G5 Teams Need Own Playoff System


If this had been a G5 playoff, maybe the emphasis would have been more on football and less on bowling alleys, boating and volleyball.

There is a pretty slick ad running on national TV regularly that mixes traditional New Year’s Eve music with the message that the four-team playoff is not to be missed.

The only thing missing from the promotion is a Group of Five team in the Final Four playoff and that’s why the Group of Five schools need their own. Sure, the BCS throws the G5 a bone and allows one of its teams into a New Year’s Six game, and this year that team is American Athletic Conference champion Houston, which will be playing Florida State in the Peach Bowl. Yet that bowl has no impact on the national championship and the AAC representative will be the only G5 team among the dozen in the featured bowls.


Would have been a nice G5 Final Four game.

The process by which the college football playoff committee is rigged so that a G5 team will never get into the championship picture, so the G5 participating in a process that gives them only a crumb slot in a non-championship game like the Peach Bowl should be unacceptable.

As it was, even if Houston went 13-0, it would not have made the final four teams because its most impressive out of conference victories were against middle-of-the-pack Power 5 schools like Vanderbilt (34-0) and Louisville (34-31).  Had Temple run  the table, it would have been a different story because the Owls had a team which made a NY6 bowl, Notre Dame, on the schedule. The same can be said for Memphis, which beat a Mississippi team (37-24) that handled Alabama. Those two G5 teams, though, ran out of gas late.

Still, to ask one group of schools to go unbeaten and still not guarantee a spot in playoffs is an unreasonable requirement when three of the four P5 teams in the playoff currently have one loss. That’s why the G5 needs to break off and hold its own championship and surely can get some of the middle bowls to sponsor their own final four.

The reward of claiming a G5 national championship trophy surely outweighs the risk of giving up the one NY6 crumb the group currently receives.


16 thoughts on “G5 Teams Need Own Playoff System

  1. the Group of 5 should consider succeeding from the NCAA, they are not getting much in return for membership and the tv money could support the move

    dreams come true and Satterfield could get the HC job at Tenn Tech.., bunch of better coordinators out there, or he could promote the QB coach

    • this is not dropping out of the ncaa at all; if the bcs is going to give the g5 only 1 ny6 game, the ny6 participant can either decline the ny6 game (if it’s not for the title) and elect to participate in the g5 final four. if it still wants to take the ny6 game (which I imagine would be the case most times), the g5 works with the lower tier bowls to create a similar system to the bcs where the lower tier bowls rotate the “national” championship. If you get an unbeaten g5 champ, there would be a lot of sympathy for the associated press to vote that team the overall national champion–just another way to stick it to the man, which I’m all for. it could be held the night before the bcs title game.

      • The only way a G5 playoff works is if the games are played on the campus of the higher seed. No way they could fill neutral site stadiums especially when you wouldn’t know the teams in the games until late in the process.

  2. Interesting idea and I seen a similar setup discussed elsewhere. The P5 would go for this I’m sure then they wouldn’t have to “waste” 1 of the NY6 bowls on a G5 school. Now the way you would see would there be a 3 tier system: P5, G5 and FCS at the D1 level? Also would scholarships stay at the same # for P5 and G5 schools or would you see it eventually as the G5 being a lower “cost” than the P5 but higher than FCS. Better chance of Temple getting and winning a playoff in this scenario. Unless the ACC gets raided over the next year or 2, Temple getting a P5 invite realistically is quite a few years down the road. Interesting question would be what has a better chance of happening P5 invite or on campus stadium?

  3. Mike, when I read your headline, before I even read the article, I thought “yes, 100% yes”. If any of the P5 schools enjoyed the historical success Temple did this year it would have been plastered from coast to coast. A new AAC had multiple teams finish in the top 25 and one (Houston) crushing it at the national level should be reason enough to get the media frenzy in full swing. Instead we are treated as second class group.

    I don’t picture the current system to be in place 10-20 years from now. Will G5 get it’s own or succeed the NCAA? Not sure, but I can say what we have now is rigged. Any school out of the final 4 knows it too.

    As the AAC and other G5 schools compete in the well commented arms race that is college football things will change. P5 has been top heavy for far too long.

  4. It would just marginalize the schools like the D-2 schools have been, But for a handful of D-2 schools, attendance is atrocious and there is a complete lack of respect. Frankly, if this occurs I can foresee the P-5 passing rules prohibiting its member schools from playing the G-5, which would sound a death knell for many of those schools including TU, If a G-5 school has the bona fides to be in the playoff, it will be difficult to exclude them. Moreover, the playoffs are going to be expanded to eight teams sooner than later. With eight teams, a G-5 school definitely will be included if it meets the criteria.

    • The question is whether the criteria for a G5 school is reasonable or designed to look inclusive and really make it next to impossible to qualify. Either way I think the goal of the P5 is to marginalize the G5 and with 9 game conference schedules it’s going to get tougher to get games with them. Temple needs to focus everything on the slim chance of getting into a P5 conference within the next 5 years

      • that is exactly why this season is so heart wrenching..,

        we have spent too much time patting ourselves on the back for a 10 win season and didn’t spend enough time and effort on seizing the moment….,

        we finished the season at 1-3 against the historical moments.., beat PSU, lost to ND, Houston and Toledo…,

        there is no guarantee Temple will be in the AAC championship game next year.., and losing to Toledo with a Lambert Trophy and Top 25 finish does not speak well for our program.., BLUF: we were not ready for prime time and underwhelmed our 15 minutes of fame..,

        truly upsetting because this team had the talent, i still say Hardin or Arians would have finished the season undefeated

        we are giving MR on the job training at the expense of the program, and he’ll leave when his kit bag is full

    • I should have said FCS or the old 1-aa schools and not D-2 schools. Still think taking your ball and going home would be a bad idea and result in disaster for those schools. who cut themselves off from at least being eligible for a top bowl game.

  5. Anyone interested in seeing what real college offenses look like need only have watched the two bowl games tonight. These games demonstrate how bad Satterfield is. Temple is running the winged T compared to what these teams run. Hell, all you need to do to see a real college offense is watch Toledo or any winning MAC team.

    • meant to say single wing not winged T

    • don’t say that on the Pravda website or you will be shouted down by the true believers. That is a really amusing place to visit. Everything “Matt” does is just fine, no matter how egregious. “That’s real fine that you done that 4-yard pass on 3d and 7, Matt, real fine you done that.” Reminds me of the Billy Mummy character in The Twilight Zone:

  6. Take this route, and watch the non-autonomy 5 become the new FCS.

    (Side note: I’m not one to use the Mothership’s “power” and “group” terminology, but happily embrace the very vocabulary that the Big Ten has used at its own meetings)


    The way to beat this is… well… TO BEAT them.

    Boise won their game last year.

    Houston, we have reason to hope will win this one (they’re up 7-0 as I write this).

    No shortcuts.

    Win, and win some more.

    That’s how appropriate respect is gained, and when TV negotiations come back up in 10 years, it’s how the NA5 schools will be able to claim for a better piece of the pie.

    Again. no shortcuts. Just win.

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