Finishing Near Bottom of Bowl Lotto


As someone who occasionally dabbles in the lottery, the selection of Temple vs. Toledo in the Boca Raton Bowl today reminded me very much of a Super 7 lotto ticket I purchased around 21 years ago.

The Super 7 no longer exists and I think I know why.

My selection of 1-3-6-13-19-20-21 was just one number off the jackpot of $2 million. If I had 26 instead of one of the above, I would have won $2 million.


The second-place prize was $90. No, that’s not a misprint. That’s the way the old Super 7 was set up. When I explained the situation to my father, who was living at the time, he simply said: “Shouldn’t the second-place prize be halfway between $90 and $2 million?”

No, dad, it’s a bleep-up game.

I thought about that bleeped-up game today when I heard the opponent for my beloved Temple Owls in the Boca Raton Bowl would be Toledo. My first thought that the bowl selection game is just as bleeped up when the second-place team in a good conference like the AAC gets short-shrifted in comparison to several teams it beat, some in its own conference.

No offense to Toledo, who I really believe is better than most of the Power 5 teams the Owls would have faced in the other bowls, but beating Toledo does absolutely nothing to advance the Temple brand. Before that Super 7 pick, I won at least $90 before in another lotto game (Cash 5), but I was in this thing for the big payout.

A 10-win Temple team should get a better payout than this, both literal and figurative.

Toledo? Been there, done that, too.

Beating Auburn, who the Owls could have faced in another bowl, would have. So would have beating Georgia, who is facing Penn State.

In fact, Penn State, Cincinnati and Memphis are getting to play in better bowls than the Owls are and that’s the reward the Owls get for beating all three.

Being in the Boca Raton Bowl is nice, but it’s a little like winning $90 when there was $2 million on the table. The payoff should have been much more.

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33 thoughts on “Finishing Near Bottom of Bowl Lotto

  1. we have an opportunity to finish 11-3, in the Top 25, plus Temple has more alums and can get better attendance at the Boca Raton Bowl than any other non-NY6 Bowl.., all of which is more important than playing a P5 opponent…, additionally our contract with The DoubleTree allows us to stay on a beach hotel giving the kids a huge reward, something we would not have had in other bowls.., the school got this one right..,

    From Philly Sports – “From the very beginning, [coach] Matt [Rhule], myself, and the folks here really did home in on Boca Raton,” Temple athletic director Patrick Kraft said Sunday in a conference call after the bowl bids were extended.
    The conference gives its teams some leeway in deciding bowl games and by finishing as a division champion, Temple told the AAC that its preference was Boca Raton.”

  2. My question is do you think that beating a 6-6 Virginia Tech team would had added much to the Temple brand? Auburn probably some due to name recognition. I’ll admit I was really disappointed when I heard it was the Boca Raton bowl but you know in 2009 I was ecstatic to go the Eagle Bank Bowl.

    This year the program made real inroads in building it’s brand, beating Penn State for the local credibility, showing we belonged on the field with ND, Gameday here, beating a ranked team for the second year in a row. We need to wrap things up with a win in Florida and for me the one thing I will take away from beating Toledo is that is will kind of be a final chapter of our MAC “experience”. Plus if playing in Boca helps land a couple of good Florida recruits all the better. Going into 2016, if we don’t win the championship at least the conference has 3 other bowls besides the Military Bowl with P5 opponents, need to make one of those our 2nd preference.

    Speaking of the Military Bowl I do think the AAC needs to rotate that one a bit to give Temple and Uconn and I suppose ECU fans a bowl they can drive to on occasion.

    • Playing Toledo and losing would be, to a lesser extent, playing Villanova and losing. It would be a huge pr hit and cause our old MAC mates to puff out their chests. We think we’re going to win, but Vegas has its doubts (Temple opened as a 1.5 dog). Think Temple would have opened as a 2-point favorite over Auburn and blown the doors off the Tigers. Win that game and it’s a glorious ending to a spectacular year. Lose that game, it’s wow, Temple played Auburn.

    • Recruiting is all about perception and playing Toledo doesn’t cut it even though Toledo is a very good team. Never heard a highly rated recruit say that he wants to go to Toledo. On top of that in the minds of the casual fan, a loss to Toledo will have a far greater effect on public perception than a win. That’s why it would have been far more beneficial for the Owls to play a top five conference school regardless of its record than it is to win. Losing to a 6-6 UCLA team brought the Owls far more attention than beating Toledo ever will. No recruit is going to change his mind if we beat Toledo. Beat Auburn though and it opens up a chance to do change some minds.

  3. I hear you kj, but what Mike says is also true. Why would Temple be satisfied with this setup and, themselves, lean toward this game? Personally I felt just the way Mike spelled it out – maybe worse, I was downright pissed. On the other hand, this gives Temple a chance to finally beat a very good MAC team, something they weren’t able to do when they were in the MAC. Also Toledo was a top 25 team during the season which takes some of the edge off what appears to be a lousy lineup. Temple better play well because Toledo is pretty darn good. A loss to them would hurt Temple more than anything. Go Owls.

  4. the bowl money is split within the conference (though I’ll bet houston gets to keep quite a bit of the ny6 money). The actual bowl game doesn’t make a difference. As for what someone else already said, I would rather play a quality G5 team that is still getting votes in the AP poll than a 6-6 garbage team from a P5 conference.

    In all reality any bowl game that isn’t a NY6 bowl is pretty much useless.

  5. Agree completely. Toledo is a top 25ish team and would beat many P5 schools. Will be a tough competitive game but a VA tech or Auburn creates more buzz. Let’s get #11.

  6. TU gets no respect. On top of that why did TU want that bowl so badly? PSU is getting two million and playing Georgia. We get Toledo for a game that does not burnish TU’s reputation and if they lose, you know that other schools will tell recruits that they can’t beat the third ranked MAC team, why would you want to go there. I would have rather played a 5-7 top five conference game than this one. As good as Toledo is, not enough people know that and a win only helps you if you are recruiting against the other MAC teams. Oh well. next year win the championship and they won’t have this problem.

    • Comparing our bowl game to PSU is just plain dumb. Their in a conference with better ties. That is complaining about the AAC not the ACC. Also bowl payouts are typically distributed among the conference, and not just to the bowl team.

    • Temple has invited a few local key recruits to the game, and getting the Temple entourage, players and families to Boca Raton is easier and less expensive.., MR really wanted this for recruiting and wanted a beach bowl atmosphere for the kids, our seniors deserve this memory…,

      how many MAC teams did we beat with a winning record when we were in the MAC? this is an opportunity to close that door…., don’t forget that some of the senior stars and starters we have now (RAnderson, ELofton, HWalton, TMayes, Nate D Smith) were on the 2011 team that lost to Toledo 13-36…., Toledo is a good football team and we’ll surely get beat if we underestimate them.., we need to focus on preparing to give them a real good beating and enjoy the sun/beach while we are at it.., we are going to Boca Raton!


  7. When the season started we were just hoping that the Owls made a bowl game!

    • day late and dollar short.., Temple wanted him to sign before the Houston game so the kids would play without distraction/hearts out…, his new agent is an a@*hole.., his agent had the contract on November 27th.., the contract does come with a pool of money to give raises to the assistant coaches at MR’s discretion…, let’s hope he takes the opportunity to off ramp the ones who are under performing

      • I think this line of thinking is just silly. Coaches have said “I’m not leaving, no way!” and then left 3 hours later. The players aren’t concerned with the coach’s business. The OC took too long to come up with some plays to settle 11 down on Saturday. By the time he did, the hole was too deep. That’s why they lost. Had nothing to do with Rhule’s contract.

      • Temple lost to Houston because they made two major turnovers early in the game which cost them and they could not recover from. Am I disappointed, yea of course but there is still a lot to play for to build the Temple brand. Win the bowl game and you finish the year in the top 25, have an 11 win season, game day visit and a signature win against PSU, topped off by playing for a conference championship all in one year. Quite a few firsts for this program. I had this team winning 8 maybe 9 games when I looked at the schedule, to get 10 or 11 is amazing. The key is building on the success of this year by improved recruiting, fan enthusiasm and getting 30k fans in the seats on average. The great thing about success is it makes you hunger for more which can lead to disappointment but it makes you want more. Temple Football has been like steering a battleship, it has taken a long time to get where we are. We have a good administration committed to football, a young eager coach and a growing fan base and who knows, maybe a new football stadium. The key is to build on what was accomplished. Congrats to the Owls for a great season, thanks for the ride! I think the team could win another 8 games next year.

    • Other than money and facilities, can anyone explain how this extension is different from the one he signed in the summer? Does it include a muzzle on “who knows what the future holds” and “I can’t make any promises I can’t keep” comments? Or will we have the same distraction(s) next season? I’d love for Temple to put in there a clause stating any public speculation of him interviewing elsewhere would be met with a stock response: “I’m not going to talk to anyone. I’m under contract to Temple an I’m going to honor that contract.”

      • Mike, clearly don’t read Owlscoop, according to all of the “insiders” over there, this was know last Tuesday so the distraction talk was “laughable” and to use their words, you don;t have any worries because “guy is a saint for not money grabbing like many others do”, allegedly he turned down $4M from Missouri.

        Now to reality and your point, it’s only about the money (he just did his money grabbing in a situation he felt comfortable in) and facilities and I guess 1 extra year, wasn’t the extension he signed in June through 2020? Basically I don’t see anything that would make him different than other coaches, he will be here as long as he feels this position fits what he wants to do. I don’t think we are ever going to be in a spot where the same kind of situation won’t occur after any future if the team keep playing the way it did this year. Just the way things are at the G5 level and to be honest don’t see any movement out of that environment for the foreseeable future.

  8. it’s a distraction because the media is asking p.j., friend, and tyler about it. even tyler said, “it’s just another thing we have to deal with and we have to block it out.” if you have to block it out, by very definition it’s a distraction. if you have nothing to block out, you’ve got no distractions. Houston had nothing to block out. We did. On top of being on the road, one more needless hurdle placed in front of Temple by its sainted head coach. And that’s not hate. That’s fact. Saying “it’s cop-killing season” like the idiot who wrote that on the wall in Chester is hate. Wishing your kids had the same number of distractions (zero) as the Houston kids is fair criticism.

  9. it was a distraction and i blame Rhule’s agent, Temple came out flat in the first quarter, and lost the game in the first quarter.., knowing what I know now he had plenty of time to put this thing to bed BEFORE the first practice last week…, the university jumped through hoops to bring a deal to the table before the Mizzou interview.., Rhule and his agent put the school on notice, he’s leaving well before the end of the contract he finally signed

    • KJ, this one will be interesting to watch. With OK making the playoff this season I think the B12 will settle down a little, plus OK and especially Texas really don’t any more “mouths” at the table to share the $$$ with until absutley necessary. Can’t see Tulsa to the B12 and if they do expand need to hope the ACC gets raided as that is one of the only ways I see Temple moving anywhere, otherwise we’re in the AAC for quite awhile. Need to really see ala carte cable pricing as that is one that that will cut ESPN and cables influence and pay out. Agree with your point about Rhule being gone before the extension he signed is up, but as of now just the way it’s going to be for the program. Admin needs to keep it an attractive stop for up and coming coaches

    • Can’t see the Big 12 accepting another Texas school though. Cincy has been the one in their rumors for a while.

    • The Big 12 is looking for some eastern teams to take the load off West Virginia to some extent. Even the owls have been mentioned according to the AD. If they do expand would expect that Cincy and Memphis would be ahead of the Owls.

  10. Another must-win game. Yes, why did Temple “choose” this game? As far as recruiting goes, how is playing a Toledo going to attract top recruits – why would they care about the prospect of playing in a bowl like this? Oh well….

    • playing a team receiving votes in the AP poll over a garbage 6-6 team from the P5 is way better.

    • Said the same thing above. Other than for hardcore football fans that know that Toledo is a very good team, the casual fan and most recruits won’t recognize the value of a win but will overemphasize a loss. Like I said, I never heard any high school kid say that he wants to go to Toledo.

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