Temple Should Look to Wood for Package Deal

Short highlight of Sebastian Silva above. 

One way to jump-start the final days after the so-called dead period is the tried and true recruiting practice called “package deals.”

Many people thought that Jahad Thomas and P.J. Walker were part of a package deal that Temple had with the Elizabeth High pair. The popular thinking was that Walker, New Jersey’s Player of the Year, was “’enticed” to come to Temple when the Owls went after his friend, the less-recruited Thomas. That could not have been farther from the case. The actual story was that the Owls had Walker wrapped up, and it was Walker who strongly suggested the Owls take a look at Thomas.


Sebastian Silva: Perfect technique

The Owls liked the film and, now, both Thomas and Walker have to at least be considered candidates for the AAC Football Player of the Year in 2016. I can’t tell you right now who is better. It’s that close between these two very good friends.

Sometimes things work out that way, package deals or not. The second guy recruited out of the same school often turns out to be better than the first guy and vice versa.

Archbishop Wood has also turned out to be a gold mine for the Owls, as next year’s projected starters at two positions are from that school. Colin Thompson figures to have the inside track on tight end,  while Nate L. Smith could be the starting free safety.


That’s why it probably would not hurt Temple to take a long look at Tyler Matakevich 2.0 in Archbishop Wood linebacker Sebastian Silva (No. 43 in the above video). Sebastian is 5-11 (two inches shorter than Tyler), weighs 215 pounds and his 4.56 40 is almost 1.5 seconds faster than Tyler’s.

“I really like
this Silva kid.
He could be another
Tyler Matakevich.”
_ Steve Conjar

“His No. 1 school
choice is Temple.”
_ Frank Pacifico

“I really like this Silva kid,” former Temple tackling leader Steve Conjar said. “He could be another Tyler Matakevich.” Conjar has an acumen for picking out great linebackers. On the day a freshman Matakevich made a tackle for a 3-yard loss that saved a win over South Florida, Conjar said: “You watch. This kid will break all of my records.” That was 492 tackles ago.

Former Temple quarterback Frank Pacifico added this:  “He’s aggressive, fearless, athletic, has incredible mental toughness, is intelligent and above all, a real class kid. His number 1 school choice is Temple.”

On top of that, the Owls have been twisting Wood quarterback Anthony Russo’s arm to de-commit from the dumpster fire that is Rutgers’ football but, for some unknown reason—maybe misplaced loyalty—Russo has been reluctant to do so.

The closest Russo came to a Temple flip was when Marcus Satterfield came to visit.


Now Satterfield is gone, so Temple needs an inside guy to prod Russo to make the right decision to play in the same stadium the Eagles play in and for a winning team, not a losing one. Temple needs Anthony Russo more than Rutgers does. Anthony Russo needs Temple more than he does Rutgers.  It is, quite simply, a better fit . All of the family, friends and fans of Archbishop Wood will have an easier time getting to the Linc than Piscataway to watch Russo. Plus, he would be playing in a  town where he will most likely make his living in the business world. That could be legendary and would certainly beat setting up a shingle in the toxic waste dump that is Northern New Jersey.

Silva could make that case to Russo from the inside of the walls on Old York Road and, in the process, become for Temple’s future what Walker and Thomas are for Temple now.

Maybe in five years, we won’t know who is better: Russo or Silva, Silva or Russo. If it’s the kind of debate that exists now with Jahad and P.J., it would be a nice problem to have.


15 thoughts on “Temple Should Look to Wood for Package Deal

  1. I like the comments from former-Owl stars. Perhaps Russo is waiting to see who the new OC will be and what kind of offense he’ll use.

  2. Russo was so impressed w/Satterfield he confirmed his commitment to Rutgers the next day……, http://247sports.com/Player/Anthony-Russo-77367

    Nutile needs playing time this coming year, not sure why he didn’t see more action…, at least a series every now and then…, we open at Notre Dame 2017

    • Nutile wasn’t an Elite 11 quarterback; Russo was. I saw the high school film (not just the highlight reel but all available video) and Russo has to be considered the QB with the highest upside. The fact that P.J. played with a separated shoulder for four games is a bit telling to the gap the staff felt was between 1 and 2. We need to close that up and adding both aaron and russo would close the gap between 1-2.

    • Russo de-committed today. your like a reverse good luck charm KJ!

  3. Any word on the new offensive coordinator? I would think that Rhule would want to have one named, on-board, etc. to help with the recruiting push.

    • He’s waiting to see how the Coughlin interview goes with the Eagles. Kidding, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Can you imagine the positive pub Temple would get if Tom said, “Sure, Matt, I’d love to help you out.” Eagles’ fans who never heard of Temple football would suddenly be paying attention. Tom said he wanted to coach again, he never said it had to be as a head coach.

      • Hell, after Larry Brown left the Sixers, he said he’d love to coach again, even if it was a high school team. Brown was such a junkie, I believe him. I have a feeling Coughlin is the same way about football. Plus, how about Anthony Russo: “Sorry, Rutgers, I just want to have the opportunity to soak up the knowledge of coach Coughlin.”

      • Actually selected the Coughlin as Temple OC choice in your poll, since I think there is no chance he takes the job with the Eagles with Howie Roseman as GM.

  4. News flash: Russo just decommitted from Rutgers. Hopefully, we get both Sebastian and Anthony here. Anthony must have read my third paragraph from the bottom of the above post. 🙂

    • I’ll eat my skeptical hat if Temple lands Russo.., strong signal Temple is committed to the Pro-set with a pocket passer…., haven’t seen Russo but hope he has a cannon..,

  5. Hope Rhule and whomever his new OC is is watching Clemson. TU could run and should have run that offense this season or, for those who say they do run this offense, they should have the plays Clemson is using in it game plans. TJ and the receivers TU could run these plays in their sleep.

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