What’s Next? A New Slogan


First of a great series of photos by Coach and Player Magazine’s Zamani Feelings. The Steve Harvey reaction Meme is mine. 🙂

Everyone will always talk about “The Call” in the 32-17 loss to Toledo, but there was also “the call” and that was a tipped interception that Tyler Matakevich appeared to control earlier in the game. You could see Tyler frantically waving his wrist for the Temple sideline to throw a challenge flag, but the challenge never came. I just watched the DVR, hit rewind three times and it showed Matakevich controlling the ball before it hit the ground.

Had those two plays gone the other way, who knows what would have happened? The Owls scored to make it 25-17, and Tyler Mayes recovered an onsides’ kick, but the Sun Belt officials blew that one and here is the visual evidence, courtesy of Coach and Player Magazine photographer Zamani Feelings, who looked like he was close enough to it to fall on the ball himself.



These two photos show Mayes on top of the ball and the ball on the ground and, at that point, the whistle should have blown and the ball should have been called dead.  Who knows what would have happened after that? Sure, the Owls played like crap for most of the game but it still would have been fun if Mayes was rewarded for his great play.  People say the Owls had trouble scoring, but maybe momentum would have allowed them to tie it at 25-25 in the last two minutes. People also say that since Kareem Hunt scored, he would have scored again. I don’t buy that either, because the Owls were going for the ball and not the tackle at that point.


We will never know.

What we do know is that the team will need a new slogan.  Leave No Doubt was a great slogan, but it was all because the 6-6 Owls were bowl eligible a year ago and the “leave no doubt” referred to getting a bowl bid, not winning one.

Matakevich himself suggested one in an emotional post-game interview where he said he mentioned to the juniors: “Don’t Let This Happen Again.” It might be tough to fit on a Tifo.


This year’s Tifo.

Until someone comes up with a more concise version, I like it because we play to win championships or at least hoist bowl trophies at Temple and, because of a 3-4 finish, neither one of those things happened.

So “don’t let this happen again” will stand until a better 2016 slogan comes along.


17 thoughts on “What’s Next? A New Slogan

  1. beyond the cliche.., “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”…., Toledo and the other losses this year were primarily because the other team was just bigger, stronger and faster than Temple…,

    The style of football Temple wants to play requires us to be those things, we don’t have an answer for teams who can “out-Temple” us..,

    There are some teams who can compete and win by out scheming their opponents, Temple is not one of those teams…, our brand of football took a beating the last half of the season as the team wore down due to the fatigue caused by our style of play…, change the brand of football or get bigger, stronger and faster kids on the roster…

    • I vote for the latter; that’s why I’m a little concerned about the recruiting. When other teams in the conference are recruiting 4* (and in one case 5*) big kids that other paid professional coaching staffs offered (which mean independent staffs unrelated to the other also feel that way), you’ve got a consensus that their bigger, faster kids are better than the “trust the film” 2*s only you and Old Dominion wanted.

  2. Vote for the latter as well since contrary to what the editor of Owlscoop thinks don’t think this staff’s strength is out scheming teams game in and game out. Snow seems to do it at times, like the PSU game but I think this conference is evolving to where you need to be bigger, stronger and faster. Especially with the way Temple changed the offense this year, which I liked away from that 5 WR spread. Worse than “trust the film 2*s ” approach, which I think does get you good players I’m more concerned with the top rated recruits that are brought into the program. Hate harping on the same players but a couple of those highly ranked O-lineman will be RS sophomores next season with 2 seasons worth of practice under their belt but I don’t get the impression they are even close to being ready to step up. Also any update on Webb the DT, if that guy is eligible have to think he, FBL and Robinson will be a real force in the middle of that front 7. Speaking of which really think we need to get DEs bigger than Nate D. (who played great so no knock on him at all) and Riddick. Any chance Riddick could move to LB?

  3. “Never Again”

  4. riddick is unbelievably fast and could move to LB. i like “never again” as the slogan. short, conveys the appropriate message, and can fit on a tifo. just don’t bring back “flip the switch.” 🙂

  5. I think that the ND game decimated this team physically. Thomas and other players were not the same down the stretch. If the coaches have any sense, they’d develop a scheme using a slot back, use Thomas there, and use him the way New England used Welker, Ammendola and their other slot backs. That way they can use Rykell and Gardner as well as Thomas in the offense and save Thomas the wear and tear he obviously suffered this season. Don’t have much faith in that occurring though given how they wasted Coyer and the current lack of imagination in their offensive schemes.

    • Of course, the MRAs will say Coyer stinks. I think the 2011 team with Coyer and BP beats this team. That team finished a lot stronger than 3-4.

      • I was thinking about that as well and agree regarding the 2011 team, think that defense would have an easier time stopping the 2015 offense then vice versa. Coyer in 2011 was the kind of QB that gave this defense trouble. It’s close but I’d a slight edge to 2011

  6. 7 – 0 before ND, and 3 – 4 post ND…, that one game made and broke our season…, it proved we were not quite ready for the spotlight…, and don’t forget this was Toledo’s fifth bowl appearance in the last six years, they knew exactly how to balance work and fun; Temple acted all week like they were just happy to be there.., it was big eyes, smiles and ice cream for five straight days…,

    the key question is how can we beat teams who can “out-Temple” us?

    we must get bigger, stronger and faster if we are going to stick with the pro set…, and realize we are marginalizing PJ’s talents by trying to make him a pocket passer, the throw PJ made for the two point play is the perfect illustration of his true skills and a reminder of how he played as a freshman..,

    I don’t think Satterfield is capable of out-thinking the opposing defenses or getting his offense prepared to play Saturday after Saturday..,

    MR is again blowing smoke with the recruiting class…, even the really deep teams like Alabama, OSU, etc always manage to find two or three freshman who become starters in the first year.., firm believer in recruiting kids who can play now, and then play better in their subsequent years (TM, PJ, etc)

    strong rumor Satterfied is being considered for the Tennessee Chattanooga HC job if the current guy moves on..:), let’s all hope for a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year for Temple Football

  7. It’s a shame that MR let the players “have fun” before the game. He should never have put that out there. There was a huge Temple audience at the stadium and on TV, and the Owls got their butt whipped. Many fans will second guess his judgment. Fred Shero secluded his team during the 1974 Stanley Cup Championships. “Win together today and we walk together forever” was his inspirational quote. Makes me wonder if doubling his salary was a smart move.

    • an objective analysis of the facts would do wonders for Temple Football going into the off season…, great first half of the season, less than average second half, why?

      is our brand of football maximizing the talent we have on the roster? what changes do we need to make? either change the style of play or recruit players who can build that brand and win

      years ago AG gave Rhule the experience of being the OC and QB coach even though he had zero qualifications at either positions.., but AG was taking care of him by building his resume, all at the expense of the team. The Temple offense was terrible when Rhule was the OC, saved only by BP and McManus.., I often wonder if Rhule is doing the same thing with Satterfield, padding his resume at the expense of team success?

    • One sliver of a positive MR comment was that “we’re going to examine everything we did while preparing down here” and I took that as maybe re-evaluating the weight placed on fun vs. game preparation. To me, if a lot less fun next bowl game leads to a win, it would be worth it. I once asked coach Hardin about “fun” and he said: “To me,the only fun is winning.” Maybe that should be Temple’s new slogan.

  8. winning is fun. maybe next bowl tell the team if we win, we’ll stay a few extra days for the bowling, snorkeling and beach volleyball. otherwise, we get right back on the plane. every trip should be a business trip and the business should be winning first, fun second.

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