A Primer for Temple AD Pat Kraft

Only on Pravda would you read a serious comment about the Philadelphia Eagles being interested in St. Matt of State College.

I kid you not, that’s what I red on the Red (Cherry) Square website on Tuesday night.

Just in case I’m the one who is delusional and not the SMSC fans, we offer this primer to Temple athletic director Pat Kraft.  If, in the unlikely event Matt Rhule leaves to coach the Philadelphia Eagles, Temple would do very well to follow the guidelines that led to these great five hirings of 2015. The next Temple head coach should be a guy who has done it someplace else before multiple times in the same position. It would help if that place was a harder place to win than Temple, but Kraft should not consider another assistant coach who would be learning on the job.

Here are the top five college hires of 2015. These guys are gone, but the next Temple coach should be a guy like four of these guys (Toledo is the exception here):


Matt Campbell

  1. Matt Campbell, Iowa State

Campbell turned 36 on Nov. 29th, and his present on that day was a six-year contract as new head coach in Ames for $2 million-a-year. The investment will prove to be worthwhile, because Campbell crammed a lot of accomplishments into his short time as a head coach at Toledo.  He went 35-15 in four years, including wins over Iowa State and Arkansas this year.

Marmot Boca Raton Bowl - Temple v Toledo

Jason Candle

  1. Jason Candle, Toledo

Candle was the offensive coordinator under Matt Campbell before being promoted to head coach. Hiring from within proved to be a wise move because Candle led the Rockets to a 32-17 win over favored Temple in the Boca Raton Bowl. While Temple tried to balance fun and preparation, Toledo was focused on football and the businesslike approach paid off now and probably will in the future, too.


Dino  Babers

  1. Dino Babers, Syracuse

Some might make the comparison between Babers and former Kent State coach Darrell Hazell, who has flopped at Purdue, because Hazell went 11-1 at another MAC school, Kent State, before being hired. The comparison ends there because Hazell was a one-year wonder while Babers has won at two places as a head coach over four years, Eastern Illinois and Bowling Green, capturing first-place finishes in all four years.


Bronco Mendenhall

  1. Bronco Mendenhall, Virginia

As the head coach at Brigham Young, Mendenhall guided the Cougars to 11-straight bowl invitations—an amazing feat considering the school has played an independent schedule for the past five seasons. He was able to recruit enough talent to win 10 or more games in five seasons despite dealing with severe admission standards. That ability should serve him well with the Cavaliers.

Georgia State v Georgia Southern

Willie Fritz

  1. Willie Fritz, Tulane

Until recently, Fritz was the best head coach in America virtually no one knew about because he was toiling in relative obscurity at Georgia Southern. Pretty soon everyone will know Fritz because what he did there should be able to translate into success at Tulane. In two years at Georgia Southern, Fritz ran the ball 83 percent of the time out of a triple-option and finished 9-3 and 8-4.


24 thoughts on “A Primer for Temple AD Pat Kraft

  1. Do you really think some of those folks were serious???? I mean they are over zealous in the extreme in “protecting” Matt and any member of “the best coaching staff” in all of college football but the idea of Rhule moving up to the pros right now? If he had spent a couple of more years at the NFL level and had at least 1 AAC championship, then maybe you could make a case.

    • the NFL has two models in which they seldom deviate; hire a hot NFL coordinator, or hire an NFL head coach re-tread…, Kelly, Saban, Spurrier are examples of bad experiments.., pete carroll is an outlier

      • Vermeil, but he had coached with the Rams I believe, before he took the UCLA job, so he had some NFL experience prior.

  2. no such luck, the eagles only screw Temple; they would never do us a favor by hiring MR

    • There’s no way that Jeff Lurie hires Rhule after the disaster that was Chip Kelly. BUT, if they did, is there a way for Temple to take advantage of such a move??

      For instance, could Temple negotiate say free rent at the Linc for the next 10 years?

      • Lurie hates the Owls and even the Mayor that he doesn’t stoop so low to comment on it. He delegates that distasteful duty to Don Smolenski. I think Temple is now moving ahead to build the stadium. I just don’t think Temple knows it is going to run into a brick wall. At least Liacouras had the stones to threaten to move the entire campus to Ambler. I don’t think Theo has the same stones or stature to make a similar threat stick. I hope that they have a backup plan that doesn’t include Detroit, Chester, Camden or Newark.

    • do us a favor by hiring Rhule?? please explain?? Rule just led us to a 10-4 season and national recognition but now u want him gone?

  3. Mike, you forgot the most “frightening” and most plausible back up plan from the administration, Franklin Field. After a 10 win season I didn’t think I would be so concerned about the long term fate of the program. Not from an on the field performance or even recruiting stand point. Rather seems like Temple football could be heading towards a rock and a hard place in 3 years (if that is when this new Linc extension is up). Can’t see the on campus stadium getting started within the next 5 years unless the admin is able to bring substantial political clout to the table. I wonder if the current admin will be able to play hardball with the city, it’s a little different here than Indiana

    • that is frightening, but I would hope the admin realizes the aac would never go for it (impossible to schedule tv when Penn has Saturday control). Although, I was stunned to hear Theo bring up the words Franklin Field last year. I would hope Pat Kraft has a better handle on this than Theo, but it was obvious that Theo doesn’t have the same clarity on this I do and that’s scary because I’m just a scrub fan.

  4. Using Franklin Field would be like playing in the Roman Coliseum. It is a pit that is fifty years past its freshness date. No bathrooms, parking, or amenities. In any event, I am watching Memphis, another coachless team, taking care of business against Auburn. Frankly, I think that had the Owls played a P-5 team, the whole approach to the game would have been different-more serious and less emphasis on fun. Lurie will never hire Matt Rhule. Eagles have always considered anything associated with Temple as second rate. That goes back to Klecko’s (fifth round draft choice) and Bob Brewer’s days when the Eagles made it clear that they would never draft a Temple kid. I am aware that they did draft a d-back a couple of years ago from Temple but I think that’s because Reid’s son was given a scholarship he didn’t warrant based on his skills.

    • At this point I’ll give Rhule the “fun in the sun” bowl. Let’s hope next season the team treats their bowl game as all business and capitalize on this years experience. I don’t care if the team goes to Boise in December for the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl if the opponent is a P5 team. Would rather play some mid tier B10 or B12 team in the cold then have a couple of weeks of beach volleyball. This team needs to win 8+ games a season for the next 3 or 4 with at least a couple of bowl victories to be in a serious position for a P5 bid

    • That was so Daz sniffing Andy Reid’s jock to give a RB schollie to a kid who runs a 4.7 (that’s slower than all of temple’s current lbs) and who was never good enough to make higher than second team All-Central League. A worse choice than Vaughn Charlton, who was second team all-SCCL league. The guy who calls in track results to the Inky and is a high school football coach from down there told me both kids couldn’t play, not only at Temple’s level, but at any level. He was right and Temple was wrong in both cases.

  5. Auburn imposing its will now. Memphis can’t stop them or move the ball. Hope they come back.

  6. Theo is an educator.., Temple needs a power broker with political savvy and connections to break ground for an on-campus stadium.., this is a major disaster on the horizon.., consider this scenario.., Temple proceeds with the plans to build the stadium, commits huge $$$s thinking it has the clout despite the noise coming from No Philly…, they plan a ground breaking ceremony and hundreds of No Philly protesters crash the party and conduct an anti-stadium dance for the media…, the mayor immediately puts distance between the issue, the City Council rings the “I told you so button” and the plans die…, meanwhile back at the ranch, the eagles raise the rent and the Temple program sinks to a deep red color…,

    the AAC East really laid a bad bowl egg.., the folks on the Pravda site are intoxicated on their own bathwater

    • TU needs to get Comcast involved somehow. Naming rights would be something that Comcast could get behind and then use their formidable clout to get this thing built.

      • Comcast does have a member on the Board of Trustees.., the are taking a wait and see approach..,

      • Part of the problem in Philadelphia is outside of Comcast there are really not a large pool of potential corporate partners, for a city of its size woefully short of corporate HQs. For pro sports not as big deal hence Citizens Bank Park and even the Linc, even though I believe Lincoln Financial did establish a large corporate presence in the area

    • KJ their is a cadre over there where Rhule and the coaching staff can do know wrong and no criticism is tolerated. Ok so the offense scored the most points ever this year, still only 7th best in the conference, 9th in total offense. The Pravda gang with shift blame to the players or make comments like Satterfield is a 4 WR spread guy???? Ok we saw how well that worked. On the other hand I find it hilarious that a lot of the same group are also “worried” about next season which if Rhule is the recruiter they swear by you would in 3 years there would be enough to replace a good number of the seniors on defense

      • thanks JD, that is exactly my point.., more points than ever, a 10 win season compared to what, our past? expectations should be calibrated with the the team you put on the field, the teams you play, and the ability of your coaching staff…, the 2015 roster is filled with plenty of sunday players.., the fact of the matter is 10 wins was the floor, not the ceiling…, the assessment is based on this year, not against what you did last year.., this team had 12 win talent and we left trophies and hardware on the table

    • If they had hired Ed Rendell instead of Theo, the stadium might not be built, but the hole in the ground would be there and the cranes would be finishing the facade. This stadium will have to be built half underground anyway so that the entrance to the concourse has fans walking down to their seats and not up.

      • Yes. Now that Eddie has made a bit of money maybe its time to move Theo aside. An urban school needs urban clout.

    • I had this team 10-2 going in, losing to psu and nd. did not figure on the loss to usf and would have hoped we would have won the aac. anything that happened in the ny6 would have been gravy.

  7. Power 5 mumbo. You realize the AAC was 7-3 against the ACC this year? So who should really be at the kids table?

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