Logan Bowles’ USA Today Sports Photos TU-USF

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3 thoughts on “Logan Bowles’ USA Today Sports Photos TU-USF

  1. Seems like if anyone is the type to stay and try to build something at Temple, it would be a Matt Rhule type. That being said, who could blame him if he got an offer from a bigger, better program for twice or more the money. But as as I’ve mentioned before, assuming he continues an upward projection for the program, it will be nice if he follows Paterno’s example, stays and builds something. Temple isn’t like MAC schools who only pay 1/2 a million or so. He’s getting 1.3 (?) at Temple, which is nothing to sneeze at. Does anyone know if Rhule got more money in his new contract extension? If so that could help to keep him. But, please, if things go downhill don’t keep him around like another Bobby Wallace debacle.

  2. BTW, I voted to get rid of the black helmets, not because they’re bad luck but because they are bad design – the logo T doesn’t even show up. Why didn’t they just put a white logo T on them? I wouldn’t mind that.

    • there are some gosh-awful unis out there, but I thank God that we wore the best ones for Penn State and Notre Dame. The ‘][‘ showed well in those games. Don’t understand why just about everyone says that uni combination is the best by far and we still pull out these ugly black helmets and black pants.

      Also liked the unis we had at uconn in 2012 .. cherry helmets, white jerseys, cherry pants.

      Other than bringing the TEMPLE helmet back for Homecoming or big games, no variations other than above should be acceptable.

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