Throwback Thursday: When USF BOT Chair Dissed Temple

In what goes around comes around department, Temple football is coming around this weekend and what the Owls can do will be the focus of football activity at Raymond James Stadium on Saturday night.

While there, a current member of the BOT at the University of South Florida, John Ramil, might want to stop by and offer an apology for what he wrote after the last time the two teams met, Oct. 6, 2012. Temple won that game, 37-28, and Ramil fired off an email to President Judy Genshaft where he said losing to Temple was “disgusting and unacceptable.” He was BOT chairman then; he no longer is that now, but still resides on the board.

USF boss: Losing to Temple "disgusting and unacceptable."

USF boss: Losing to Temple “disgusting and unacceptable.”

If the tone of the letter sounded similar to Temple fans, it was pretty much the reaction of the entire MAC football conference on every opposing message board after each first loss to Temple and that conference eventually got used to it. The Owls did well enough on the field, in the stands and with TV ratings to earn an invitation to the then Big East football conference. The holdovers from that conference are now the AAC, one of only two conferences with four teams in the Top 25. Now, pretty much everyone—with the exception of No. 4 Notre Dame—is getting used to losing to Temple.

A Temple win on Saturday night (7 p.m., CBS Sports Network) would make the Owls the first team in AAC history to clinch a division title, the AAC East. This is the first year the AAC went to a divisional championship format, with the East winner facing the West winner at the site of the team with the best conference record.

Ramil’s knee-jerk response after the 2012 game was a reminder of how things change in college sports and how respect for an opponent matters. The perceptions of the two programs are a little different than they were in 2012, and an apology to the Owls for disrespecting their program probably would be the appropriate response now.

While Temple would no doubt appreciate one, no one in the Owls’ traveling party is holding their breath.

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8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: When USF BOT Chair Dissed Temple

  1. Narrow minded arrogance leads to these kind of statements. Not good behavioral traits for school leadership to be exhibiting. It’s not surprising USF’s football program has declined in recent years.

  2. Boise State of the east doesn’t seem so laughable now for the Owls.

    In a separate note….when would you expect to see signs of the benefits of this stellar season, and likely new stadium on recruiting?

    • haven’t seen them yet and we have 14 signed. still waiting for a 4-star. stadium looks like it’s going to be bogged down by courts, “the community”, City Council, and the unions. Heck, even the Temple News has written 4 editorials on it and all of them were against it. If I’m Temple, I would tack 2 more years onto the Linc contract now.

  3. Come on Mike, “waiting on 4 stars”. Matakevich, Tavon Young, PJ Walker, Jahad Thomas, Robbie Anderson, Dion Dawkins, Kyle Friend all 2 and 3 stars. it’s not so much about the stars but the heart in the player.

    • Not only heart but have a staff that can coach them up. I think Temple has the recruiting strategy right, look for tough guys that show athletic ability and then coach them up in their current position or move them to a new position and teach them the new role.

    • that’s great, but a few four stars mixed in among those guys would not hurt. Nobody tells Alabama and ND it’s OK to settle for two stars. Now that Temple is 8-1, let’s use that national stage go get those guys who can make a throw into a tight window with 2 minutes left to beat a bunch of 2-3 star scrappers. Just once, love to see P.J. Walker graduate and be replaced by a DeShone Kizer and Robby Anderson go on to the NFL to be replaced by a Will Fuller.

    • I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here. Yes, our coaches have done a great job of “coaching up” or developing our recruits. And yes, if we can recruit players who are just a little faster, or who can throw or catch just a little better, the coaches should do an even better job of producing a winning team.

      • that’s fair. our last 4* offensive lineman came from absolutely the worst high school league in the country, so who he’s blocking should be factored into the rankings. … but it’s often not and they go by measurables like height, weight and 40-speed. still, great 4*s from great high school leagues will usually put 4*s from bad leagues on their backs. al golden had a mixture of highly recruited guys with the types of players matt is recruiting now. adrian robinson (pitt), Kee-Ayre Griffin (BC) helped us win, too.

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