Matt Rhule Here to Stay

robby anderson

Now that Matt Rhule has finally found the secret formula to winning football at Temple (defense, special teams, running the ball, passing off play action), it’s a good thing, not a bad one that he’s in it for the long haul.


“We have a dynamic young coach [Matt Rhule] who wants to stay at Temple and build a national program.” _ Neil Theobald

Fans of Group of Five teams have to go through this endless speculation every season, much of it warranted, that they are going to lose their successful head coaches, no matter how committed the head coach sounds.

That said, I had my doubts that Rhule was going “I don’t make promises I can’t keep — I’m not one of those guys,” Rhule said. He also said, “who knows what the future holds?” and “no one’s called me about anything.”

Juxtapose those quotes around one made by university president Neil D. Theobald last week on “We have a dynamic young coach [Matt Rhule] who wants to stay at Temple and build a national program.”


“Who knows what the future holds?”


Sounds like someone is not listening to what the other person is saying, but what happened in the last few days seems to suggest that Rhule will stay.

One, the Owls’ 44-23 loss to South Florida doesn’t make Rhule the hot commodity he was four days ago and, two, Houston Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien appears to have thrown his hat into the ring at Maryland,  one of the few places that would make sense for Rhule. One of Rhule’s best friends is Temple AD Pat Kraft, so it’s hard to see him leaving that relationship for Rutgers and Julie Hermann, whose support for football is tacit at best. In the AAC alone, Willie Taggart—who got the job done as head coach in two places—is now ahead of him, as are Tom Herman (Houston) and Justin Fuente.

That’s just in this league and you have to think guys like Dino Babers (Bowling Green), Matt Campbell (Toledo) and P.J. Fleck (Western Michigan) are ahead in the pecking order.

Right now, Rhule is here to say and that’s a good thing, not a bad one.


5 thoughts on “Matt Rhule Here to Stay

  1. When the university was deciding between Matt Rhule and Todd Bowles, a lot of the debate came down to who would be more loyal to the program. I believe, that Rhule was ultimately chosen because of the strong relationships he already had with Temple leadership and because of his wife’s involvement in the Temple community. Being Temple’s head football coach may be more than just a job to Matt. That was certainly not the case with Golden and Addazio who viewed the reclamation project of Temple football as a great resume builder and ultimately a springboard to a “better job.”

  2. I’m going to save this article for every time some brings up the idea that Rhule will leave. He’s a great coach, but maybe another year of this production and we may have to worry.

  3. Temple’s performance at USF gives me bad vibes. Al Golden’s departure came on the heals of two bad games at Ohio and Miami. Al was no doubt on the phone with realtors in Miami, FL while he and the team were heading to Miami, OH. A truck load of money is difficult to turn down. I hope he stays long enough to win out this season. This is pure speculation on my part.

  4. PS. The black pants are the problem. The helmets are fine.

  5. the black pants, the black-out uniforms, or just the black helmets.., all of it has to go.., very bad karma when this team wears anything black.., understand TJ Simmons left the program.., not a good sign when you get zero production from the #1 top rated recruits from the last two recruiting years.., I predicted both Simmons and Ruff would never start a game for Temple…, the actuary tables do not favor broken RBs, or OL without skill and slow feet…, would like to see Rhule dominate the AAC in recruiting like Golden dominated the MAC in recruiting .., Houston will beat UCONN this week and will beat Temple if we lose to Memphis.., UCONN is playing their best football right now and has won two in a row, they will be playing Temple to become bowl eligible… the game against Memphis this week will be the truest indication of where this team is really at

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