Temple Could Prove Stability Matters Against Toledo


The FAU logo will be replaced by a Boca Raton Bowl logo, but they can keep the end zones the same.

There is still something for Temple to prove against Toledo in the Boca Raton Bowl on Tuesday night and chief among them could be stability matters in college football these days.


The Owls had to deal with rumors of their coach, Matt Rhule, leaving for the first two days of the week prior to the AAC championship game at Houston. There was one pretty good indication that it was a distraction because star linebacker Tyler Matakevich was interviewed during a Temple basketball game the Sunday before Houston and said it was just “another distraction we have to block out.” If it wasn’t a distraction, there would be no need to block anything out. While the Owls say they blocked it out, they certainly did not appear to be ready to handle a two-minute drill that they desperately needed to execute in the final seven minutes of the Houston game.  Maybe two-minute practice was scraped when Rhule had Missouri over for a chat that Sunday. Maybe not, but the Owls did not seem like a prepared team for long stretches of the Houston game.

The Owls should have no such distractions on Tuesday night, as Rhule got a new contract after the Houston game and is not talking to anyone for now and hopefully for a long, long time.


The Owls have landed.

From a talent standpoint, the teams are evenly matched.  There are other factors, though. Matt Campbell, Toledo’s former coach, took four assistants with him to Iowa State.  The new head coach (Jason Candle) was the offensive coordinator, and the defensive coordinator (Jon Heacock) is still with Toledo. The defensive line coach is staying for the bowl game, but already is said to be recruiting for Iowa State. Maybe they will scrap the two-minute defensive preparations in order to take phone calls from the Iowa State recruits. How they manage time in these difficult circumstances is an unknown.

Candle hired two new assistants in the time between the end of the season and graduate assistants are taking on additional game preparation duties.

In short, the Rockets might not look as sharp as they have in the regular season but the Owls cannot take anything for granted. Toledo scored 51 points on a team (UMass) that the Owls scored half that number against.  The Temple seniors deserve the reward of going out a winner, but there are probably an equal number of Rocket fans who believe the same thing about their kids. The quarterback, Phillip Ely, is not a two-way threat so that could be a tangible advantage for the Owls.

If Temple has an intangible in its favor, it is distractions or lack of them.


16 thoughts on “Temple Could Prove Stability Matters Against Toledo

  1. This is just a thought and maybe will sound silly to the readers here but here goes. Watching the end of the Houston game when Temple was dicking around with the clock situation led me to think that maybe, just maybe, Rhule didn’t want to take any chances that Houston could score again so he was essentially running the clock down on purpose – an 11 point loss looks better than an 18 point loss? So he didn’t want to use the 2-minute drill.
    I’m nervous about Toledo but I certainly think Temple can beat them especially if they don’t turn the ball over twice in the beginning of the game. It is good that their QB is not a 2-way guy. Hopefully Temple can get multiple sacks, ala, PSU as well as run the ball down their throat. Go Owls.

    • went to the game and a few things negatively affected the outcome.., first, PJ took all the plays from the sideline, and they were slow to call and relay to the field..; two, the place was unbelievably loud and PJ had trouble getting the play out to the offense on the line of scrimmage; three, the Houston defense made adjustments and PJ either didn’t recognize it, and/or was unable to change a bad play at the line of scrimmage

    • i highly doubt that KJ. TU has a triple threat on O (obviously), and a great D, (obviously). I never saw a team concede when they still have a chance to win.

  2. Geez, I hope not. It’s no guarantee that Temple will ever compete for a championship again, so,with a guy like Robby Anderson on your team, you throw caution to the wind and try to preserve as much time and score as many touchdowns as you can. Plus, our defense held that vaunted squad to just 7 second-half points. I think it was a matter of incompetence coaching wise, not kids’ wise. The kids should have never been told they had to look to the sidelines for a play. Have packages ready for these hurry-up situations.

  3. close fight upcoming.., wholly Toledo is a really good football team, they beat an Arkansas team that had wins over Tennessee, Auburn, Ole Miss, and LSU this year…., compared to Temple’s signature win this year against a PSU team whose best win was against a 6-6 Indiana team…, bottom line is Toledo’s win over Arkansas was more impressive than Temple’s win over PSU…., Toledo is playing in their 5th bowl game in the last 6 years…, Temple better come prepared to play, and now is the time to run part of the Arians offense

  4. Mike, this is an interesting concept. I didnt know Toledo was missing its coaching staff. Teams should be more aware of the effect it has when the head coach is not committed long term. There’s never a question at Villanova and PSU, and recruits know that. the coaching carousel has issues and TU can’t quantify it, but it’s there

  5. If TU hasn’t offered Waters from Imotep they should as soon as they can.

    • Watching the 3a championship. The Waters kid was the backup of a kid going to Arizona. Waters just scored his 44th td of the season.

      • One offer (Monmouth) and Villanova soon to follow. If I was Matt Rhule, I’d hop on Spirit Air from Boca now and try to get to Harrisburg by the end of the game. Hell, we’ve got the kid from Parkland (Kenny Y.) playing tomorrow.

  6. the kid we liked last year, Ben DiNucci, de-committed from Penn and signed with Pitt. He will be Pitt’s starting QB next year.

  7. understand now the QB Russo, despite re-committing to Rutgers as soon as Satterfield left, is now a target for LSU…, Toledo’s stock is rising despite the coaching changes, they are a veteran team will bowl experience


    this game should put a stamp on this season and preview the next season, we have talent and dept at every position but DT.., who will play behind FBL and AR next year? our DEs are way to light to pay DT. Not having replacements for MI and HW in the rotation will hurt.., and all the red-shirt freshman DTs are really light and w/o upper body strength..,

    even w/o RA, JC, EL, and KF coming back the 2016 offense will have more talent, experience, and depth than it has had in the last six years….,, they should finish at the top of the AAC and in the top half of the country.., the OC must step down if they don’t, I’m tired of these excuses.., heck call Arians and get his CLIFF notes

    • Dogbe is 6-3, 257; Julian Taylor (Abington) is 6-5, 270; Josiah Bronson is 6-5, 275; those are your backup tackle candidates. Nice to be able to debate between a 4-3, 5-2 and 3-4 but I think that’s the kind of depth we’re talking about.

    • Arians closed the deal by being in the kid’s house. Great that Anthony had a nice visit with coach Sat an got a smiling picture with him, but I wonder if the visit would have turned into a commit had the head coach been on the left and coach Sat on the right? Mr. Coyer told me Rhule and another TU assistant were sitting with Chris at the Vienna Inn, but when they needed to close the deal, Al Golden walked in the room. Brian Kulikowski told the story on here this week about how Arians was at his house and said that if he was in a bar fight Brian was the guy he wanted with him. That made Brian commit on the spot. I hope the Russo ship hasn’t sailed.

      • Russo may be young but he is far from stupid, would you commit to Temple knowing that guy was going to be your OC?

  8. One of Matt’s most endearing qualities is his loyalty. It is also a drawback in Sat’s case. Got to be a little cut-throat in this business. When a recruiter and OC like Mike Locksley (Maryland) comes free, you go get him and then reshuffle the staff to make Sat a wr coach again. Also, Todd McNair would be an upgrade and it looks like his success in suit against NCAA should make any prior Temple objections to him moot. That’s 2 better guys right there. I’m sure there are more who can beat those Tennessee-Chattanooga qualifications Sat has.

    • after watching Taggart and Franklin pull the trigger not sure the reason for the delay.. surely MR learned a lesson by watching Golden stick w/D’Onofrio.., this is not rocket science.., the kids on offense have the same physical ability and talent as the defense, why are the results so dis-similar? you can’t get water from a rock and this OC will not get any better…,

      you have to check and see what grid square you are standing on every now and then.., very simply, where does this offense stand in the AAC, and the nation? why do we have a top defense and a bottom offense? it is not the kids, they are extremely talented

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