Throwback Thursday: Kryptonite for Memphis


Fast-forward past the senior day stuff to see No. 19’s three TDs.

Every time I feel a little down and out, I take a look at that commercial with the blind young woman with a young daughter reaching for the washing machine dials and doing her daily work. Fortunately, I rarely get sick but I went to the doctor after being in pain all night and found out that I had an inner ear infection. Taking antibiotics and drops now in hopes it clears up and am still going to try to “Kyle Friend” it and limp to the Temple game on Saturday, but sometimes “Temple Smart” should trump “Temple TUFF” and this might be one of those times.


Then, after getting back from Rite-Aid with prescriptions in hand this afternoon, I saw the commercial with the blind woman, girl really, and that put it all in perspective.

So, too, should it be for Temple fans today. All of us were a little (OK, a lot) down after losing 44-23 to South Florida last week, but things could be a lot worse. We could be fans of ECU or UCF.

Instead, we are fans of a team that has their fate in their own hands against a team it appears to match up relatively well against.

Memphis has been, historically, a team that Temple matches up well against and the reason is Robby Anderson. Last year, while watching a Temple team try to square peg a fullback, Kenny Harper, into a round hole, tailback, I thought of Anderson.

Even though Harper “Kyle Friended” it with a tough 75-yard run, he never really had the high-end speed you want from a featured tailback on a championship team. All last year, we wrote on this website that Harper would have been better off as the lead blocker for Jahad Thomas because he had done that role so well for Montel Harris in 2012. The offense last year was out of sync for that reason and for one other.

Robby Anderson wasn’t in the building.

Anderson had caught three touchdowns against Memphis the year prior and, if running quarterbacks are the Owls’ kryptonite, Anderson probably is the rock that crumbles the Memphis defense.

The Owls threw a pair of passes into the end zone against Memphis that would have been touchdowns if thrown to Anderson, but were dropped by other players who will not be mentioned because they are still with the program. They had a perfect wheel route dropped by Jamie Gilmore.

That’s where Thomas comes into play. He would not have dropped the same pass. If any of those three plays are made, the Owls win. All year long, I have been waiting for Anderson to have his breakout game and this would be the perfect time for it. Anderson is the kind of special talent that deserves a special nickname. If he catches a couple of touchdown passes on Saturday, I’ve got one.



11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Kryptonite for Memphis

  1. Mike, hope you feel better and get to the game.

    • thanks, phil. last night, I found it was impossible to sleep because every time I turned on my right side, it felt like someone was stabbing me in the ear. When it gets that bad, got to listen to your body and go to the doctor. I’m a game-time decision.

  2. In addition to the drops, defense going into that “prevent” on Memphis winning field goal drive after going to a 13-13 tie. In our 2 previous match up Lynch has not really torched the Temple D. 1 TD pass last year and 1 in the 2013 game. Also, his passing yardage has been in, for lack of a better term, the bottom half of his games. 2014 230 yards and 2013 162 yards. Plus he is a “pro style” QB in the Hackenburg, Kiel mold, the most he has ever rushed for in a game in 3 seasons is 52 yards

    • yeah, that last drive wasn’t Phil Snow’s finest moment. I believe in Bruce Arians’ philosophy when it comes to prevent defenses. “If I’m going to go down, I’m going down with my guns blazing.” Being a former QB at Va. Tech, Bruce always believed the best pass defense is putting the QB on his backside. He was mostly right in several key games at Temple, including a 35-30 win at Rutgers.

  3. As Cheech and Chong would have said, “Ear Ache My Eye!” Stuff some cotton in your ear and get to the game. Seriously, I hope you get better fast and watch Temple pull out an exciting, unexpected win. The Owls play better when their feathers are up against the tree.

    • yeah, they also say “rub some dirt in it” and that would just make the infection worse. I’m only typing this because the first antibiotic pill had absolutely no impact. I’m hoping the cumulative effect kicks in tomorrow.

      • When I was a kid I would get earaches all of the time and a shot in the rear would clear it up in an hour. Next time, ask for the needle. It works faster.

  4. did they give you Amoxicillin? the pain should subside w/i 48 hrs after the first dose. did they give you at least five days of Rx? most infections usually last 5 days or more…, lay off the Q-Tips, they do more harm than good, and eat green veggies and non-citrus fruit to minimize the treatment side effects

    • first thing the doctor told me was to lay off the q-tips (I never plunge them deep in there, just clean the outside of the ears with them so I don’t think I could have done damage). Far from a medical expert, but reading the bottle now it says: “Amox-clav 875-125 mg” and below that “disp (whatever that means) for augmentin … take 1 tablet by mouth every 12 hours for 10 days” so I’m taking one at 1:41 a.m. Friday, then one at 1:41 p.m. Friday. 1:41 a.m. Sat and then one at halftime of the Temple game. Completely lost my appetite, but drinking a lot of OJ. Seems like I should be taking more than 2 pills a day, but simply following instructions. Got to finish the whole bottle. Ugh.

      • they should have instructed you to take two tablets on the first dose followed by one tablet every 12 hrs.., don’t change now but remember to ask the next time you are treated w/antibiotics…, the pain should subside dramatically by tomorrow morning

  5. Ear infection advice and Temple game plan advice all mixed together. Very interesting – Just hope Temple takes some anti-bad scheme meds against Memphis. Go Owls, including you Mike. Hope you’re feeling better.

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