Attendance: We’re Here to Cheer for Temple

The only thing that would have made this show better is video of the four PI calls against Temple and the hosts breaking each one down. Hopefully, the intro video gets updated next week.

Other than Matt Rhule trying to jar the team out of their heart-breaking-induced slumber and the number of injuries a war like the one against Notre Dame is bound to produce, there was one other important takeaway from the Matt Rhule Weekly.

Rhule said that while Notre Dame brought a lot of fans that it was “a Temple crowd” and he was right. I would estimate 55-45, Temple fans, and that was confirmed by close observation of the replay on ESPN U on Monday night. More than that, though, the noise was about 85-15, Temple. Several times, Kirk Herbstreit said that Notre Dame is going to have to fight through the crowd noise for Temple. Not once did Herbstreit said that Temple had to do the same. From a crowd standpoint, Temple won the day—from the 9 a.m. ESPN GameDay show, through the tailgate, through the night. It was remarkable feat of endurance.


This was a home crowd for Temple, just like the Penn State game was a home crowd for the Owls. As impressive as those fans were those two games, they were even more so for the Homecoming Game against Tulane when a crowd in excess of 35,000 nearly completely filled the lower bowl. Tulane might have brought 100 to 200 of those fans, tops.

In fact, the Temple fan experience for the Tulane game was the single best home fan experience I ever had for a Temple game. The three or four waves were impressive, but that paled in comparison to the several very loud renditions of “T for Temple U” that were song by just about every fan after every Temple touchdown. Since the score of that game was 49-10, there was plenty of singing.

In my lifetime, Temple attendance will probably never get any better than this and I’m inhaling this like the downwind scent of a good cigar or burning fall leaves.

Right now, Temple leads the AAC in attendance with an average of 51,252. Memphis (44,381) is second and it looks like the Owls will finish No. 1 in AAC attendance. If anything, they should parlay that, plus TV ratings, into a Power 5 invite. They average more fans than many of their own former Eastern rivals, including Rutgers (48,722), Maryland (46,405), Syracuse (31,533) and Boston College (30,483).

That brings us to what one of the team’s mottos is: What’s Next? While we like to focus on SMU and USF, when the team returns from a couple of business trips, they will be 9-1 and deserve a crowd in excess of 45,000 for probably the most important game of the year, Memphis.

Nothing would help the Owls beat Memphis more than that kind of crowd singing T for Temple U at the top of their lungs. That is what is needed in three weeks after the Owls do their business one week at a time.

Tomorrow: Game Preview With Depth Charts

Saturday: Game Analysis


9 thoughts on “Attendance: We’re Here to Cheer for Temple

  1. I absolutely agree. I really hope we are able to completely fill the bottom bowl and have another 10-15K fans up top. Not that I want a lot of Memphis fans there, but I wonder if they will make the trip?

  2. I think Memphis fans will come if they are still undefeated.

  3. If we build a 35,000 seat stadium and don’t have games against Penn State or Notre Dame or similar draws that we could move to the Linc, then we have set a ceiling on our attendance of 35,000. That is lower than Rutgers of Maryland, or four of the AAC teams. This is potentially troubling.

    • I have been saying that. I just really hope that they build in a location that A) Will allow for future expansion and B) Is designed with future expansion in mind (ie could be expanded without shutting down a significant portion during the season).

    • I’m not digging this, Phil. “Matt” said he’s all for a stadium “if they do it right.” You can’t do it right for $100 million. This whole plan smacks of some hayseed Indiana voodoo finance. Do these people know how many flaming hoops City Council made us jump through to build the $89 million Apollo? I don’t think so.

      • John Street should have been jailed for extortion. A project like that draws politicians like flies to poop.

      • Unfortunately, Temple gave him a job as an adjunct professor. He still has it.

      • True story: right after Street was made adjunct I bumped into him at Anderson. He saw me and offered to walk with me for a short bit. “You seem like you work hard, and while that’s good, it’s better to be lucky than good in life”. I was a bit shocked.

        Given the truer costs of what the stadium would be, Temple’s record and attendance average will help with future Linc negotiations. I just don’t foresee a multi-hundred million dollar stadium going up after only one winning season.

  4. A couple of thoughts on stadium: 1) LC is not a ringing endorsement of student support of a good program; 2) this year proved a winning team could get students to the Linc; 3) $100 million in the Philadelphia environment (city council, unions) is naive; 4) if you are throwing that out to avoid sticker shock, that’s a bad tactic; 5) once you commit to building it, you better be ready for 5-6 years of delay tactics in court; 6) I don’t know if the above 5 are worth the hassle of avoiding a $3 million a year Linc increase.

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