Twenty-Twenty Vision for the Houston Game


Temple is going to have to hit Greg  Ward a little harder than this.

Before just about every Temple football game, I have tried to crunch the numbers, look at things from all angles, and come up with about as close to an objective opinion as I can get.

I had Temple beating Tulane, 37-9. Temple won, 49-10. I had Temple beating ECU, 24-10. Temple won, 24-14. I had Temple LOSING to Notre Dame, 21-17. Temple lost, 24-20. I had Temple beating UConn, 29-10. Temple won, 27-3. For all of the other games, nothing added up so I did not make any predictions.

For this all-important Houston game, I have crunched all the numbers, looked at things about objectively as I can, and have come away with one score and one score only and  I know it  is wrong.

Twenty-twenty, that’s right, 20-20.

I cannot get past that score.


OK, who is getting  tickets for $20?

Houston is a 7-point favorite and the teams have played six common foes. Temple has beaten those foes by exactly three more points than Houston has. Give Houston the three points for home field advantage that Vegas usually gives home teams and it is even Steven.

Unfortunately, as much as I’d like a Temple blowout, I think it enters overtime and it will probably come down to Mr. Dependable, sophomore Austin Jones, calmly lining up and hitting a field goal and giving Temple a 23-20 lead.

Will Tyler Matakevich and company hold?

I, quite frankly, do not know. I will say this:  How fitting would it be for a tipped ball to land in the hands of Matakevich in the end zone? Somebody’s got to tip the ball and I cannot for the life of me know who will.

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to me and you but I can’t make a prediction for this game in good faith. I don’t have the same strong feeling I had for ND, Tulane, ECU and UConn and I had a numb feeling for the other games.

So I guess we will all have to tune in and see if the final is 23-20 or 26-20. It should make for riveting television about 3:07 p.m. on Saturday. That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it.

Tomorrow: Throwback Thursday

Friday: The Tyler Sweepstakes

Saturday:  The Robby Anderson Effect


28 thoughts on “Twenty-Twenty Vision for the Houston Game

  1. Temple ticket office charged $45.00 per ticket….., we better not wear anything black on Saturday and throwback TEMPLE helmets would be fitting…, Houston will ring up more than 20, Snow has issues with quick dual threat QBs and Ward is the best dual threat in the conference.., can our offense keep up is the question…, Temple should have marketed TM for the Heisman all year, he would have played up to the hype, it is the weakest field in the last 10 years, great publicity for the school, he is more than deserving, and would have captured an invite to NYC…,

    • I agree. If we come out in black, I’ll scream. We’ve messed with Karma this year and Navy last year and came up 0-2. We tried to do it against UCF, but they were so bad we just barely survived.

  2. Well Mike, all I can say is UConn beat Houston recently. I hope that comparison holds up. Go Owls.

    • The UConn game was an outlier for them because they had an immobile qb subbing for Ward. We eat those guys alive. I still think the key is Temple going 5-2 and adding an extremely fast spy (ala Nate L. Smith) to counter Ward’s speed in the open field. I don’t think Finch is fast enough to be that spy. The 5-2 (Reddick or Nate D. lde, Hershey lt, Averee ng, Matt rt, Sharif or Praise rde) puts enough guys in Ward’s face so that he’s ducking and jiving back there and doesn’t have time to look for receivers. When he comes out of the last duck and jive, Nate L. is there to put him down and maybe step on his foot.

  3. Mike, do we have to win this game to win the Lambert Trophy?

  4. Here is a positive in a similar vein as the black giving out the bad karma. Temple has beaten every school with a cat mascot on the schedule this year a Nittnany Lion, Bearcat and Tiger, so Saturday will be time to add a Cougar pelt to that collection

  5. the cat is in the bag…,

    as of this morning, the Athletic Dept’s word to all the boosters “Rhule is staying this year”.., no promises on next year.., and still feel this all helps to explain the lackluster recruiting effort this year.., evidently Rhule feels he can win in 2016 without the help of an incoming freshman class.., we are getting set-up for an empty cupboard when he does leave

    • 100 top-notch recruits at the ND game and we didn’t sign a single one. I have a feeling had we beaten ND, we would have had a nice haul. Oh well.

    • BY this year do they me from now until after the bowl season or 2016? I think that the admin needs to now focus on the following:

      1. As soon as Temple has played in their bowl game have a best and final offer to present to Rhule. To me this is starting to sound like it’s only about the $$ to him and the “he will stick around” stuff was a brilliant smokescreen from “Rhuledazio”.

      2. Be in a position to bring in a new coach immediately if Rhule turns it down. I’m leaning on the side of a thread that is on Owlsdaily advocating this.

      I don’t follow the ranking but where does Rhules classes rank in relation the Addazzio, who supposedly left the cupboard bare, even though there are 5 offensive starters and 6 on defense that were Daz recruits. More of an apples to apples comparison than to AGs classes I think,

  6. Well Maryland has their coach in DJ Durkin so it looks like that is one more we can cross off the list.

    • One down, about a dozen to go. I don’t think he goes to Rutgers because that place is a dumpster fire and the administration is a joke. ‘cuse, too cold. virginia, I’m slightly worried about. others make no sense from a recruiting footprint.

      • i asked about the UVA job and was told it is not on the radar.., they truly believe he’ll stay through 2016… I’m more worried about 2017 and beyond, our recruiting pipeline is very, very thin.., lowest in the last five years IMHO

  7. The championship has been moved to ABC!

    • It’s been on ABC all week. Channel 6 has been heavily promoting it as the ABC noon game of the week since Sunday.

      • How did I miss that? Here I thought it was supposed to be on ESPN. I don’t watch broadcast TV so that probably has something to do with it.

      • yeah, jim gardner is all over it. I think the ratings will probably be the highest noon rating game of the year in the Philly area and the Houston area. Now that’s the 4th and 10th largest markets, respectively, and since the other aac teams are in large markets as well, this should blow away any P5 noon rating nationally.

  8. After reading all of the forum and blog posts,, etc is it safe to assume at this point we have nothing definitive from Matt Rhule himself that he will even be HC for the bowl game? All I get out of all the news this week is that he is either not a candidate anymore or not interested in Missouri. Aside from that a lot of none comment comments. I keep getting this vision of Rhule overseeing practice at EO along with him constantly checking his phone for messages from his agent

    • Me,too, JD. I hear all the noise from the EO (“we won’t let this be a distraction”) but if it means no 5-2 defense, no “spy” of Greg Ward, no trick plays,etc.,you’ll know we’re on auto pilot with the same game plan we had for immobile qbs like we had last week. .. and that will point to distractions like phone calls from agents. One team has no distractions and one team is saying they have no distractions. I’d rather be the team with no distractions.

      • the standard line of, “it is all about the players, it is not about me, so don’t focus on me” is disingenuous..,

        it’s about the team and TUFB of which he is the central figure.., i wish he would stop using “they” all the time and use “we” more often.., it is as if he is trying to distance himself from TUFB.., maybe his subconscious mind has kicked in

      • The worst part is I never understood the rabid support for his hire from a group of people who were adamant that Temple wouldn’t be in the coaching uncertainty we are apparently in today when he was successful. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too impressed his first year as I’m not one who felt Addazio left the cupboard as bare as some would like to believe. Also, his recruiting to me, and I don’t follow this like some, while it seemed good never seemed to live up to the hype this same group pitched. After last season, I came around, saw an improving and more stable program. Plus, no denying how good of a year this was and given the current insane state of affairs in FBS college football he probably warranted some kind of salary increase. What really gets me and this is only based on the information available to us, is that the University seemed to be acting in good faith over the summer with the contract extension and salary increase but there really isn’t the same level of reciprocity coming form the coach.

  9. That last sentence says it all. I like the use of the word reciprocity.

  10. My comments have not been posting. ???

  11. Everybody has been praising how well the Houston coach has handled the similar situation. Unless I missed something, he hasnt digned his new contract. Why not? If he is definitely staying, the contract would be signed, sealed, and delivered.

    I don’t mind how this situation has been handled. He listened to an offer from Missouri. Maybe he used the opportunity to see how an SEC program was being run. Maybe he was interested. It doesn’t matter. He didn’t get/take the job. This is the coaching landscape in 2015. Hell, even Nick Saban flirted with Texas and he has one of the best jobs in college football.

    This is Temple. No on campus stadium. No P-5 benefits. 1/3 of the salary he could be making. Houston had vision. They saw this situation coming and came up with a 3+ million offer minths ago. The crickets that are coming out of E-O are the same crickets coming from the AD right now as well. Maybe these guys have been secretly negotiating. I hope so, but if he leaves, he leaves. Just have to find the next siamond in the rough.

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