Owls’ New Year’s Resolution: Find a Game for Stony Brook


Hmm. … a home game against Stony Brook or an away game at Hawaii?


TU’s last trip to Hawaii.

On the day before New Year’s Eve, athletic directors all over the country are probably taking out the yellow legal pad and making some resolutions. One has to stick out like a sore thumb for Temple University athletic director Pat Kraft and that has to be getting Stony Brook off the 2016 football schedule.

There is no reason Temple should be playing Stony Brook in football, now or ever. It doesn’t make sense from a number of standpoints for the Owls and the first is that the American Athletic Conference, of which Temple is a member, strongly discourages its institutions from scheduling FCS teams. Stony Brook is not only a FCS team, but a bottom-feeding member of the Colonial Athletic Conference. Playing Stony Brook, almost a certain win for the Owls, brings down the entire league.  It has nothing to do with the Owls being “too good” or “looking down their noses” at the Seawolves or “dishonoring commitments” as it does with common sense. Delaware State didn’t expect it was going to get beat, 59-0, by a 6-6 Temple team, but that’s exactly what happened before about 60,000 empty seats. That’s exactly the TV look the conference will get for a Temple-SB game and it’s not a good look. Hula girls, a trip to Hawaii, maybe late night TV for the conference, that’s a better look.

The second reason is that Temple has seven home games and that’s one more than almost all of its fellow AAC teams.  Temple needs to trade that seventh home game for a sixth road game against a FBS school and, if Kraft has any skills as an AD, he will be able to devise a workable solution by helping Stony Brook find another opponent for Sept. 10.


Tennessee-Martin’s mascot.

One solution would be to get on the phone with Hawaii, which hosts Tennessee-Martin on the same date. If Kraft can convince the Rainbow Warriors to back out of their deal with that school, he can arrange a Stony Brook at Tennessee-Martin game. Kraft then calls back Hawaii and volunteers the Owls to fill the open Sept. 10 date. Tennessee-Martin has as much business playing Hawaii as Temple does Stony Brook, which is no business. Bringing Hooter out there would be a treat for the Hawaii kids, certainly more than bringing out Martin’s creepy-looking alien mascot.

There are plenty of reasons this makes sense and a lot of Temple-Hawaii connections. The new head football coach at Hawaii, Nick Rolovich, is a good friend of current Temple head coach Matt Rhule. Rolovich was offered and accepted the first Temple OC job under Rhule, only to back out of it a few days later to remain as Nevada’s OC. Herman Frazier, a former assistant AD at Temple, was the former AD at Hawaii. Keith Kirkwood, a Temple wide receiver coming off a redshirt year, was a former  starting wide receiver at Hawaii. Dr. Linc Gotshalk, who many consider Temple’s greatest strength coach ever (for Bruce Arians),  went to Hawaii where he now is on the faculty at the University of Hawaii (Hilo). It is also the site of Temple kicker Ron Fioravanti‘s greatest athletic achievement, a field goal to win at Hawaii in 1979, 34-31. Fioravanti is now a sheriff in New Castle, Del.


It doesn’t have to be Hawaii, but it should not be Stony Brook. For example, Rutgers is playing Howard that day and Duke has an open date. There are 125 other FBS teams. With a little creative thinking, something should be worked out.

That’s why athletic directors get paid the big money, to fix problems such as these, and that is the one task Kraft should put at the top of his New Year’s resolutions.


38 thoughts on “Owls’ New Year’s Resolution: Find a Game for Stony Brook

  1. Better, and a much more compelling game for both fan bases would be Temple vs Rutgers, who is scheduled, but likewise has no business playing Howard at home on that same day. All four schools are right here in the mid-Atlantic region so the logistics should be simple to rearrange. TU vs RU, and Stony vs Howard. Perfect solution.

    • While Rutgers would,be a good game it is important with them that we always have an equal number of home and away games scheduled. With them in the same recruiting area sends a bad message if we give them a road game with nothing in return.

      • I think they would go for it. For us, it’s a better option than drawing 10K for Stony Brook (yes, our fans are quite capable of such a performance) and gives us a chance to add 2 Big 10 scalps to our resume.

  2. I don’t know Mike, might only win 7 games in 2016 if we drop Stonybrook. At least if you go by some of the comments of the (I’ll use your new term here) SMSC acolytes over on Pravda. Thread over on Pravda regarding the 2016 schedule saying at a minimum 8 wins should be very doable and a comment from one of the editors cadre was “yes that’s doable but with great effort”!!!!!! Sorry even replacing Stonybrook with a Hawaii or similar level FBS team should still set the expectations for a minimum 8 win season. Anything less, then can we please stop all the “this program is moving in the right direction”. And while Kraft is at it, get Villanova off of future schedules.

    • should be able to beat stony brook 59-0. should be able to beat Hawaii 35-14 (21 under Rolovich). A win over Hawaii is a better day for college football, the aac and temple than a win over stony brook.

  3. Mike you didn’t give any reason as to why this would be good for the team and the league. The one paragraph that is about to touch on the reason only makes all of the connections TU has to Hawaii.

    I’ll make the comment I made over on FB. If TU went undefeated this year they still would not end up in the CFP. If houston went undefeated this year they would have ended up in the same place they are now. The fiesta bowl was the AAC championship prize. Every other team in the AAC except TU and Tulsa played a FCS school this year. It had zero impact on our SOS.

    • It would be good for the league to entirely faze out fcs games. aresco has said this is his stated goal going forward. the fact that aac has played fcs games in the past doesn’t mean they should continue to do so.

      • again what good does it do? you give no reason other than Aresco says to do it. Does Alabama stop playing Charleston Southern? It will have zero impact

      • would love for all aac teams to stop this practice. alabama can afford to play fcs; we need to play high profile teams (not necessarily Hawaii)

  4. Personally, the goal should be two P5 schools per season. That is the direction Houston is going in. The athletic director there has said in the future no more FCS games and 2 P5 schools. While it does not solve how to replace Stony Brook, Duke has an open date on 9/10. We have played them many times in Basketball. Would love to see them in Football. Hawaii with the long travel and being not a great group of 5 school, very little to gain with a win and everything to lose with a loss ( sound familiar?) that said, still an improvement over Stony Brook.

  5. While I agree that Stony Brook should be replaced with another team, Hawaii is not the team to do it with because of the long flight. The kids don’t need dead legs with PSU on the schedule the next week and given that PSU is up next, Stony Brook is a great tune up game.

    • Duke or Rutgers, either one. We don’t need seven home games, not in that stadium at least. Duke might not be a great tune-up, but Rutgers will and it will give me and P.J. a lot of satisfaction walking out of that stadium with a win given what happened last time.

  6. In principle I would like to see Temple eliminate FCS games going forward, especially if a Houston is going in that direction. As for Stonybrook given it’s before PSU seems like it could be a good tune up game. On the future I would rather see a lower level Sun Belt team than an FCS team on the schedule. With the P5 schools moving to a greater number of conference games (9) I think they are going to look for G5 teams to play who have a better schedule to help their SOS and I have to think playing all FBS teams would rate Temple better in that regard. The thing I find strangest about this while Stonybrook discussion is the number of people who keep bringing that Temple might need this game to become bowl eligible in 2016. Come on, if we need an FCS game to achieve that then we deserve to have “the same old Temple” attitude by the casual fan in the area. This program better be beyond that if it is truly moving forward

    • the thought “I would be happy with seven wins” is borderline insane. with p.j., jahad, most of the OL,(and Brendan McGowan to replace Kyle), the top receivers (except robby) back, three starting linebackers back (alwan, williams, marshall), 8 dl guys who played a lot back and a softer schedule AND YOU WOULD BE HAPPY to win 7 games? Huh? Pravda’s presses are running overtime. Of course, not referring to you, JD, you seem to have a handle on this kind of absurdity. I’m referring to the Lemmings (not Tom) who set the bar so low for St. Matt that the Vatican can confirm 2016 as his second miracle.

      • Seeing the same sentiment on th FB page as well. So I guess we’ll hear the same thing going into 2017 after PJ and Jahad graduate. I find it funny that the same people who get all over you when you are critical of the staff but then adopt this lucky to win 7 games attitude. So are they telling us they really don’t have faith in Rhule’s coaching and recruiting now that all the Daz recruited experience is graduating. Coming off of this season need to string a couple of 8+ win years together

  7. a nine win season is the absolute floor with 11 wins as the ceiling.., the offense can’t play any worse, they have almost everybody back, if they don’t crack the top 35 in total offense then we really need a new OC..,

    we have the personnel on defense for a superior 3-4 alignment, and there is depth at DB.., the kicking game will improve..,

    playing stony brook is a joke but would rather play them before the PSU game than flying out to Hawaii, or playing Duke…, Rutgers is probably a better option..,

    don’t be surprised if PSU started 0-3, Franklin gets fired and the new OC takes over as the interim HC.., why? because the unhappy valley will eat their hearts out losing to Pitt and Temple back to back followed by getting drilled by Michigan in the Big 10 opener

    • I’m probably not quite as optimistic as you KJ, looking more at 8 to 10 win range, but certainly not putting the ceiling at 7 which as far as I’m concerned would be a step backwards. Going into the 4th year of a program with at least 2 recruiting classes that had a lot of redshirts, I look at it being more of a reload for the defense than rebuilding it. Just don’t get on the one hand how great this staff is at recruiting and you don’t need 4 star players comments that get posted, then in the same breath well we’re not there yet with the depth. Ok when do “we get there” 5 years into Rhule’s tenure, 6 years. If it takes that long then I guess expectations are we settle in as a 6 to 7 win team who goes to Boca, Miami or the Bahamas every December to play a MAC, CUSA or Sun Belt team. Interesting comment that a UConn starter who is my neighbor and home after the St Pete bowl, “Temple seems to have gotten screwed only going to Boca Raton after a 10 win season”.

      • Temple picked Boca…., just beyond believe how good Herman is at Houston.., all sets up very nicely.., they’ll finish in the Top 10, open next season against Oklahoma, have a top rated recruiting class coming in, and they started more freshmen and red-shirt freshmen than any NY6 team…, they have a new stadium and real home field advantage…

        Herman out-coached the FSU sideline

  8. A QB less FSU team is getting destroyed. Hope it holds up.

  9. Feel so frustrated that TU didn’t beat Houston. The game was winnable and but for PJ’s inexplicable interception, Robbie’s fumble, and a ten minute drill TU might have won the game. TU defensed Houston better than FSU did and showed it could move the ball against FSU. Not saying TU would have beat FSU but with Golson gone, they would have had a great chance to do so. Also TU coaches and players more likely would have done their jobs instead of worrying about fun had they gone to the Peach Bowl. Hope the players and coaches watched the game and have the same bad taste in their mouths as I do. All I know is that Houston is going to be better next year and TU better be as well.

    • take a look at Houston’s depth chart and the recruits they have coming in.., these guys are going to be top shelf for another five years.., and their recruiting class may get better with this win

      • Yet there are fans and supposed Rhule supporters who don’t think 3 years is enough time to have built up the depth to reload the defense for 2016 and 7 wins will be a “tremendous” season. This roster has 2 years worth of redshirts yet can’t replace any of the starters on defense that were seniors this year. Who were all Daz recruits, the guy who left the cupboard bare, don’t get me wrong glad he is gone. I think some folks need to decide do they want a team aiming for the adult table or just win 6 / 7 games a year, go to Boca, Miami or St Pete for bowl games and a vacation. Seems there are a lot of fans content to stay at the kids table

      • after 2-10 they all said “they are not his guys” … “give him a chance to bring in his guys” …. “one year is not enough” and Tom Herman destroys that theory in one year without a single one of “his guys.” Now we have to hope we hit on all of our 2*s and he swings and misses on the only 5* a G5 conference ever recruited, plus the boatload of 4*s he has in the bag. … OR. …. outcoach him. Fat chance of that happening.

      • Mike, I’ve to the conclusion that the folks saying that over on Pravda are the biggest bunch of losers going. Someone posted almost the exact same thought over there and the lemmings came right out of the wood work about how you can’t possibly compare the Houston situation with what SMSC faced here in the miraculous coaching job he did here. Guess they are right and we should just give him another extension after a 7-5 season next year

  10. * moved the ball against Houston

  11. Army, Stonybrook, and Charlotte are virtually three FCS games. Season ticket prices will, thankfully, reflect the quality of the schedule.

  12. i see we r back to the “blame Rhule” theme on this site. even after a 10-4 season, he’s still the boogeyman on this site. doesn’t surprise me. i knew short of him going 16-0, he wouldn’t get any love on here. sometimes i have to remind myself about the delusion on this site. Kj stated that the Eagles hiring Rhule would be a favor for Temple. wow! after a 10 win season. delusional!

    props to Houston for the win today. i definitely believe Hermann has the program rising but I don’t see this huge gap between us and them as so many posters on here say it is. it’s like we r doomed behind Houston for the next decade or so. Rhule has recruited well and has the cupboard loaded (Ali, Randall, Patton, Bryant, Booth, Chappell, Ruff, A. Davis, the young RB’s) we also redshirted a bunch of guys who will contribute next season.

    and Mike as for some of our 2 stars that we have to hope turns out well, how about PJ Walker, Jahad Thomas, Robbie Anderson, Tavon Young, Dion Dawkins, Nate Smith, etc. its funny that Mike wrote an article about a week ago saying how ready we r too reload next year bcuz of good recruiting and now seems to be saying the exact opposite. someone needs to pick a viewpoint.

    i look at 2015 as promising but a “what might have been” season. Temple accomplish a lot this season but fell short of their goals. i’m eager for next season and the continued development. and Rhule never said he doesn’t need 4 star recruits (we currently have 5 on the roster). he simply stated that highly rated recruits sometimes comes with highly rated “egos”. gotta love a coach for being honest.

    not sure what this Pravda site is but it seems that their should be a balance between the 2 sites. and i agree that Stony Brook should not b on the schedule. i actually thought that was a misprint when i first read it.

    • nobody’s blaming rhule, but it’s extremely frustrating that Herman can do all of this in his first year and stay ahead of us in recruiting and, apparently, on the field as the announcers said much of the Houston team returns. there seems to be this theme over on Pravda that “I’m happy as long as we can win 7 games because we’re Temple and we should suck” and forget that you are in this to win championships, the same championships rhule promised when he got here (sorry, aac east is not a championship). How are we supposed to get a championship when this team apparently has a) better head coach (see atrocious hurry-up drill in title game); b) better current players; c) better future players????????
      I thought the greatness of rhule the recruiter would be bringing us better, not worse, players. that’s the frustration.

      • Agree with the point that it isn’t a case of blaming Rhule. What i’ve been finding ridiculous is the changing position on the “over the top” Rhule fanatics over on Pravda. When it was posted that Herman and Houston shot holes in a couple of myths constantly parroted in defense of Rhule’s first season and to an extent his second, suddenly now it’s Houston is a very different program, have the huge tradition of winning, bowl games, etc. They of course forget to mention all that recruiting and winning in the past was in CUSA. The other that gets me is how quite a few posters both on Pravda and FB are 7 wins next season would be a tremendous success because the defense needs to be totally rebuilt. So theotherjd, probably more people here would agree with what you than on a couple of other sites. I agree with your second and third paragraphs especially. For me it a case of Rhule has done a good job recruiting and redshirting since he has been HC that the defense can reload at most positions and the teams record in 2016 had every possibility to be as good or better than 2015. For those saying that’s not the case, well those are the people really implying Rhule hasn’t done a good job. I honestly feel that we have a chance to host the AAC championship at the Linc in 2016

  13. 7 wins should be considered a bare minimum and that’s just to assure a bowl game invitation. Accepting that for Temple, this year was special (albeit, could have been better!), 10 wins exceptional and can’t expect that regularly, 8+ wins and the expected bowl games can be considered to be “moving forward.” As a long-time Temple sufferer, I’d be pretty happy with that. This past 8 seasons or so have been the best stretch in Temple football history even with the couple of down seasons thrown in. As far as scheduling FCS schools, it just makes sense that only playing FBS schools is better (hell, there’s plenty of them that are gimmes too), so why play FCS – except maybe Nova once in a while – its a nice city rivalry. Nobody would blame Temple for that, I guess. But it is better for Temple and the AAC to do just FBS – again it just makes sense. And hey, Temple did better against Houston than FSU (although I realize those kind of comparisons often don’t mean much). But that game sure looks good for the AAC. Also, considering Rhule’s new contract, shouldn’t we expect 8+ wins looking forward? And what is this Pravda thing (Other than being a website)?

    • Jon, agree with the 8+ win expectations, should be the norm going forward for most years. Mike could better explain that then I but it’s his accurate moniker for the Owlscoop site and it’s editor and his minions who accept no criticism of this coaching staff and generally attack anyone who posts any comment that put all of the blame for poor performance on the players and fully absolves Rhule. I think KJ who posts here had faced their wrath

    • Dont kid yourself with little cupcake Stony brook getting blown out by 59 points. Grant it, We might lose but it wont by a blowout and expect Stony brook to put some points on the board.

  14. Another “just makes sense” thing is that if a coach gets a big boost in salary it shouldn’t be just for a past performance (ie, having a great season) but also for expecting big returns in the future. As I said I don’t expect 10 wins every year but 8+ with some bowl wins on a regular basis (and 10-11 wins occassionally) is what Temple and it’s fans should get for Rhule’s big contract. Bigger salary = bigger expectations = bigger praise/criticism based on results. That’s just common sense! This year was great for Temple BUT it ended on kind of a sour note too, so it was a split decision for anyone who does any kind of honest analysis.

  15. yes, a 3-4 finish was unacceptable. I expected 10-2; I did not expect 10-4.

  16. Can’t wait for Temple and Stony Brook to battle. This is going to be fun. I’ll be in attendance!

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