, but without a doubt the first winner is College Football GameDay for making the obvious call. Now it’s up to Temple fans to reward that confidence by setting those alarm clocks early for Saturday and being there.


28 thoughts on “Unchartered Waters: ESPN Gameday

  1. the University needs to come up with a plan to bus the students from main campus to Independence Hall..,,

    The OC needs to come up with a plan to score points, we need to open up the entire playbook and trust our Jimmy and Joes., and PJ needs to play the best game of his life and complete better than 60% of his passes, if not then it will be ND 35 Temple 10

    • I agree with the University part particularly. What worries me in a strong Temple student body turnout. It’s far away from both campus and the stadium.

      • You guys are already missing the big picture. We are 7-0, which is the best start in school history and ranked for the 1st time since 1979, beat I mean dominated Penn State in front of a big Temple home crowd, and we have game day coming to cover us, Temple. In addition we are soliciting funds for a new on campus stadium and you can’t turn on a radio, tv or newspaper without hearing about the Owls. The coverage has been fantastic. Even if Notre Dame wins by 35-10 how in the heck can any of you people be pessimistic? it is one loss to a highly ranked team and we still control our destiny for a shot at an AAC crown. Think back where we were when Golden got here. No league to play in, unmanned playing games and getting dominated in an empty stadium with a football program which was one vote away from being disbanded! Be pessimistic, not me, I am going to savor and enjoy Saturday (all day and night) no matter what happens. Temple has in fact made the big time. Please don’t get me wrong, I want us to win and beat the heck out of the Irish but if we lose we move on to the next achievable goal which is to win out and play for an ACC Championship. Remember guys there are only 12 teams out of 120 that are currently undefeated and as teams get heavily involved in conference play that number will dwindle down to a very select few. Gotta look at the big picture and it has never looked so good or bright for Temple football! Celebrate Saturday’s contest with a national power, don’t dread it.

        Go Owls!

      • not dreading at all. the opposite is true. keep checking to see if I’m awake and this all isn’t one big dream.

      • I’m a student and buses will be running back and forth starting at 4:45 am. Not sure I’ll be on that first bus but I’ll be there before 7.

    • Mr doom and gloom speaks again. There will be a plethora of young people representing Temple. Many of which are local Philadelphians who have adopted this team for this game. I’m thinking on is a troll. When he does compliment Temple it’s always backhanded. He won’t be at the temple game on Saturday, he will be on the main line with ten others watching villanova play Maine.

      • he is a big temple fan,jt. just a pessimistic one. this is the one game I think he might be right. I’m not ready to make a prediction quite yet, but I can see a close temple win, a close notre dame win and a notre dame blowout. no part of me can see a temple blowout and that’s why this game makes mike, like him, nervous. I did not have that same feeling before Penn State. In fact, I thought we would win. I predicted a 32-7 win over Tulane (got 49-10), a 31-14 win over UCF (got 30-16) and a “24-10, 24-13 type win” over ECU .. got 24-14 .. really have no strong feel right now other than the above outline on this one but will have to make a pick soon.

      • I have had season tickets for the past 8 years and have donated 5 figures every year for the past 10 to Temple Football, my money follows my mouth., let’s not get personal and respect differences of opinion.

      • If we had just 10K fans more like kj, every power conference in america would want us. if him thinking notre dame will kill us gives us the same result we got after he said penn state would kill us, by all means I hope he predicts ND will kill us.

  2. Are you guys joking every student knows how to take the subway to Center City then get on the market line. Also I can guarantee there’ll be several hundred recent alumni that will be there prior to 9 AM

  3. It’s actually hard to believe Game Day would even consider doing this WSU game and then acting like it was a hard decision. I’m sure there are other games around the country this weekend that would have been more considerable, even on the west coast. Go figure.

    • They were thinking of going there because someone has flown a WSU flag at every single Game Day and this is the first time in many years that they are not putrid. I still think even with all of this that they were seriously considering them.

  4. we must show up for GD and play the best we possibly can on Saturday night….., Temple in the national spotlight is a blue moon occurrence. There are several things in life that don’t come back, the spoken word, the spent arrow, time, and lost opportunity. We must seize the moment and make the most of this opportunity..,

  5. I keep having this nightmare only 200 or so kids are going to show up for Gameday. I hope it’s closer to 10,000 but having been a kid getting up on Saturday morning after a Friday night out at Temple was a challenge at best. Prove me wrong, kids. My best guess is we get 2-3K which is the minimum we need not to be a joke.

  6. I’m a senior at Temple and I’ll be there bright and early hopefully by 7am! This team is special this year. If the defense can keep us in it to the 4th quarter, I think PJ and the offense will do enough to get a win and pull off the best win in Temple football history. Hope to see all of you on Saturday night. PRIME TIME BABY GO OWLS!!

    • thank you, scott. … i’m a lot older than you but this is just the kind of morning to set multiple alarms for … once the feet are on the floor, you will realize this is one of those days to just suck it up and soak it in … soak the entire 24 hours in, enjoy it, support your classmates who are on the field and trying to make history. You will NEVER regret it. I hope that message becomes crystal clear to all of your fellow 12,499 students living on campus. I’m just one of 275,000 alumni and it is crystal clear to me now.

      • Waking up early for this will be EASY. Saw the primetime ESPN commercial the other day and started jumping up and down. Grew up a Penn State fan all my life, seeing as my whole family went there and my grandfather had season tickets. Chose Temple and it was the best decision I ever made. Haven’t missed a home game in 4 years. I’ve been following this site regularly since I came to Temple so Mike thanks for being the best source of Temple football news out there.

  7. 20,000 showed up to the Lincoln Financial Field parking lot last weekend for a cheese steak festival that was a joke and cost $20-60 per sucker. I think they will have 20,000 on the mall.

  8. I’ve got a worse nightmare….10k kids all showing up in green turning this into a notre dame event. Let’s get down there owls fans!

  9. I’m going to miss having the Linc all by myself.

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