A Final USA Today Look at Title Tilt

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10 thoughts on “A Final USA Today Look at Title Tilt

  1. Jim Donkey the new mayor chimes in for no apparent reason. He better get his rear to Lurie then and force him to give TU a long term reasonably priced lease or keep his mouth shut. Nothing happens in Philly unless the pig politicians and their crooked cronies get paid.

  2. Wake me up when they put the first shovel into the ground. What Rip Van Winkle had is going to seem like a power nap in comparison.

    • unreal…, we finally get a university president with the ability to convince and lead the BOT towards an on-campus stadium.., but wholly do-do batman, look at the mayor make a win(Lurie) – win(Kenney) – lose(Temple) deal with the Eagles…., why is it always so hard for Temple?

      • the history of Temple football and basketball is that incredible obstacles get placed in front of both. In football, we had the right coach (Arians) with sensational recruiting classes and the President has delusions of the Sugar Bowl and fires him. Then he hires Ron Dickerson thinking he will be the next Chaney and Dickerson could not coach his way out of a paper bag. Then we get kicked out of the big east and then jump through flaming hoops to get back (and its a Power 6 conference at the time), thinking we’re now big time in hoops and on gridiron and the be gets downscaled to a G5. Then we become the first 8-win team in creation to be denied a bowl; then we have a 10-win season, should be in a NY6 game, and are relegated to the 29th-best bowl (I don’ care what cbs sports says). In hoops, we’re on our way to a national championship and our star player gets put on the cover of SI and then proceeds to shoot 5 for 50 in the most important game of his career. Also, we recruit the top two big men in the country (Marvin Webster Jr. and Robert Liburd) and they drop dead of heart problems. Only at Temple. It’s a curse. We shall overcome. Some day.

  3. One more thing. The complaint about crowds is a red herring. The fact is that on every school day at least thirty thousand people, if not more. descend upon the campus with no discernible problems. If Penn were proposing a new stadium, it would be approved and built in record time. TU made a mistake 60 years ago when it didn’t move to Ambler.

    • King Solomon solution. Student tailgate (now in Lot K) gets moved to Liacouras Walk. Alumni tailgate gets placed in the McGonigle Hall Lot (for Owlclub members) and the other tailgate gets placed in the parking lot across the SAC at 13th and Montgomery. I’ve been at Temple every football Saturday (take the regional rail to Temple and then the BSS to the game) and these lots used by the students on Mondays through Fridays are empty on Saturdays. There’s plenty of parking at Temple. People who don’t contribute like Philly Brian can be placed in Lot 10 (the cherry and white tailgate lot). 🙂 Plenty of parking on campus.

    • i was at Ambler my first two years at Temple, plenty of room and land was much cheaper back then.., spoke to a BOT member in Houston, North Philly is playing hardball and they want us to build a huge adjacent parking garage.., agree w/Mike, plenty of parking already available on campus.., let’s hope the new mayor can force Lurie into a Pitt/Rooney type deal.., we still need to figure out how to fill the Linc for the next 3-5 years…,

  4. The media needs to get behind Temple on the stadium issue. Lurie is the biggest welfare queen in the state followed closely by the anonymous billionaires who own the Phillies.

    • Hopefully, the Steelers will release their terms with Pitt. They have been very hard to find and not enough media scrutiny on the issue before. I have heard the term “free” used in relation to that contract. If so, wow.

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