Game Day: We All We Got


It certainly is not grammatically correct, but it applies to Temple’s football team today as the university’s similar advertising slogan: We The ‘][‘.

We All We Got.

Temple’s football players have been saying this in the huddle all season long, even more than their social media proclamations of #What’sNext and #LeaveNoDoubt.  “We All We Got” means no more scoreboard watching because the Owls have only themselves between and an AAC East championship.


The #What’sNext hashtag is even more important today because South Florida pummeled Cincinnati on Friday night, meaning the title hunt will go down to the last game of the season. That’s not how it looked like it would play out before the Notre Dame game, but that’s the approach the Owls must take now. They should not worry about winning the title tomorrow, but just take the approach that USF taught them last week: RIP Memphis’ face off. They won’t need to score 60 like they did three weeks ago, but they will certainly need to score more than last week’s 23. To do that, they will have to establish the run. If Jahad Thomas is a step slow and banged up, they must not be afraid to go with Jager Gardner.

On defense, play with abandon, be the team with the 10 sacks—like the Penn State game—and it’s a guaranteed win. You might get one sack with a three-man rush, but the only way to get the other nine is by sending more than the bad guys can block and the Owls cannot be afraid to do that today.

By taking care of #What’sNext now, they can #LeaveNoDoubt next week.

To be grammatically correct, they—and their fans–are all they have now.


26 thoughts on “Game Day: We All We Got

  1. Don’t know how to feel when say a potential 9-3 Owls season will be disappointing. If we don’t win the east for me it will be more of a downer that finishing second in the MAC east. I know people are saying the AAC is a much tougher conference and most people, myself included, felt 8 wins would be great but getting in the position the team was in 3 weeks ago doesn’t happen every year and you need to take advantage of the opportunity. Think the team feels the same way and we finish strong at 10-2
    By the way Mike if you look up info on the Lambert Trophy, for some reason Navy is listed as not eligible but Army is?

    • Navy is not only eligible, but leading the poll. I emailed the Meadowlands Sports Authority asking why Navy wasn’t listed in last month’s poll and first got a message that Navy wasn’t eligible because they do not play more than six games against the East, then got an email saying that was a mistake and it should have been listed. Now, they lead. If Temple wins out, Temple will win the trophy.

      • Thanks for following up on that. Also as you said in a prior post that list could have made for a nice eastern/ northeast conference

  2. I just do not see the fire so far. They are lucky this is only 3-0 right now.

  3. Congratulations to Temple! The best team definitely won.

    • The defense came threw today but we also benefited from some silly mistakes by Memphis but we will take it. Temple defense bent but did not break. Holding Memphis to field goals was the key to the game. We need to get the intensity up at the beginning of games.

  4. Today’s win was for the regular commenters on this board. After last week’s disappointment — the first subpar effort of the year — it would have been easy to unleash an avalanche of criticism on Snow. You could have questioned Rhule’s friendship. You could have forecast a complete meltdown. You could have turned Memphis into the Patriots. But not this loyal group! And you were rewarded by the most improved team and staff in CFB. So, Bellisimo! A JD (Juris Doctor) Degree to you in fandom! You won one for the Gibber! Now banish that pesky NE Philly Owl. There is no room here for his balanced, researched, objective approach.

    • Nice win against a good opponent. I have been behind Rhule since day one and he has given us one heck of a season but going for two 4 and 1s inside your own territory in a close game were mind boggling. He gave a really good offense two possessions with a real short field that resulted in six points and kept the game closer than it should have been. Thank goodness the d and snow bailed him out.

      • but maybe he knew his defense was good and would hold Memphis which they did. great coaches believe in their personel.

      • Too risky considering where the ball was, time in the game and the score. He also wasted a time out on one of them.He’s done a great job this year but those two decisions were brutal. Risk far outweighed the reward. He gave them 6 points by giving Memphis the ball in Temple territory twice.his d was exceptional and bailed him out.

  5. Big win for Temple, but I thought they would. Lynch is not a mobile QB. Snow has pro style offenses figured out. Without having to worry about Lynch running, Temple’s D controlled this game.

    Not sure I understand the “fire” comment. This team looked jacked up from the beginning. Defense played great. Offense moved the ball early and often. Just made 2 mistakes.

    I love Rhule going for it on 4th down. The one that Thomas was 2″ short on, he got tackled with the ball inhis stomach. Got to extend that ball. Its 4th down, who cares if you fumble? If you dont do it, they get the ball anyway!

    Lots to be excited about. Just have to beat UConn next week for a birth in the championship.

    • In the beginning I felt that they were sort of going through the motions. They picked it up later. I give the defense credit. I do believe that we should have been able to get those fourth downs though. We need to work on the blocking up front.

  6. We have to root for UConn to beat Houston, Tulsa to beat Navy, for Navy to beat Houston next week, and we need to beat UConn next week. Then we would probably get the championship game here.

    • Not worried about where the championship game is. Just beat Uconn and win the championship game, and Temple still has a chance to go to a NY6 bowl.

      • Did you see how Temple played today? Did you see how Temple played against Notre Dame (despite the loss)? Did you see how Temple played last week at USF? Did you see how Temple played at SMU (despite the win)?

        I am definitely worried about where the championship game is.

      • If I am correct, it would be Fiesta or Peach bowl if they were selected for a NY6 bowl. Correct??

      • Tractorr, I think that the way Temple played today, ND, PSU and even Cincinnati was more the difference in the offensive style of those teams versus SMU and USF rather than location. If the defense continues to play like they did today there isn’t a team that we can’t beat regardless of where it is played

  7. How in the world did Memphis beat Ol’ Miss? Go Owls, now they have a win over a Top 25 team…, PJ made a few big time plays with his legs, think he missed couple of TD throws, but he got robbed of a TD pass when Shippen got caught from behind.., bringing the blitz definitely shook Lynch

    • hey KJ, we love when u pick against Temple. keep up the good work.

      • He’s really clueless and have you noticed he always gives Temple backhanded compliments? Examples how did Ole Miss. lose to Memphis. He’s either a troll or a really negative complainer.

  8. did anyone catch the announced attendance? looked like over 30K

  9. After going up 7 to 6 today’s game had a similar feel as the ECU game last season (other than the weather 🙂 ) just didn’t get the impression that Memphis would threaten. In the 2 times I’ve seen him live I just don’t see Lynch as being the top QB prospect for the NFL draft, 2 TD passes in 3 games and coming into today’s game averaging less than 200 yards passing. Does anyone know what today’s announced attendance was, the bottom bowl seemed about 80% plus in the bottom bowl and my section in the club level was almost completely full.
    UConn up 13-3 end of the 3rd doing a good job shutting down the UH offense, especially the ground game

    • 31,708 attendance

      • nice job by the Temple fans considering that there were only 6K students there (12.5K students for both ND and PSU). Dorms closing at 7 p.m. chased half the students home. Most of them live far, far away. The alums, season ticket holders, and commuters must fill the void for the more important game coming up on Saturday night. Since TU has 39K full-time students, have to assume at least 26K or so are still around in the area and they have to show their school spirit by showing up Saturday. Looking for at least 35K this Saturday because it means putting Temple in a major championship game (even though it’s G5).

  10. I realize we all want a high end bowl against as good a team as possible, but playing Pitt in a bowl would be pretty neat – they’re quite good too and we don’t play them often. An all PA game betwen 2 teams vying for the Lambert trophy.

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