Derik Hamilton’s USA Today Sports Photo Essay

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7 thoughts on “Derik Hamilton’s USA Today Sports Photo Essay

  1. Crazy scenarios shaping up.., here is one, Temple goes to NavyMarine stadium for the AAC championship game, they lose only to return to the same venue for the Military Bowl..,

    Wondering how long it will take before we see a correlation between our Top 25 rankings and a strong recruiting class.? As of today, every team currently ranked in the Top 25 is also ranked in the Top 50 for the 2016 recruiting class with the exception of three, Temple is one of those 3.

    Temple beat PSU, is ranked in the Top 25, leads the AAC in attendance, will play for the conference championship, and will go to a bowl. Our culture always drives us for more but this is nirvana!!! I hope the student body enjoys this special moment, never happened during my student years. BEAT UCONN

    • I’m savoring every minute from now on. A truly great job by “Matt” and the staff. Kudos. Hell, who would have thought what happened would have happened? Kicking Penn State’s butt (and I think we will beat them next year,too). I’m greedy, but the better news is that Tyler, P.J. and company are even more greedy.

  2. ESPN has Owls playing Miami in the Military Bowl. That presupposes the Owls get to the championship game and lose to Navy. If Owls or Navy win out they will be playing New Years. Cannot give the game to Toledo even if they beat Arkansas. Arkansas sucks.

    • the real reason that they won’t give it to Toledo is that NIU will beat Ohio, knocking Toledo (and every other MAC team) out of the G5 No. 1 slot race.

    • Is the Military Bowl an ESPN owned bowl? If so I would say this “prediction” is probable one of the more valid ones or course given your point John regarding Temple playing in the championship and losing to Navy.

  3. IF Temple wins out, and that is a huge IF, they will definitely be a Top 15 team, maybe close to Top 10. They would have won this week which should move them up at least a couple of spots. They would have beaten either Houston or Navy, (either one will be a Top 15 team when we play them) which will move them up another couple of spots. Then they would have beaten a P5 team, probably ranked in the Top 10 on New Years Day.

    Did anybody have Temple ending the season ranked in the Top 15? Amazing it is still a possibility going into week 12. Im not saying it is going to happen, but it is still possible.

    A guy can dream, right?

  4. yes, my choice is to play a P5 team in the NY6 bowl. I think we would blow the doors off Florida and maybe struggle with a Michigan. Iowa’s similar style of play would keep us in the game with them. I don’t think we match up well with OSU.

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