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    • What’s disconcerting is that the crowd at the game was disappointing. I know it was Thanksgiving weekend but wasn’t it also Thanksgiving weekend in Houston, which sold the place out? The lack of attendance for what was a championship game doesn’t bode well for the Owls. Ambivalence is the middle name of too many Philadelphians and alums.

      • Hi John, think the Houston stadium holds 35k, so the ~30k at the Temple game would have been a “sellout”. After all these years, I simply choose to enjoy the ride and this team!

  1. According to a article, “One Temple source…expressed confidence that Temple could retain Rhule. The source also said it is expected that the situation with Missouri should be resolved fairly soon either way.”

    “Soon” would have been on Saturday.

    • At most soon should be end of day .
      today, no more no comment.

      As for attendance, don’t know what the reasons are. Memphis was just at the break so more students. For UConn I expected less students but a Saturday night game for the division should have gotten a bigger crowd than one that wasn’t much larger than some of the Friday after Thanksgiving games we had in the MAC

      • Agree. Pay the man. Attendance can be explained by 1,900 students taking their tickets (we had at least 10K students taking tickets for the other games). So, if this had been last week, UConn game would have drawn 35K easily. That, unfortunately, is the ceiling of Temple football fan interest at this moment.

  2. the road to sustained success recognizes challenges, seeks opportunity, and commits with passion…, our offense is challenged, we have an opportunity for a conference championship, and can make a passionate commitment to our coaches and players at this critical moment in time…, and what are we doing?

    Houston is a great blueprint for Temple on many levels, yet many on this site choose not to acknowledge constructive criticism…, ignoring the elephants is not a sound strategy..,, Houston is our enemy and we should know them as well as we know ourselves. What is that program doing right that we can copy, how are we better than those guys, and what can we do to maintain our advantages over that program?

    • Yes. Houston builds a $128 million stadium with luxury boxes and HD screens that we should duplicate here, yet we are talking about building a bigger NE High Stadium for 100 million with an electronic scoreboard. The problem with Temple is we try to do everything on the cheap, including paying head coaches.

      • There was an interesting back and forth with a Houston fan regarding similarities and differences Between Houston and Temple from a campus perspective and stadium. The biggest difference for me and one that makes me question the $100 million figure is that Texas is non-union as far as construction. That along with building on an already “improved” site as far as utilities, space, etc.
        As far as paying the man, first how much do you think the university can afford and second how much should Rhule’ salary be increased. Looking at the reported deals that Campbell got from Iowa State and Fuente received from VT, I would say $2.5 to $2.75 M for 2016 with escalations over the life of the contract.

      • To me, sustaining success is a lot more important than an Akron-type situation where they paid millions for a beautiful stadium and can’t put flies in the stadium. If 100 million is OK or a stadium, matching the P5 in the hopes that Temple can get in the P5 is the more important expenditure now.

      • That stadium in Philly would cost $250 million. That is why we are talking about building that kind of stadium.

      • The stadium plans need to be looked at as the starting point. Above all else the stadium needs to be constructed in such a fashion as to add all those amenities at a later date. Make sure it is designed with support for a Jumbotron. With places where luxury boxes can be built. With areas that can be expanded with more seats. My main fear is that they are going to build this in such a fashion that those things will be far more expensive to add later on.

    • hey KJ, how did your Penn St, Uconn, Memphis predictions turn out? or do u still wanna fire the RB coach? or do u still wanna sit PJ for Nutile? #fail

  3. I just feel betrayed by the whole thing because just months ago he signed a new deal and proclaimed that this was his dream job. Heard that Missouri is down to him and its D-coordinator.

    • I would hire the D coordinator, not because I’m a Temple guy but because their kids love him like our kids loved Matt.

    • That and the whole, what seems like it could be a snow job now, “he is the ONLY guy for the job because he will stay here after being successful”. Like I said in earlier posts, beginning to look like Addazio in more “sincere” packaging. Don’t get me wrong, if Rhule thinks Missouri is the best deal for him at this time, more power to him, just that the BS about being here was laid on a little thick.

      Don’t know how much more the university may be offering but I feel the numbers I put out, if doable, are more than generous.

      If the team comes up flat against Houston, who do you think will get thrown under the bus??

      • That’s why I wouldn’t hire him. In arguably the biggest week in his coaching life and TU football history, he’s allowed this to linger. All he had to say was that I’m not talking to anyone before next Sunday because my team has bigger fish to fry. He’s making almost a million more than Golden was so while we would all like to make more money it’s not like he’s currently at the door of the poor house. If Missouri balked so be it. There are numerous opportunities open- Miami, Syracuse, Rutgers, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia with more to follow.

    • that’s funny bcuz Temple fans feel betrayed everytime u post on here.

  4. John, at this point I wish the admin was spending as much time looking at the best replacement candidates available, starting to put out feelers and be ready for a quick transition. Be in a position to put their best offer on the table, if they haven’t already done so and make it a take it or leave it. Getting a new HC in before Temple’s bowl game, if that is possible.

    • there appears to be little correlation between our on the field success this year and the recruiting class coming in next year. why, does anyone know?

      what we do know is that one head coach in our league takes it upon himself to personally out-recruit his assistant coaches.., Rhule used to be known as a great recruiter but has now left that primary task up to his assistants.., check out this article

      • Good question

      • Similar class to Golden’s last one and Daz’s last one. Loaded with guys who need to be coached up as opposed to Daz’s first class (ranked No. 54 in the country). Hope that’s just a coincidence. To me, a team that has been in the top 25 most of the season should be getting a top-25 class (or at least close to it). If we finish 54 or higher, we will be doing a good job because we got off to such a slow start. Right now,–which has the best reputation for ranking current top 25 recruiting classes with their current top 25 rankings–has us tied for 92d.

      • I wish a team’s ranking had more to do with how they recruited but it doesn’t. The highest ranked G5 school according to Scout is Houston at 41. They are the only G5 school in the top 50. P5 schools will on average recruit better because of increased exposure alone.

        My other team is Florida. After perhaps the most embarrassing offense performance I have ever seen from the team on Saturday they shot to number 1 on Scout with commitments from a number of offensive players. Why would they do this? They saw how much improved the offense was earlier in the season when Will Grier was playing. They know that Florida is on the upswing and if they commit now they will be in the spotlight in years to come. For all the kids coming to Temple know the team might have a losing season next year and none of their games will be on television.

        That is just the reality of the system.

  5. what is his message on recruiting? “I won’t be here next year, or the year after, so let me focus all my time on winning with the players I have”

    or, “this has always been a tough place to recruit, I have a process for discovering and developing talent, trust my assistant coaches and the process”

    we are 10-2, beat PSU, playing in the AAC championship, and are going to a bowl…, why couldn’t Temple figure out how to let us long suffering fans enjoy the moment?

    Rhule put us on notice, he will leave us either this year or within the next two/three years for a P5 school no matter how much money we give him., i just don’t want him to leave the cupboard bare like those other guys did

    • by saying, “I’m not going to comment on jobs” basically means he’s out of here because there is more than the Missouri job. If he’s not going to say I’m here to stay, and it’s quite apparent he’s not, the team risks losing focus for the most important game in Temple history. John said it best. Why can’t we celebrate? I celebrated for 1 hour on Saturday, did a search for Temple Uconn to read the glorious stories and all I got was Matt Rhule leaving. That was a short celebration. This is the guy who was hired just because we wanted to stop the bleeding of coaches leaving the EO. He knew it. We knew it. .. and this is what we get. He can change all that by 5 p.m. with an announcement that he’s not going anywhere.

      • As I said earlier, if it’s still “no comment” by end of day today the administration needs to put their best offer on the table and shift gears to put their prime focus on getting the best replacement asap. This can’t go past today without an answer one way or another. It’s pretty obvious even if he doesn’t leave this year, no way he stays through the extension he recently agreed to even with a raise. Time to act proactively and have things lined up so when Rhule announces his new job it can be don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I love how on Owlscoop it’s all “these” things take time, Houston didn’t seem to have to much trouble making something happen once similar rumors popped up. I think having this linger into what should be a week focused solely on preparing on the championship game and the silence coming from the E-O and admin tells a lot.

      • Houston was talking about giving Herman a raise weeks ago. Also, I will wait until Sunday is out before I believe Herman is staying in Houston.

  6. even if he does stay he has lost way too much credibility by letting this drag on.., the players, recruits, fans, BOT all now know his true intentions..,

    don’t you think other schools will remind recruits of what happened at Temple during their championship week preparations? Kraft better be on the phone and fax screening for new head coaches.., Houston is focused and will burst out of the tunnel on fire while Temple will still be wondering about what happened and what may happen next.., let’s hope we can make it out of the tunnel without tripping on national TV

    can you recall when this has happened to a school preparing for the conference championship? been searching since yesterday and still can’t find a similar situation where a head coach sat an interview for a new job during championship week

    • Agree with your comments about what Kraft should be doing right now, I think there are viable candidates out there who brought in soon enough could shore up this year’s recruiting to go with what will still be a good core of players to work with. Plus with next year’s schedule, even facing an improved USF and UConn a good coach should be able to get 8 wins out of the gate

    • Hey KJ, please predict a Houston win which we all know means that Temple will win!

  7. For a guy who is media savvy and all about projecting success he really bungled this one. Shows that he isn’t big enough for the moment.

    • It will be interesting to see what kind of deal he eventually ends up with. Looking at Campbell and Fuente there new reported salaries respectively for 2016 are $2M and $3.2M. Campbell’s record at Toledo 35-15, with Fuente 26-23 at Memphis, both going to P5 schools. Houston just upped Herman to $3M. If Temple offered something between those numbers, that to me is a reasonable approach. At this point though, even if they do that and Rhule agrees I believe until Temple could get into a P5 conference, and who know when that may be if ever, they need to have a position in the athletic department who would be a “coach scout”, be much more proactive to move on a replacement head coach over the next 2 to 3 years.

  8. By the way, didn’t Rhule owe the team, the fans, and the university more than a no comment? He knew he was meeting with Missouri before the press conference Saturday night and should have said I’m just thinking about next Saturday even if he didn’t mean it.

    • the silence coming from MRAs and EO is getting louder…, he almost has to go if he doesn’t put an end to this today whether he has a new job or not.., we are in championship week with a Saturday date on ESPN at high noon in Houston.., how in the world do you let this drag on?

    • Come on, time to admit, he played the team, fans and university a whole lot better than Addazio. Who by the way still accounted for recruiting 50% of this years starting lineup

      • all the reports have the Mizzou job as a toss-up between Rhule and the current D-coordinator Odom.., winning in the SEC is just plain hard.., Rhule will wind up like Daz and AG with more money and broke dreams.., Rhule wins the Oscar for Best Actor.., Fool me once, shame on you.., Fool me twice, shame on Temple, Fool me three times, wtf?

      • I don’t know if I would put AG as fool me once, I believe he did stay through his full original contract and that most people had a sense he was eventually moving up. Daz definitely and Rhule as well, at least so far

  9. the coaching carousel is like the flu, makes you sick if you get hit with it.., we just lost another recruiting year, and should be kicking ourselves for not questioning the real reason for the weak early returns…, let’s hope Rhule’s new contract has a stipulation to keep all the MRAs and Satterfield.., Temple should force Mizzou to pay, much like when Colorado St forced Florida to pay

  10. Rhule was on SiriusXM College Sports today. He said he is nit talking to any schools this week. He is strictly focused on this week.

    He also said he was a Temple guy. He’s been here 9 years and he is part of the community. He also said he told the players that it doesn’t mean he will be here forever, but it would have to be a special situation, the perfect opportunity at the perfect time.

    After the call, the hosts both said that Temple needs to step up because he obviously wants to stay.

    That is how I took it. This is how I read into it. It would take a lot if money to pry him out of Philly, unless it was PSU.

    • Bigger than a stadium Rhule deserves the paycheck at this point. Like it or not the “arms race” is in full swing and Temple can’t afford to lag behind if they want to keep winning. They voted (albeit barely) to keep Temple Football Forever. Pony up and pay for performance.

      • Give the man more money or let him go…, now back to the game..,, Houston took the run away from Navy, and will do the same against Temple putting the game in the hands of PJ…, Temple will come out flat and Houston will start the game on fire and go up by 14 or more at the end of the first half…., Temple will try to reinvigorate the run early in the second half to no avail.., the Houston DBs will play man and their defense will blitz continuously forcing a couple of ints.., Houston’s QB and speed kills…, Houston 31 Temple 17.., now all you guys have fun and throw your shots 😉

  11. depends on a whole lot of factors beyond our control. What I would HOPE happens and what I THINK will happen are 2 different things. I hope we would be the team winning 31-17. In a perfect world (and by perfect, I mean Matt coming out tomorrow and ending this “I’m not talking about other jobs” charade and coming out with a statement saying “I’m not going anywhere”) this game is 20-20, goes into OT and Austin Jones kicks a FG. Kids being kids and coaches being coaches this distraction will have a negative impact on the game. Don’t know if it will be 31-17, but would not be surprised that it would be 27-20 bad guys. I just wish Houston had the same level of distraction we do but their administration already eliminated that with an “agreement in principle” with Herman. Their kids don”t have to deal with the crap our kids have to. Not fair.

    • You make some good points Mike, I think it’s only the folks on Owlscoop who don’t think this is a distraction and are circling the wagons if you bring that up. Also taking on the usual smartest folks in the room attitude, nothing to see here, it’s all the admins fault, etc. Just think they are having a tough time dealing with the fact that they might, and I emphasize might, have had a bigger snow job pulled on them then we got from Daz. On another note for the flack that this site catches from a very few there is a thread on the Owlsdaily board actually saying that the admin should be interviewing potential HC replacements now with a good number of posters agreeing. While I think a list of potential candidates should be being compiled and researched as we speak, they seem to want to go even further.

      • I don’t know who GiveAHoot is but he brings up a lot of great points about how the uni had better head coaching choices (Bowles, Cristobal among them) with more solid resumes and made the concession to hire the less qualified guy … at the time … Rhule because they wanted stability for the kids. Now three years is stability? Give me a freaking break. He might not have violated anything written in the contract, but he certainly violated the implied contract. He could fix this tomorrow at the Matt Rhule Weekly by getting up and saying, “Guys, I know I said I wouldn’t comment on other jobs but I’m making this one exception. I’m not interviewing with anyone this week and I’m totally, 100 percent focused on helping these kids win a championship. That’s my comment and all future questions should be about Houston.” Is that unreasonable? I don’t think so.

  12. small crowd of us DC Metro, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area Temple fans are making the trip and staying at the Houston Marriott Courtyard Galleria Friday and Saturday night – all Temple fans are cordially invited., reminder to everyone tomorrow is the last day to purchase championship game tickets from the Temple ticket office.., the Houston offense scares the sh*t out of me., they look like SMU on hormone therapy…, Go Temple, Beat Houston and save all the drama until after January

    • I’m with you on that one. How come this drama couldn’t wait until AFTER we beat Houston? Don’t care about the bowl game as much as I want this Chip and, if we lose it, as of 11:55 Monday night, I will know who to blame. The blamee could change this all tomorrow by saying I’m staying at Temple.

      • Don’t see it happening. So much “not going to talk about it”, nothing. It’s just looking like there is too much smoke for the not to be some fire. Of course don’t let a player be 5 minutes late to a meeting that might be a distraction !!!!

      • actually, “I’m not going to talk about it” is worse than, yeah, I’m meeting with them because the “not going to talk about it” is an open message to every school out there. “I’m available. Give me a call. I have a game to play Saturday, but I’ll cut a corner here and there on the game plan in order to hear what you have to say.”

  13. Yeah, and it was P.J.”s fault for throwing all of those interceptions last year when my empty backfields gave him 1/10th of 1 second to throw. Unreal.

    • At least Daz waited until above bowl season, less time for recruits to think about the situation. Wonder what the QB from California is thinking and with this now out there with Rhule people seriously think we can attractb Rutges recruits away

      • this recruiting year is lost…, late start, piss poor effort, and we can’t even crack the top five in our own conference as a Top 25 nationally ranked team..,

        Temple should survey every kid we offered a scholarship to find out the real reasons why they chose another school. the survey should be conducted by an outside agency, independent of the Athletic Department, and results go directly to the Theobald…,
        when Temple does something along those lines then we’ll all know they are serious about TUFB

        i don’t care if Rhule is making $3M, $1M, or $100 he needs to be held accountable for this lackluster recruiting year as a nationally ranked team. Taggart and Herman are getting it done in the shadows of FSU, Miami, UF, UT, Texas A&M, Baylor, etc.., there is no excuse why Rhule can’t get it done and we deserve an answer as to why, and a plan plus commitment for improvement next year. why should we accept these results without explanation and plan for improvement?

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