Early Bird Gets Worm; Procrastinators Get Tapeworm

Matt Rhule talks about the terrific job he and his staff and his kids did on a short week.

One of the most amazing things about these past few weeks was reading posts on facebook and twitter from unfamiliar handles saying they were long-time Temple fans and asking if anyone has an extra ticket.


One of the many benefits of a Temple education is that the bullbleep antenna is very well-honed. First of all, they made this announcement of a Temple vs. Notre Dame game to be played in Philadelphia in 2011.

Not 2012.

Not 2013.

Not 2014.

Two thousand and eleven.

That was more than four years ago and a lot of thoughts floated around in my mind about this game. None of them were, “Geez, I can wait until there are two weeks before the game to get a ticket.”

A lot of these requests are from Notre Dame interlopers. It doesn’t take more than deductive reasoning to come to that conclusion.

In other words, I knew it was going to be sold out. You knew it was going to be sold out.The only shock to me was that the sellout did not occur in the days after the historic 27-10 win over Penn State, but weeks later. Those who waited that long were lucky to get tickets. Those who waited until oh,  like about now, are SOL. S*it out of luck, if  you do not know what that means.

The tickets on the secondary markets are off the charts but get your tickets for the Memphis game now.

The tickets on the secondary markets are off the charts but get your tickets for the Memphis game now.

Now this is what we do know. Temple vs. Notre Dame is the biggest college football game in the history of the city of Philadelphia, if you do not count the 1943 game that featured No. 2 Army vs. No. 6 Penn State. (I do not because I’m shocked Penn was able to keep so many able-bodied men in the school in the middle of an undecided war. Penn should have been investigated for some sort of recruiting violations.) That game ended in a 13-13 tie.

This game will not end in a tie and everyone who has a ticket in their hands right now should consider themselves incredibly fortunate. The early bird gets the worm. The procrastinator gets the tapeworm.

If you say you are a Temple fan and cannot get a ticket, shame on you. You had a chance to get one a long time ago. The other fans, the ones we see every week, deserve this incredible experience.


9 thoughts on “Early Bird Gets Worm; Procrastinators Get Tapeworm

  1. Mike I’ve been a hardcore Owls fan since the seventies and feel like I can identify the six of us who’ve been posting for years in social media. I’m not able to attend the game since I live in California and am spending Halloween with my six month old little girl. That said, my wife and I had a serious conversation about whether it was appropriate for me to fly home to watch this game.

    After suffering, and I mean SUFFERING, though Ron Dickerson, Berndt and Addazio for what seemed an eternity after axing Bruce Arians (who many temple fans were surprised to learn coached the owls) we finally have a shot at the big time. I won’t be able to attend the game but think anyone whose even remotely connected to the owls football team should have purchased a ticket long before that psu game. I hope to see a sea of cherry that drowns out the plastic Paddy contingent that worships at the alter in South Bend Indiana (wherever the hell that is)

    • sorry you are going to miss this. about the other fans, there were plenty of tickets in the week or two after PSU that they did not have to wait until the Owls were 5-0 to start sniffing around but a lot of them did and now are out of luck.

  2. Maybe this is going to sound a little cold of feeling, but scarcity creates demand. Demand for future games, demand for future seasons, and let’s not forget people always want what they can’t have. So good. Let the tickets be sold out. Let the price climb. This is just contributing to the tidal wave that is Temple.

    • this is truly gathering a momentum with positive karma.., out of the blue one of my clients from New Jersey asked me this morning if i was going to the game…, part of me says if Virginia can hang with ND then so can we.., on the other hand, even in a loss, the Clemson game truly showcased the four-star talent ND puts on the field, plus Kelly has had two weeks to prepare.., then again, that is why they play the game!

      PJ and the O must play the game of their lives, can’t wait!

    • I love that all those recruits will be there. Im a little surprised a bunch of committed players are going. Do recruits just travel from game to game all year long??

  3. Clemson employed Phil Snow’s late game tactic of going into a prevent. Notre Dame exploited that. Never want to see a prevent D again and against ECU they won the game in the second half because they kept the pressure on the QB by rushing no less than four.. TU has to hit NDs QB early and often. If he has no time to throw, Fuller can’t get that far down field.

    • I’ve always said that the best pass defense is putting the quarterback on his ass and that will be the case on Saturday. With us, our pass patterns have been quick and short passes, getting 10-12 yards at a time, so it’s hard for people to mount a pass rush against us. Them, they like to take shots with Fuller deep, so that should give Ioannidis, Robinson, Nate D. and Finch time to get to the QB.

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