5 Possible Names to Take Temple OC Job


Without a doubt, Mike Locksley  is the best candidate available for Temple.

The top talk in Philadelphia football this week will center on potential coaching hires, but chances are Temple fans are not as interested in who succeeds Chip Kelly as much as who will succeed Marcus Satterfield. Satterfield, who took the Tennessee Tech head coaching job on Sunday, was a three and four wide receiver guy who was running an offense ill-suited to Temple’s defense-first, run-the-ball, style of play. Fortunately, head coach Matt Rhule put his foot down prior to this season and told Satterfield that he wanted to run the ball. That is the very definition of Temple football and head coach Matt Rhule is most comfortable with that style and now has an opportunity to find guys who are better-suited to that system. Here are five possible candidates:

Adam DiMichele

Adam DiMichele is a fan favorite.

  1. Adam DiMichele

Currently Temple’s director of player development, DiMichele—one of Temple’s greatest quarterbacks of all time—was wide receivers’ coach in 2014.  DiMichele spent the 2013 season at TU as a graduate assistant coach, working with the offense. DiMichele was part of some of the most imaginative plays in TU history, including the fake kneel down in the final seconds before halftime that found Bruce Francis open for 55-yard touchdown at Navy in 2008.


  1. Mike Gibson

Probably the best pure name  🙂 among the five, Gibson—a former Temple offensive coordinator (and no relation)—currently is the head coach at the University of Regina (Canada). He was offensive coordinator at Rice, Temple and Rutgers before embarking on career in Canada in 2001. An offensive coordinator in the states makes more than twice as much as a head college coach in Canada, so the former Western Maryland center could probably be enticed back to his native land. Since the name already was mentioned on Pravda as a candidate, we figured we research his credentials.


Todd has a NC and Temple ties.

  1. Todd McNair

On Dec. 7, a ruling by a three-justice panel in the 2nd District Court of Appeal affirmed that McNair “has demonstrated a probability of prevailing on the merits of his defamation case (against the NCAA),” Justice Richard D. Aldrich wrote in the 30-page opinion and that probably clears the way for the former national championship assistant to be hired by Temple or any other school. The former Owl would be a great recruiter and coach here.


Probably the least “sexy” choice (see Lockley’s wife), that’s why he probably will get a bigger office.

  1. Glenn Thomas

Rhule has shown a propensity to promote from within, so that probably makes him the leading candidate. His credentials, though, other than being Atlanta Falcons’ QB coach, don’t seem nearly as impressive as the other candidates. From 2001-07, Thomas spent his coaching tenure at Midwestern State. Four of those years were as a grad assistant coaching wide receivers (2001-04). From 2005-2007, he was the OC there.


Mike Locksley: Could be recruiting coordinator or OC.

  1. Mike Locksley

Four days ago, it was reported that Locksley, this year’s interim head coach at Maryland, would not likely be retained on D.J. Durkin’s new staff, making him a free agent. During Maryland’s debut campaign in the Big Ten in 2014, Locksley coordinated the highest scoring offense for the program in four seasons. The Terps averaged 28.5 points, which is the most since the team averaged 32.2 points per game in 2010. Locksley is also known for strong recruiting skills. He was listed as a top-25 recruiter in the nation three different times (2003, 2005, 2006) and was a finalist for 2007 recruiter of the year by Rivals.com. He also engineered top-10 recruiting classes during each of his two seasons (2003-04) as running backs coach and recruiting coordinator at the University of Florida. This is just the guy Temple needs to overtake Houston recruiting next year in the AAC.


34 thoughts on “5 Possible Names to Take Temple OC Job

  1. I’ll start by congratulating coach Satterfield on the new gig ad thanking him for his efforts. I’ll also congratulate Temple on getting rid of a guy MR likely wouldn’t have the stones to fire left to his own volition.

    It’s pretty clear the Owls need someone on the offensive side of the ball who can take ownership of things the way Snow has on the defensive side of things. MS clearly wasn’t that guy. We need a OC who can create schemes and develop talent in away that best supports Temple’s style and makeup. Being able to recruit would be a huge bonus so we can get out of the ‘trust our system’ approach that leaves our ** guys chasing the P5 and Houston **** guys down the field.

    I’m not going to pretend I know who the best candidate is for the role and guess I’ll just need to ‘trust the system’ in this case. I am glad step one has taken care of itself and we can now upgrade that role. Go Owls!

    • trust “The Process” and stop thinking like everyone else? See MR’s Tweet last month

      Matt Rhule ‏@CoachMattRhule 11 Dec 2015

      How many stars did @mowilkerson and @BPierce_30 & @44_Matakevich have? We don’t think like everybody else. Has it worked out? #TheProcess

      • we won 10 games this season. i would say it has worked out so far.

      • the last 2 left a very bad taste. I could take the Houston loss had we been able to run some semblance of an efficient hurry-up offense in the last quarter; no way Temple should be losing to a MAC team that lost its head coach and four assistants. That should have been a business trip.

    • that “trust our system (eyes & ears) brought us Matakevich, Tavon Young, Robbie Anderson, Nate Smith, PJ Walker, jahad Thomas, Dion Dawkins, Kyle Friend, Matt Ioannadis. all 2 star recruits.

      • We’ve had one good year in the past three seasons. Before you go declaring matt rhule’s process the Moneyball of north broad street it might be nice to see a bit more consistency. BTW most of those guys you reference were recruited under Adazzio’s ‘process’.

  2. Go with Locksley if he’s interested. Recruiting is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Just happy Satterfield is gone. One New Year’s wish fulfilled.

    • This guy could be OC and recruiter in charge of DMV (d.c., maryland, virginia) and away we go. Or we could slot Thomas in oc and make Locksley recruiting coordinator. Since assistant coach contracts are not usually guaranteed like HC are, he’s probably out of a job and looking. Let’s grab him before anyone else does. He’s relatively close by.

  3. Today is Black Monday. Let’s see who might be available during the firesale.

    • Think MR has to go with Thomas or otherwise admit to a bad hire. Why would you hire a QB coach if you thought he did not have the potential to be an OC? How can you keep Thomas on the staff if you believe he does not possess the ability to run your offense?

      MR had to know Sat would be an eventual candidate for the Tenn Tech job before he hired Thomas..,

      • agreed. sometimes you’ve got to admit “the process” needs to be tweaked from time to time, because whatever the process Temple had for a hurry-up offense at Houston was …. that was an unmitigated disaster. They looked like they didn’t even practice a two-minute drill and they needed to take the final 7:18 of that game using it.

      • Is it possible that Rhule discussed his plans with Sat and this the best possible solution for both.

      • anything’s possible, but this looks more amicable than that. you could see sat slipping back into his 3-4 wr comfort zone in the last 3 games of the season. he wants to do that; he can do it in Tennessee. He’s also a Tenn. guy. Don’t see him as a 10th and Diamond guy. As far as Black Monday, don’t see NFL guys dropping to G5 teams. P5, maybe. G5, no.

  4. also, I think Rhule will probably promote Thomas and bring in one of his friends. Just once I’d like to see him bring in a guy with credentials from another big-time school (both as a recruiter and coordinator) who isn’t a friend for a fresh perspective. Golden did it with George DeLeon from ‘cuse and it benefited the Temple organization.

  5. Well Mike, isn’t Matt “the nicest coach you’ve ever known at Temple”? And nice guys help their friends out, so…. Whatever. I wonder what schools look for when hiring HCs. I mean did Satterfield really have the qualifications to be a HC? Maybe his background in TN helped in this case and TN Tech is just an FCS level school. But only one decent season as OC and away we go? This will only be good if Rhule brings on a really good candidate since he already did change things by putting his foot down this season, as you said. Unless Thomas has some surprises up his sleeve he may not be any better than Satterfield. But whatever happens, if this leads to the Owls getting the O more consistent and coaching PJ up and improve recruiting, things could be looking really good.

    • I already see Pravda has been given orders to squelch the Locksley thing, probably direct from Chairman Mao, err, Matt. Their point is that Mike made 852K last year (they didn’t mention he’s making 0K now) and that Temple can’t come close to matching that, saying Sat’s salary was around 240K (they also didn’t mention that of the the concessions in the Rhule contract extension included a considerable raise in coordinators’ salaries. Snow is making north of 400K now and probably the next OC will be making the same. So 400K is 400 more than zero and Locksley deserves to be at least asked.

  6. Mike, I lived in New Mexico during Locksley’s tenure as the Lobo’s HC. It was horrible. I cant keep the product on the field, lack of adult leadership, his suspension and questionable recruiting activities out of my mind. From my observations on how the Temple Program is run today we should not have someone like that around our young men. I am sure others will disagree and think a second chance is OK. I just want everyone to know what happen.

    • I know he had trouble at NM but he seems to have been above reproach in his 10-year stint at Maryland. Everybody deserves a second chance. If Bernard Pierce didn’t get a second chance, he would not have scored 25 touchdowns with 1,700-plus yards for the 2010 Owls.

      • Locksley was a grown man and the head coach. Pierce was a teenager. I would prefer, if it is at all possible, to hire from within.

      • sometimes even grown men make mistakes and reform. everything I’ve heard about him recently is that he’s a good family man.

  7. I see Pravda’s got their panties up in a bunch over my comments. I stand by them. He’s making zero now so mentioning that his making 852K last year has an impediment to taking a possible job at Temple is ridiculous. Do appreciate Pravda monitoring the blog, though, and that’s where I will keep my comments. You keep your comments on Pravda. I will keep mine here.

    • Pravda tried to censor me.., the anonymity of the internet facilitates bully behavior.., so many people are taking on the persona of “The Donald”..,

      • I see you were fighting the good fight over there. I made it a NY resolution to be on a “read-only” basis over there. I have to shake my head (east-west, not north-south) at a website that purports to cover Temple football yet never once ask the tough questions of Chairman Matt that needed to be asked about the disgrace that was the last 12 minutes of offensive football at Houston. At least Zach Gelb asked those questions. Have we ever received an answer (excuse)? Will we ever receive one?

      • KJ u should actually censor yourself. just saying.

  8. Why even acknowledge those fools. Persons who believes that any criticism is wrong even when it’s earned deserve no response. That’s especially the case when it’s respectful, cogent, and objective. Again those fools were wrong and we were right about the offense and it’s clear that the team adapted many of the facets of the offense we all suggested.
    The hiring of a competent OC is one of the most critical decisions Rhule has had to make. The decision to change the offense was a major decision and he passed it with flying colors after the 2014 season with one caveat: he let Satterfield revert to a cautious and predictable offense, which is what we saw by the end of the year. If Rhule truly has the ability to assess his and the team’s weaknesses and correct them, which I think he does, he’ll now make the changes necessary to take the team to the next level and hire someone who has an ability to use all of the team’s many weapons in multiple sets and schemes. Penn State is again vulnerable but only if the Owls are innovative on offense.

  9. and the infusion of a gregarious, effective and successful recruiter who is respected in urban communities would not hurt.

  10. watching my second high school national all-star game of the extended weekend and no mention of a Temple kid. Last year, we had Kareem Ali Jr. You would think being in the top 25 most of the year, being on College Football Game Day, and having the Pied Piper of recruiting head coaches, we’d be able to get one kid in one of these games.

      • Ed Foley as recruiting coordinator=great guy who probably doesn’t open a whole lot of doors in the hood; Mike Locksley as recruiting coordinator=instantly recognizable guy who all the coaches in the hood drive to homes of top recruits.

    • When TU had the recruiter from western PA, it seemed like they were getting the more athletic kids. Need one of the same ilk now.

      • Terry Smith got us Delvon Randall and Anthony Davis (among others)and I think both of those kids will be stars for Temple. When he left to go to Penn State, the pipeline dried up. Fran Brown is a similar treasure in Jersey. Can’t afford to have him leave. Mike Locksley would be the same kind of guy in the DMV.

  11. First, I’ll say don’t know much about any of the folks mentioned other than what I’ve been reading since the buzz started about Satterfield and TTU. Thomas would seem the logical choice if promoting from within but home much experience does he have as an OC. I would like to see Rhule go after more of a “big time” hire if possible. What I find funny with Pravda is how the talk about Locksley is great recruiter but not so much an x and o guy. Wasn’t it 2 years ago that we needed better X’s and O’s from the Temple staff and every comment from that site regarding coaches was recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. In fact more than one member of the palace guard would through out that “it’s not the X’s and O’s but the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s” Now all of a sudden that are concerned with coaching ability. I know most of them just parrot what the editor-in-chief tells them so not surprised

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