Watch Parties: Good and Bad


One of the many great watch parties in Manhattan.

While the latest figures from the Temple ticket people for Boca are around 3,000 sold through the school, sheer math shows there will be at least 100x as many Owl fans watching from far away either in the comfort of home or watch parties.

Since I’ve tried watching from home and the carpet became worn out from the pacing and the neighbors concerned about the yelling, I’ve found it a lot more enjoyable to watch with fellow Owl fans. That’s why the latest list of watch parties has me a little underwhelmed.


National viewership for the Houston game. Owls need a big  number  for Boca.

The main watch party in Philadelphia is at a place called Fox and Hound (15th and Spruce) and that’s where I watched the first half of the Temple vs. Houston game for the first AAC championship. I could not have gotten out of there fast enough.

The worst part of the experience is the ancient—and I do mean outdated—large screen TVs at the bar. There are about five of them, but the blurry quality of the picture is something out of the 1980s. That forces everyone away from the main bar and into the seating areas, where the HDTVs are great. The problem with that is Temple fans are split up into their own cliques and there is no interaction.

I hung in there until halftime, hailed a cab and got to Masters (Carlisle Street, Main Campus) just at the start of the second half. To me, that’s what a Temple watch party should be all about. Just like The Three Musketeers, there is an “all for one, one for all” atmosphere at that party. There are plenty of loud renditions of “T for Temple U” after scoring plays (thank you, Robby Anderson) and plenty of loud “Let’s Go Temple” cheers after every defensive stop.

If I had to script a Temple watch party, the two at Masters would be the ones I would recommend the most. I also understand there were great watch parties all season at Shorty’s Flatiron (66th and Madison, Manhattan) in NYC.

Last year, I attended a great one at The Field House in Center City for the Vandy game.  Those of us who stayed until the 11 p.m. kickoff had a great time. One large screen HDTV, which we were all forced to watch, brought us all together in a lot of “Let’s Go Temple” cheers and “T for Temple U” singing.

There will be watch parties in LA, Chicago, D.C. and NYC and I hope all of you there will have that kind of experience. To those who will be in Boca, we want to hear a few loud “Let’s Go Temple” cheers through the television feed. (Sadly, I heard none from Houston.)

In a perfect world, the Owls would be playing a P5  team as a just reward for a terrific season. These were the cards they were dealt, though, and they deserve a big crowd of Temple supporters in Boca. For  those who cannot make it, please consider supporting the Owls at a regional watch party.

If you’ve had a good (or bad) watch party experience, please list it in the comments below.


23 thoughts on “Watch Parties: Good and Bad

  1. everything is relative, Temple would be #13 out of 14 teams in the ACC this year in recruiting, and is being out-recruited by UAB so far…,we ARE going after four stars with no success this year.., check out the link below and look at all the players we offered, we are not having any success at the high end, so by default we are picking and choosing at the low end of the market.., that is not a process or strategy, that is called survival

  2. You must have missed Di Carlo’s post on Owlscoop, explaining everything:

    Quoting Coach Rhule:

    “Sometimes when you recruit four-star players, you get four-star problems. And sometimes when you recruit two- and three-star kids, you get award winners.”

    Di Carlo went on:

    “[Rhule] went on to say that the staff would by no means shy away from recruiting highly-ranked players, but it was his way of saying that they’re still trusting what they see and looking for the same qualities they always have.”

    So we should not worry that we are not getting 4* recruits. I guess we should not worry, for example, about our team speed and that some schools are getting players that are just a little faster than ours. And we clearly should not worry that we are not getting 4* recruits.

  3. I read that post as well as Kyle Gauss’s post about Temple moving up to the #3 recruiting class in the AAC. To be honest I don’t really know a whole lot about the various ratings sites, how they determine the ratings and that they seem to vary quite a bit between sites. All that really matters to me is performance on the field, so I agree who cares if Matekevich was only had a 2 star rating, he got the job done. To your point Phil, the one thing you can’t coach is speed and that generally is something that comes with a higher rated recruit, not always of course but I have to think that is one thing that can separate a 3/4 star WR from a 2 star.

    What I really find annoying in this whole discussion regarding recruiting is how Owlscoop (or as Mike calls it Pravda, which is hilarious) flips-flops constantly in order to maintain their over the top “protective” attitude towards Rhule. When people talked about “coaching up” lower rated recruits during hs first and second years, the response on that board from the cadre was that cliche….”it’s not about the Xs and Os it all about the Jimmys and the Joes”. Now when lack of highly rated recruits is brought up, in unison the same groupspipes up about developing these players with coaching and how you get award winners with the lower rated players. Don’t disagree with that but can top level performance be maintained year in and year out with that approach? I also don’t think that it demonstrates great recruiting is P5 schools are going after the same players if you never keep any of them.

    • the argument is always molded to fit their narrative. Zach Gelb’s big take out of the Houston game (which should have carried the day over at Owlscoop) was the atrocious clock management. Their game story glossed over the clock management to concentrate on the quotes “I’m proud of my kids” and “we’ve gone from D to A.” That general angle is for the Monday after the AAC season presser. The game story should be answering fans’ questions on what happened during the game that they cannot ask themselves. Inquiring minds needed to know what were the “excuses” for wasting 20 seconds a play in the fourth quarter. They would not find that info on Pravda, which protects MR like a Mother Cub her den. The rest of the Mothers over there watch what the Mother cub does and fall into line. Rarely, do you see a dissenting opinion (i.e. Give a Hoot) and, when you do, the other Mothers shout it down, no matter how sensible the point being made.

      • I read stuff over there but rarely post, I find this site, the Temple Fan Facebook page and the Owlsdaily sites have much more give and take discussion rather than the Stepford Wives approach at Owlscoop. As I said, I don’t follow or understand those ratings like some do but right now this year’s recruiting class doesn’t seem as strong as the previous 2 years and I’m interested as to why a 10-3 season, playing for a conference championship and being ranked in the top 25 doesn’t seem to provide much leverage!!

  4. Nothing beats going to the games. DC and Baltimore have had some good watch parties, but I am glued to the TV and focused on the game. One club in DC enforced a “no team apparel” policy at the door. I had to take off my Temple sweatshirt as if I was going to mix it up with a USF fan, who were not invited. Best way to watch: Live at the Linc.

  5. Owls just got a commitment from ot from Don Bosco Prep. It was predicted that the kid was going to VT or Duke. Looks like recruiting is picking up. Love kids from schools like this and St. Joe’s because the kids are smart and coached up. Those places are mini-colleges.

    • nice scoop John, yes let’s all hope the Owls step up their game in the 4th quarter of this recruiting season…, JD’s comment about speed is worth noting.., the perennial Top 20 teams are big, strong, and play fast with lightening ball speed.., having bigger, stronger, and faster athletes is always a plus, and is what really separates the 5 and 4 stars from the 2 and 3 stars

  6. Being ranked third in the AAC is nice but the reality is that Houston is recruiting and winning against P5 schools and will likely continue to maintain this gap until the P5 scoops them up. If this trend keeps up in a couple of years Houston will de facto be a P5 school playing in the AAC with the other programs, including the Owls, vying for second place.

    The Owls have had exactly one good season under MR so while I’d like to trust a process that produced an amazing year I’d like to see it repeated before deeming it a success. In the meantime I’d like to see us be able to out recruit the Rutgers and Marylands, or at least Toledos, of the world.

    • went to the AAC championship to root for the team, and see first-hand why/how Herman is doing wonders for Houston..,

      First, he has managed to get the city of Houston behind the team, no small feat being it is a pro town, with more Texas A&M fans than Philly has PSU fans..,

      Texas is prime real estate for recruiting, you trip over 4 fours stars on the way to a recruiting visit to a 5 star…,

      their equivalent of EO is awesome, they have a Houston Hall of Fame outdoor walk.., facilities are top notch, about three steps above Temple’s

      the football stadium is brand new, and the acoustics are unreal not to mention they put microphones in the end zones to amplify the sound…,

      Houston has a bowl game with FSU this year and opens the season next year against Oklahoma.., watch out for this program if Herman can pull off either upset..,

      no small wonder why Houston is the most likely new member of the Big 12 when you look at the map below

      • These are the same types of investments the Owls need to make if they want any shot at getting a P5 invitation. Building an on-campus stadium is a critical enabler as is scheduling a big-boy schedule and filling up the Linc until we have our own house. Additionally, the Owls need to continue to generate strong interest in the fourth biggest media market in the country. The buzz this year was palpable and hopefully another ten win season will continue to build local support…..however, playing Stoneybrook certainly won’t fill the Linc or drive up ratings.

    • Houston has 4 4-star recruits coming in next season which would equal the same amount that Temple currently has on its roster. not sure about this great Houston recruiting angle thats being sold on this site!

      • I haven’t looked at Houston’s roster but in addition to the 4 – 4 star recruits in their current class do they have any on the roster as well? Also what I look at in differences in recruiting between Temple and Houston right now is the offensive line. Houston had 3 freshman starting against us in the championship game. I believe of the 4 star recruits you mention on Temple’s roster at least 1 is on the offensive line and hasn’t even dressed for a lot of games this season. So it’s either a case of Houston recruiting better and/or coaching better

      • not an angle, it is an objective analysis of the facts. don’t take our word for it, just go to any of the recruiting sites and make a comparison and read their analysis

  7. good points. I see no evidence that we are closing the gap on Houston when they have a 5* and 4 4*s (see and started 3 freshmen against us in the title game who are on the offensive line and our 4* OL guy can’t even get on the field. Do we want to win a championship or be content with second? I want to win a championship. I refuse to accept that “because we’re Temple” we should lower our expectations. Winning a championship is what Matt Rhule says his goal is and I’m behind it. Still, saying it is one thing and being able to do it with 3 freshmen starting on the OL is another.

    • didn’t realize Houston had three freshman on the OL in the championship game, so you are telling me those three freshman handled our seniors, MI, HW? we have to put up with three more years of this? I hope Houston moves to the Big 12 tomorrow.., we are not closing the gap on Houston or USF…, we have 18 freshman red-shirts next year who have never played a down, and Houston has several who played and won a championship game and will gain huge experience against FSU in a NY6 bowl, there is no comparison

      • KJ, what we need to do is buy Herman a subscription to “OwlPravda” (Mike took some liberties embellishing your naming) we he can read such words of wisdom as “do you seriously thing freshman can make a major contribution”, ” freshman lineman would be boys competing against men” (paraphrasing from that site). That way Herman will be able to realize what he is doing wrong at Houston. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the sentiments said over there regarding freshman playing are necessarily wrong, it’s just that is is more of a case by case basis. So given that, I would expect to see Ruff, Robinson and McHale all pushing for starting slots on the O-Line next season. Of the 3 I’m concerned that Ruff the 4* appears to have seen the least playing time this year of all 3

    • The only reason Houston starts 3 freshman OL is because of injuries. They lost 6 OL to injury this year. That’s why they play the freshman. Out of desperation. The announcers clearly stated this during the telecast. However on Temple side they have no injuries and upperclassmen on the OL. Ruff has to wait his turn which is how good programs are built. Redshirt your freshman and let them develop.

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