Power 5 Talking Heads Take Hating Temple to a New Level

If you don’t know how to move your hands, don’t worry—even Jesus doesn’t. Just sing the song loud and proud. (Video taken by Steve Suranie)

Sometimes hate comes in many forms but, in the case of Mark Packer and Philadelphia college teams, it seems to be hereditary.

“I usually do not say things like this, but Notre Dame is absolutely going to take Temple to the woodshed.”
_ Mark Packer, Sirius Radio
“Temple has zero chance to beat Notre Dame.”
_Danny Kanell, ESPN.
“No chance.”
_Joey Galloway, ESPN

Out of the blue, on his national radio show, Packer said this on Tuesday: “I usually do not say things like this, but Notre Dame is absolutely going to take Temple to the woodshed.” If that sounded familiar to Philadelphia fans, it was something similar to what his more famous father, Billy Packer, said about another magical run unbeaten by a Philadelphia college team over a decade ago when he said St. Joseph’s did not deserve its NCAA No. 1 seed in basketball.

The comment caused Hawks’ coach Phil Martelli to say that the elder Packer can kiss a certain part of the coach’s anatomy. Now that the younger Packer has basically said something similar about Temple’s football team, Temple football coach Matt Rhule has not responded. He is less confrontational than the excitable Martelli, plus he has bigger fish to fry on Saturday in an 8 p.m. showdown with the No. 9 Fighting Irish (ABC).

The old saying is “Haters gonna hate” and, when it comes to Philadelphia and its college teams, the Packers seem to be a special types of haters. Packer never said anything about Notre Dame taking 2-5 Virginia to the woodshed before that game but, for some reason, taking a 7-0 and No. 21Temple team to the woodshed deserved mentioning.

With Temple’s newfound success comes new hate and Packer is not the only media member to spew it so far. ESPN’s Danny Kanell said the Owls have “zero chance” and his partner, Joey Galloway, used the words “no chance” against the Irish.  The Power 5 talking heads must be nervous about this one but they have gone out of their way to dismiss Temple out of hand.

If the Owls somehow pull off the upset, making haters such as Packers eat their words will be an especially sweet byproduct.


11 thoughts on “Power 5 Talking Heads Take Hating Temple to a New Level

  1. A 2-10 Temple team wasn’t even taken to the woodshed in 2013. 27-6 to refresh your memories. The Penn State win was huge but this would solidify tht Temples the real deal..I can’t stand guys like Kanell and Galloway who I guarantee you haven’t seen a temple game all year have “Zero chance” …I wonder what their thoughts on the Memphis Ole Miss matchup before kickoff. Hopefully Saturday nite their eating their words

  2. Yeh, and if Temple loses they’ll probably drop them out of the top 25, even if it’s close, for the same stupid reasons -Temple always gets it in the neck. And John, Owls win in a romp? You’re usually much more conservative. But I hope you’re right. Go Owls.

    • Gotta take a shot every now and then. This is the year of the Owl and with the game being on Halloween it’s an omen. The Owls fly at night.

      • The team seems to be incredibly influenced by the crowd. They come alive with the crowd, and as can be seen they often struggle on the road. This game is going to be electric.

  3. BTW, I just have a gut feeling that Temple could pull this off, like I did with PSU.

    • The reason why anyone is being dismissive of Temple is that if we are being honest, across the board, Temple does not have the talent of the “elite teams.” People who follow football realize that it is a team sport. There are eleven guys on each side of the ball, and even if some of those guys aren’t necessarily the most physically talented in the world if they are playing as a team they can still win. Temple keeps holding together as a team and that is why they keep winning games. As long as they don’t forget to play as a team there is no reason that they can’t beat anyone in the country.

  4. Here’s some more vitriol: “Temple will get pounded.” “I hope it is not too much of a massacre.” “Owl, that’s gotta hurt!” These comments are from family members. No wonder I ran away from home.

  5. this is a classic, the stars are aligning with Temple but the facts are in favor of ND. The Temple offense must play the best game of the season, and w/o the penalties and turnovers. The injury to PJ’s shoulder has removed the read option from play call list, and this has had a major negative effect on the offense. Early indicator will be how many TFLs ND has in the first quarter.

    The defense will play well but ND is one of the most explosive teams in college football, so expect ND to make a few long TDs.

    Either ND rolls 35 – 10, or Temple pulls it out in the last two minutes 27-24.

  6. Gather around children. You’ve heard about the Hail Mary and Touchdown Jesus. Grandpa will tell you about the Holy Moses Passover touchdown and how the Red Sea crashed down on the golden calves.

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