The Final (Home) Chapter of #LeaveNoDoubt

No one knows if Bryant Shirreffs will play for against Temple for UConn tonight (7 p.m., Lincoln Financial Field), but the general consensus is that Shirreffs is the more athletic of the two Huskies’ quarterbacks.


It should not surprise former Temple head coach Wayne Hardin. Shirreffs’ grandfather, Jack, was a star two-way end some of Hardin’s great Navy teams in the late 1950s and will no doubt be in attendance on Saturday night. Shirreffs is organizing a golf outing with Hardin’s ex-Temple and ex-Navy players for the coach’s 90th birthday.

The Temple-Shirreffs’ connection doesn’t end there as Bryant has a brother, Evan, who was recruited by former Temple head coach Al Golden and is at Miami.

Whatever happens, the Shirreffs and UConn will be there for the final home chapter of Temple’s #LeaveNoDoubt season. A year ago, a senior halfback who should have been fullback named Kenny Harper told his teammates to Leave No Doubt next season and that became this season’s battle cry. Temple has never worried about what the opposition does, only what it will do, and it will take that mantra into tonight.


Right now, UConn head coach Bob Diaco is using the old “day-to-day” designation regarding Shirreffs and it could be an important one because there is a significant dropoff between No. 1 and No. 2.  Shirreffs, a sophomore, has started all 11 games for the 6-5 Huskies but took a blow to the head on the second series of the 20-17 win over Houston. He has completed 158 of 262 passes for nine touchdowns and seven interceptions, amassing 1,992 yards. Boyle went 12 for 22 for 110 yards.


Another injury that might be just as important is UConn tight end Tommy Myers, who will not play on Saturday. The Huskies like to utilize two tight ends almost as much as Temple and they might have to scale back an already limited package.

Fun fact: UConn beat Villanova, 20-15, but not as bad as Ivy League co-champion Penn did (24-13).



41 thoughts on “The Final (Home) Chapter of #LeaveNoDoubt

  1. Great piece Mike, Tommy Myers is the nephew of Mike Walsh, the starting TU left tackle during the mid seventies.

  2. Reports are now coming out that Justin Fuente is leaving Memphis for Va Tech.

    It’s gonna be awfully difficult for the AAC to make any sent on a national status.

    • the AAC is guaranteed a date with a NY6 bowl.., Temple, Navy, or Memphis would be a final four team if they had finished undefeated…, quality wins over ND, etc…, one of the AAC university presidents must assume a leadership role and articulate a vision for athletic excellence…, the AAC Commissioner’s role should be to execute the vision of the university presidents…, not sure this league enjoys a shared vision with commitment from all the schools.., just checked into the Navy Yard Courtyard and this place is packed with Uconn fans, i want to vomit

  3. Great win tonight, you could tell this game was over when it was 13-0. On to Houston, where we need the best effort of the season so we don’t end up in the kind of bowl we should have played in last year. On another note after getting home from the game just saw some rumors about Rhule and Missouri. I think the NCAA needs a rule like the NFL that you have to wait until a team’s season is over before approaching their coach. If Rhule would leave after this season, to me that would mean we out up with more BS than Addazio shoveled . Not that I would fault anyone for taking what they felt was a better position, just that there was so much he is here for the long haul and he wants to be here thrown out there.

  4. The only job that scares me is MD. I dont see him going anywhere else.

  5. reported that Rhule is meeting with Missouri tomorrow. If that’s true and he leaves I will never again say that I know another person’s character because I’ve been convinced that Rhule was different and would stay. Regardless, this is the NCAA fault by permitting the split among so-called equals in D-1..

    • Couldn’t agree more John. If this is true the one thing you can say is Rhule is a lot more convincing than Addazio. As I’ve said, don’t fault anyone for taking what they feel is a better position but his focus tomorrow should be preparing for Houston not talking to Missouri

  6. One more thing. Can’t Owl fans enjoy anything for more than a couple of hours? The The lights aren’t even off in the stadium and we already have to worry about losing the coach, which means starting over again.

  7. Hopefully this is a just a rumor. Would lose all respect for Matt if he bailed on Temple. If you want to use Temple as a stepping stone so be it, but don’t come here with all this BS that this is your dream job, you love philadelphia, your a temple guy, this is where you want to be and you wanted to sign for 10-20 years. Unfortunately Matt has done nothing to deny this rumor so it is probably true. Atleast Al Golden didn’t feed everybody a bunch of crap. We all knew he would leave for greener pastures if he succeeded at Temple. As Golden and Addazio are finding out, the grass isn’t always greener.

  8. The only thing that surprises me is the timing. Coaches talk to other schools all of the time. I think he is just going through the process. I cannot see him leaving for Missouri. He has no roots there.

    MD on the other hand is a different story. I definitely fear the turtle in this case. I will sleep much better when they hire a coach.

    All that being said, nothing shocks me anymore.

    And John, this is not the NCAA’s fault. This is Temple’s fault for not investing in the program for all of those years and letting it become a doormat. If they hadnt gotten kicked out of the Big East, we may not be in this position today.

    • Actually John said it’s partly the NCAAs fault for letting this whole ESPN P5 rift get to this point where schools in that cartel feel they can do whatever they want whenever they want. If Rhule leaves after this season, he’s a bigger fraud than Addazio. As Kevin said and so many others “chanted” the BS was really laid on thick.

    • Re where fault lies for this.The NCAA capitulated and permitted this when the big boys made not so veiled threats to leave the NCAA. The NCAA realized that it was going to be a bankrupt organization if that happened. AS far as TU goes, it’s true they didn’t pay what it took to succeed. That, however, can’t be said of many other schools hurt by the schism.

  9. Have you guys considered that maybe Rhule is meeting with Mizzou to assess his market value. Temple should pay him at least close to what he is worth.

    • He could have waited until after the championship game especially since the report itself, whether true or not, will plant some doubt in the minds of the players, who have been indoctrinated with giving their all and leaving no doubt. Well, now there is doubt that Rhule is another coach that merely used TU as a stepping stone, who really doesn’t care as much for the players as he’s professed to. The fact is that his salary is commensurate with the salaries being paid to other coaches in the league.

      • Agree with all of your points. My other concern is what impact this might have on recruiting, which frankly for this year isn’t looking all that strong to begin with

      • the timing is awful to say the least, instead of thinking about how to beat Houston on Sunday Rhule is meeting with Mizzou…, this the ultimate distraction for the players, coaches and everyone involved…, if Rhule thinks Mizzou is a better place to be then f&@k him and let him go.., he should have waited to assess his market value if that was his intent…,, really helps to explain and put context around why our success on the field has not translated into recruiting success.., why bust your butt recruiting if you think you might leave?

        the Temple D played lights out…, again, Romond Deloatch is a beast in the Red Zone and is one of the best players in the nation inside the 20.., good to see Jahaad outrun the DBs for a score, we need that speed…, I watched Deloatch warm up during the Spring Game, he was the only receiver practicing end zone catches, his body control was phenomenal…, we should have marketed Tyler M for the Heisman, he would have made it to NYC for the show…., Temple is 10-2, beat PSU, playing for the conference championship and going to a bowl game but all this success is being overshadowed by coaching drama.., really selfish on MR’s part, what did he think was going to happen by meeting with Mizzou today with so much in front of this team and program?

      • Wow, you guys are sure easy going with other guys millions. Remind me never to hire any of you as my financial planner. He is not being paid what other coaches in the league are making. Tommy Tuberville is making over 3 million a year, Houston is probably going to pay Herman the same, and Memphis was going to pay the same to Fuente if he stayed. We all know that Temple doesn’t like to open the checkbook unless they have to. This might just be Rhule’s way of making sure they offer him the correct amount. If Mizzou offers him 3 million then Temple needs to match it. I am sorry but I am all for people being paid what they are worth and if Temple is as serious about the football program as they claim they need to prove that need to step up.

        As far as this being a distraction, I think that is what Leave No Doubt is all about. It is about leaving no doubt on the field. Everyone including football players have all sorts of stuff going on in their lives but when they get on the field all that stuff goes away and they leave no doubt that they are a serious football team. If the team can’t hold up from their coach just talking to another team then that philosophy is bankrupt anyways and was all a sham.

    • My issue isn’t with Rhule doing that or even if he is looking to “move up”. More in line with an earlier comment by John, it’s with the timing. Barely got a look at the east division trophy and this story is out there. From Addazio I would have expected something like this. It would have been nice to enjoy last night and this week leading up to the championship game

  10. He also said, “I’m going to give you guys….the same trust…..that we as a university demand from you.” Maybe he’ll see what’s out there and come back and ask for close to an equivalent deal. If Temple balks it’s on them. 2 mil a year maybe? Then if he leaves he’s just doing what we all in America have been taught – go for more, more, more. I do agree however that he laid down a pretty good line of BS (it’s BS if he leaves now), but hopefully he’ll stick to his line, be satisfied with 1.3 mil with a raise and try to really build a sustainable program here. I’d love to see if he could do it. Beautiful game last night – the coaches and players are doing everything right. If they play like this and lose to Houston then Houston is just better – but wasn’t it UConn who beat Houston a week ago? Go Owls, regardless of what Rhule does!

  11. Ok since this story has become “front page” rather than soaking in last night great game and the focus on Temple’s first championship run let’s talk Matt Rhule succession strategy and while I don’t know if I would put it as bluntly as KJ but if he does leave this season I put him more in the Addazio mold than Golden.
    3 scenarios:

    1. Young, up and coming coordinator from a P5 program
    2. Established coordinator from a P5 program
    3. Young, successful HC from a lower conference, say Sun Belt or FCS
    4. Successful FBS level HC curently out of a HC position.

    Given that a new coach would be following up a 10-2 season, has a solid core and is in a position where he needs to maintain success rather than rebuild I would opt for scenario 4. Right now the only immediate need is to upgrade the current recruiting commits. I think Temple should adopt more of the Cincinnati model for coaching hires going forward, since we are going to stay in this 3 to 5 year coaching cycle as long as the G5 / P5 gap is there.
    Some names I’ll throw out for discussion: Jeff Jagodinski, had a good 2 years at BC before getting canned for interviewing with the Jets, Mario Cristobal, Rick Stockstill at Middle Tenn, Todd Monken at Southern Mississippi. Don;t know if we could afford or there would be interest but even talking to Al Golden and Greg Schiano.

  12. The timing sins are on Mizzou here gang, not Rhule. Missouri doesn’t want to wait until after the season. So if Rhule tells them to wait until Jan he will miss out on the meeting and the chance to assess his street value. This is business. I truly think he doesn’t want the Missouri job and I think Mizzou, in light of the campus turmoil, goes with Dino Babers anyway.

    If I were a friend of Matt Rhule, I’d say stay here for a few more years and then land the PSU job when they get sick of Franklin. All things being equal, that’s the only other job he really wants.

    • It is kind of crappy of Mizzou to not wait until after the championship game to talk to Rhule, but it is pretty much standard operating procedure to hire coaches before bowl season so they can work out contracts, put their coaching staff together, and start assessing prospects so they can hit the ground running when recruiting opens. I think the difference in this situation is there are more bowls then there are eligible teams this year, so Mizzou may still make a bowl game (considering the selection system), so they may want their coach installed so that he can at the very least be present for bowl practices.

      However, I agree with you that Rhule may just be taking this meeting because you kind of have to. He has to at least here offers out even if he isn’t that interested.

    • Doubt if the NCAA has the power since the P5 do whatever they want but there needs to be rule similar to the NFL that you have to wait until the season is over before talking to other schools coaches

    • Franklin just fired his offensive coordinator after a 10 year relationship.., this is business; Willie Taggart at USF fired both of his coordinators last year and the two news guys did great this year.., Golden should have fired D’Onofrio years ago but didn’t so he got fired.., if he stays Rhule should fire Satterfield..,

  13. Wow, if I recall a lot of posters here wanted Rhule out the last two years. Folks didn’t like “the process” he was utilizing. A different tune being sung now. What a difference a year makes. Coach Rhule will make the best decision for what he wants moving forward. If he leaves, I wish him well. He gave us a great ride this year. Temple will be fine since the administration is now financially invested and committed to football success.

    • Out of no where an MRA pops up. The fact is that no one hated Matt Rhule personally, just his coaching, which HE admitted had been sub par. Please crawl back into your hole and admit many on this site were correct about the way the coaches screwed up the last two years.

      • Typical response. The guy won 10 games… you love him, you wanted him gone. Yea Rhule should be loyal to guys like you. Coach will do what’s best for him and his family. Temple will be fine too. Maybe Temple should hire you?

    • we would have an agreement on a new stadium larger than 35K if the school was really committed

  14. I heard Rutgers may fire Flood and UVA job is now open. Now that’s 3 jobs I am worried about, Rutgers, UVA, and MD. Only slightly concerned about UVA, but the other 2 could be serious threats.

    On a bright note, Mike Wallace tweeted out not to believe what you hear and only half of what you see with the hashtag #chillhenotgoinganywhere

    Not sure if that falls in the believe or not believe category, but I would be absolutely shocked if Rhule left for Mizzou.

    • That is what I am saying. We might not like it but this is what coaches have to do to get paid. Everybody is missing the other side of the coin where he interviews so he has a number he can go back to the Temple AD with. For instance, Mizzou (or whoever) offers 3 million a year for 4 years. Now he has a concrete number he can walk in and say, “they offered me this can you match it?” If they say yes, then he is able to hold a press conference where he says I have renegotiated my contract with Temple and I will be back next year. Then there is no doubt for the players that he is coming back.

  15. You know what we should be more worried about. If Temple doesn’t win the Championship they are going to be shafted into a bowl game against a G5 opponent. The AAC has two bowls with P5 ties, Birmingham and Military. The problem is that Birmingham will almost certainly choose Memphis due to proximity and Military will obviously take Navy. This will leave Temple likely in the Miami Beach Bowl playing a Conference USA team. I thought Temple was supposed to get better bowls playing in the American especially considering they won their division.

    • My feelings exactly, I think the best of the rest may be the Hawaii Bowl against BYU, at least they are somewhat of a name program

  16. Bradley, give it up. Rhule changed everything he and his staff had tried (the “process”) the first 2 years which yielded sub par results. There was good reason for criticism then just like there is good reason for praise now – because he did change and got great results. The “process” was NOT continued. I don’t understand why you can’t see that. If anything, the people who criticized the first 2 years have changed their attitude because Rhule changed his approach and it worked. Enough.

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