TV Ratings Should Woo P5 Suitors to TU

Temple was a winner both at the box office an on TV.

Temple was a winner both at the box office an on TV.

If it is possible to win in a loss, that’s exactly what Temple football did for the university in a prime time game against Notre Dame on Saturday night.

The scoreboard numbers gave the Irish a 24 and the Owls a 20, but the ratings in that nearly four-hour, real-life drama made Temple the big winner. Notre Dame has appeared on prime-time Saturday night television in Philadelphia 93 other times and in some big games against inter-sectional foes like Penn State and USC. During none of those times did the Fighting Irish  capture anywhere near the ratings as they did against Temple. In fact, the Temple vs. Notre Dame was the No. 1-rated TV game ever in the history of Philadelphia college football-watching.

Since Notre Dame has been on so much without nearly that many sets tuned in, it doesn’t take much of an imagination to know the variable in this case was Temple. The Owls showed they can deliver the nation’s fourth-largest TV market to any possible Power 5 suitors. Philadelphia is the largest current media market without a Power 5 team.

It was also the highest-rated college football game of the week and beat by 26 percent the ratings in the same Week 9 slot a year ago which featured Penn State, the second-most popular team on Philadelphia TV sets, against No. 1 Ohio State.

What this all means is that, one of the Power 5 conferences decides to expand, the fact that Temple has proven it can deliver the nation’s last major market should get at least the ACC and the Big 12 knocking on AD Pat Kraft’s door.


17 thoughts on “TV Ratings Should Woo P5 Suitors to TU

  1. I watched a replay of the game on ESPN3 and I could be wrong but I think before the final touchdown the starting safety got hurt. Does anyone know if the safety in for the play was the back-up? I also noticed that while they caught our guys from behind, they had angles and that TU caught their guys as well. As far as the QB run goes, don’t think the fastest D back around could have caught him given how good the fake was, how all alone he was, and how far away they all were from him once he got to full speed.

    • “Matt” said the td was the result of a missed assignment. Finch had outside contain and went for the fake. Stuff happens. Don’t blame him. He made the play to beat PSU.

      • … also the safety was the starter, Will Hayes (32). His backup is Nate L. Smith (13), who has been the starter the last 3 games. This was Will’s first game back after missing 3 games with an injury.

  2. Don’t know how much impact it has for a program but does Te3mple win their first Lambert Trophy this season?

  3. so I guess the plan is to rent the Linc for the big games? It would be difficult, if not impossible, to entice the big Power 5 schools to play on campus in front of only 35K? Can’t see ND coming back to town and playing in a 35K seat venue..,35K seat stadium for $100M vice staying at the Linc?

    • I think the real question is whether an on campus stadium (personally think the 35K and $100M numbers are low for “political” reasons) is a requisite for a P5 invite. If so then this becomes more than just a cost benefit analysis of on campus cost versus a long term Linc lease because I feel in 3 to 4 years if Temple is still in a G5 conference you are not enticing any P5 team to come to Philly for a game no matter where the team is playing. Just think with the recent Linc extension, Rhule’s contract extension and the now “official” stadium discussion there is a lot more going on behind the scenes with regards to the programs long term direction.

  4. I was just on the horn with the ESPN producer (Lee F) and he said the numbers for ND-Temple dwarfed ND-Va. in every way (rating and actual sets). He said if anyone else got any other ideas it must have been a typo. He said largest ever for a college football game in Philadelphia means just that and second place wasn’t even close (which ND-Va wasn’t). Second place was Temple vs. UCLA (EBB, 16.2) in 2009 and third place was Penn State in Alamo Bowl, 2007 (14.7).

    • well the team is keeping their end of the bargain by winning, and the fans have supported in record numbers,, time for the university and the politicians to step up with an on-campus stadium deal that makes sense.., $100M for a $35K venue…, really?

      with PJ hurt and not being able to run the read option has made our offense too predictable and easy to defend.., focus next season should be on increasing team speed and getting the offense to be one of the Top 40 most productive offenses in the nation

  5. Extremely well played game by Temple! So close to victory, I think the Owls
    definitely deserve a look by the power 5 conferences.
    Very proud of that effort!
    Mark (Memphis fan).

  6. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I actually really like the American what they’re doing. I know a power five conference would bring a lot more money but I hope they stay along with Memphis, Houston, and Cincinnati.

    • Agreed. AAC has 3 ranked teams. The perks are nice in the P5, but I’d like to see us win an AAC championship (handedly) before serious P5 talk. We’re basically at the top of the G5 right now. That’s something to behold.

    • That won’t work for two reasons: Temple will never be able to keep Matt Rhule unless it is in a P5 conference and the G5 will be marginalized in years so much as to be not relevant. Temple’s goal must be to get into a P5 conference. Otherwise, 13-0 Temple football teams will never play for National championships and deserving 29-10 basketball teams will be screwed out of NCAA berths.

  7. Anyone here watch the MNF game last night? Shout out to Temple vs. ND in the pre-game. National MNF coverage. Put a price on that PR tag!

    • There was a mention of the game again before halftime when they were talking about Herstreit’s piece about the playoff poll that was going to be part of halftime coverage

  8. I have to agree with Temple staying in the AAC. I personally feel the ACC is weak in football prowless and big 10 is just to far to travel. I like the idea of urban school league. Pitt and rutgers need to come back they are out of place. I have to say this as well. Memphis is better than ND and I hope our boys know this and are still working hard in practice. Tu fans need to represent at this game as well.

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