Leadership Plus Scheme=Win


What happened on Tuesday could be the turning point of the season, or it could be just another development in the learning process.

Matt Rhule spent the first half of his press conference on a rant about the seniors and their accomplishments, then said he gathered the group away from the rest of the team and put it on their shoulders to deliver the kind of leadership that beat an SEC team last and Penn State this year.

We shall see.

The Owls’ problems really stemmed the past two weeks from not getting enough pressure on the quarterback and fixing the problem might have to  do more with a defensive scheme than an impassioned plea. Much was said about the Owls getting a sack on a three-man rush against Penn State, but much was forgotten about many of those other nine sacks being the result of seven- and eight-man rushes.

When it comes to the defensive side of the ball, the Owls seem to get in trouble when they sit back and react rather than create havoc.

So creating havoc will be the key on Saturday almost as much as senior leadership.


29 thoughts on “Leadership Plus Scheme=Win

  1. Since the 10 sacks against Penn State, the Owls have recorded only 17 in the last 9 games. You are right. They need to stop playing so passively and “create havoc”. Time to get the Sack Attack back in gear.

    • Saturday would be good game for the TEMPLE throwback helmets

      • I love the Cherry helmets with TEMPLE. Absolutely hate the black ones and any black uniform combination. Fight, fight, fight for the CHERRY AND THE WHITE ! (No black in song.)

      • Wee are the cherry and the white. we are blessed with a beautiful uniform color scheme. messing with it is just not good business, let alone Karma or luck factors.

    • good point, Stan. i think rhule said the goal was 40 sacks in a 12 game season. after the first game, I laughed, and said, “Hell, we’re going to get 40 by midseason.” Now it doesn’t seem funny anymore. I think we try to get too cute defensively by mixing up looks. Play to the special advantages of your players. You’ve got five good pass rushers on the line, plus Tyler. I’d rather have Tyler rushing the passer than having him sit back in pass coverage.

  2. Not only don’t we get pressure on the quarterback with the three man rush, we have no containment. If the quarterback has any running ability and can’t find a target, he simply takes off and gets the yards he needs with his feet.

  3. First, what a great press conference especially compared to the drivel we’ve heard from Pro coaches. Love the way Coach Rule thinks and speaks. Agreed, the defense must apply pressure, also need to have better safety play. Looking forward to rockin’ Linc. Go Owls!

    • Agreed. Matt and Bruce Arians give by far the greatest press conferences of Temple coaches. I keep thinking about how Eagles’ fans would fall in love with this guy after his a steady diet of Andy Reid and Chip Kelly (although diet wouldn’t be a word I’d use for either of those guys).

  4. They never do well with the 3 man rush. I just don’t get it how they can drop so many guys back and still the other team makes completions or their QB gains nice yardage. Aren’t linebackers supposed to stop those QB rushes? Another thing lately is Matakevich covering receivers when he could be rushing the QB, which he sure did against PSU. I could be wrong about all this but it’s up to the coaches to develop these schemes.

    • we should have learned this lesson against cincy. we had a 34-12 lead and instead of putting the defensive pedal to the metal and getting out of there 49-17, we let off the gas and tried to drive like an old lady to church on a Sunday afternoon and got out of there alive. Three-men rushes, with rare exceptions (see Hackenberg’s 9th sack but that was a great effort by NDS), simply do not work with this personnel group.

      • The coaches are brain dead at times. A sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Snow loves the prevent. Look at Memphis and Cincy last year and Cincy, SMU, and SFU this season. Rush the qb and put him under pressure. That will result in errant throws. By the way just read the TJ Simmons left the program. So much for that recruiting coup. His loss drops last year’s recruiting class to the bottom third of the AAC.

  5. just received this email from the ticket office asking to express interest in the nine bowl games

    Dear KJ,

    Temple Football has the opportunity to represent the American Athletic Conference in a 2015 College Football Bowl game. Temple Football is eligible to participate in one of the following games:

    Bowl Options


    Please select all Bowl games you are interested in attending. You will receive future e-mail correspondence with more information and a link to complete your ticket purchase once Bowl Game tickets are officially available through Temple.

  6. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing live, so I watched the game again on Tuesday and it confirmed my feeling that we used the three-man rush more than even the four and five man rush. As far as T.J., I think he was the kind of high-risk, high-reward, guy we needed. His best high school season was his sophomore one. His hammies are strung as tight as Bernard Pierce’s were. I hope he goes somewhere and has a great career. I think Jager has a far better upside than T.J., though. Would be a lot more upset if Jager left and he’s not doing that.

  7. as far as bowl games go, it looks like we are locked into a cusa or mac foe unless we win the aac. to me, that would not be a satisfying conclusion to a great season. the perfect capper, for me, would be to knock off a power 5 foe in a bowl game. So let’s go out, beat Memphis, and win the aac.

    • If we don’t win the AAC the second best scenario would be for Navy to win the conference, go to the NY6 bowl and open up the Military Bowl for Temple which at least will have an ACC team as the opponent

      • Bingo. I was kinda hoping for AG to hang around enough to bring a 6-6 team into that bowl. so many potential Temple storylines, some gone. Love a rematch with UCLA or ND (not happening). Probably in the minority, but wouldn’t mind the chance to beat PSU or Pitt again. Unfortunately, Daz won’t be around for us to beat him. If we play Pitt in a bowl, Gov. Wolf should call it the championship of Pennsylvania and give us the gov. cup. Most likely scenario now is Temple vs. a Marshall or Western Kentucky or Western Michigan type. While I respect the hell out of those coaches, it doesn’t do much to advance the Temple brand by playing them.

    • I believe the Birmingham Bowl matches the SEC and the AAC. That is certainly better than the MAC or CUSA.

      • Missed that one, so if we don’t win the AAC championship got to pull for getting into the Military or Birmingham bowl

  8. I think that Western Kentucky would beat the Owls. That kind of opponent the Owls do not need.

    • After a season that included a couple of crowds of 30K-plus Owl fans only (Tulane, UCF), a great home win over PSU before a loud crowd, a great ND prime time experience, these kids deserve to go out with a great win against a P5 team. The regular season is not supposed to trump the post-season, but that’s will be exactly what happens if they don”t win the aac. Beat Memphis.

  9. admire Rhule’s honesty and courage during the press conference.., but did he basically say now it is up to the seniors because I have done everything I could? …., well what happens if they lose, then what? his press conference kind of begs the question…,

    this team has the talent to beat Memphis, and agree the Temple D must attack the QB. BEAT MEMPHIS

    • Matt Rhule has done a great job, but the litmus test of his CEO skills is can he dictate to Snow away from these passive 3-man-rush sets we’ve been seeing these past 2 weeks and put Arob over the nose guard, Hershey and Matt as the tackles, sharif and nate at the ends with a heavy dose of Tyler coming from all sides and tell these guys to pin their ears back and collapse the pocket? That’s more important than saying, “Hey, guys, you are leaders. Don’t let us lose this.” Come with a plan to accentuate your players’ strengths and attack your opponents’ weaknesses.

      • Rhule said he is not trying to win a championship, he is trying to build a championship caliber program.., the fastest route to building a championship caliber program is to win multiple championships, right? I think it was an attempt to downplay expectations on his part.,

        when you start the season at 7-0 and you moan about the lack of championship trophies in the showcase, then winning your conference championship is job #1, it is your top goal.

        that goal is still within reach so proclaim it and go after it with everything you got..,

        this team has put itself in the position to finish at 12-2. How many times has Temple had a real opportunity to finish at 12-2? Never!

        accept the fact this is a blue bird rare occurrence, put everything on the line, roll the dice, put Paxton on his ass, throw the bomb to Anderson off play action…., it has come to this – BEAT MEMPHIS!!!

  10. I just hope we get at least one more win. I’m not expecting much the rest of the way considering how the team looked against SFU. If they can’t turn it up a notch the rest of the way (and that includes coaching), one more win is all we’ll see at best.

    • a classic match-up going into the game, the two teams share similar type losses.

      USF physically beat Temple, and Temple didn’t play well; Navy physically beat Memphis, and Memphis didn’t play a good game;

      Temple played their best game, completely sold out their souls, and lost a heart breaker to ND; Memphis played a great game, completely sold out and lost a heart breaker to Houston.

      both teams have key starters who are banged up, but both teams have healthy QBs. which team can get significant contributions from the second and third team? can PJ outplay Paxton? can we put Paxton on his ass? can Temple bring the energy and fly to the football? will the Temple fans show up and put >30K in the seats?

      Outside of PSU and ND this is the most important game of the year. Don’t think this team will win another game this year if they lose on Saturday. Temple must bring the energy and find a way to finish the season strong.

      Only one Temple team in the last 38 years finished the season with four wins in a row, and that was the 2011 team that won the New Mexico bowl.., think about that for a moment.., from 1976 – 2014 only one team finished the season 4-0 in the last four games.., this team has the talent

    • go for the gusto. the only thing that disappoints me about these great conferences mr gives is that he never blames the coaching staff. it’s always the kids. just once, i’d like to see him get up there and say we as coaches failed the team with all of these three-rush sets and we sat down on saturday on the plane and said we’re going to be more aggressive. the only time i’ve ever heard him questioning what the coaches do/did was the offseason when he said why are we doing all of these crazy 5-wide formations. that’s the only time.

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