Anthony Russo Commits To Temple

Ever since Doug Flutie enrolled at Boston College in January of 1981, Temple has been looking for its own Doug Flutie.

It may have found him shortly after lunch today.

Temple Football Forever has learned from very good sources that Archbishop Wood’s Anthony Russo had lunch with LSU today, chewed on the Tigers’ pitch and decided by dessert that he was going to become a Temple Owl.


We have received two phone texts tonight from separate sources indicating this is true, including from someone whose “mom works with a friend of mine.” Since Anthony Russo was not taking interviews until further notice, figuring that he talks to his mother is not a huge leap of faith and would spill the beans to her.

This is huge for Temple University for a couple of reasons.

One, The Flutie Effect. Two, with P.J. Walker gone after next season, Temple needs a play-making quarterback.


Just a couple of guys talking pro-set offense.

The Flutie Effect is signing a big-time kid from your own backyard could lead to a domino effect of other big-time kids from the same backyard. That leads to sustained success of the hometown team, which leads to a boom in student applications. In a 1984 game against the University of Miami, Flutie threw a last-second “Hail Mary” pass 48 yards that was miraculously caught for a game-winning touchdown—a climactic capper on one of the most exciting college football games ever. The play put BC on the map for college aspirants. In two years, applications had shot up 30 percent.

Russo’s program-defining pass is yet to come, but he is certainly capable of it. Temple has had a lot of good-to-great quarterbacks since Doug Flutie, including current starter P.J. Walker, the school’s all-time touchdown leader. Temple has never recruited the best high school quarterback coming out of the Philadelphia area. Even Haverford High’s Steve Joachim, who won the Maxwell Award as College Football Player of the Year in 1974, was never signed by Temple. He was a transfer from Penn State, where he started two games.

Russo changes that dynamic. He is an Elite 11 quarterback who has functional mobility, who would fit perfectly into the same Pro Set system new Owls’ offensive coordinator Glenn Thomas helped run with the Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan.

Ironically, Ryan who, like Russo, is from a Philadelphia high school league (Inter-Ac),  but went to Boston College. Even though Russo is from Warminster, he is Philly proud enough to say “I’m Anthony Russo from Philadelphia” in many of his interviews.

Now Anthony Russo will get a chance to put Temple and his home town on map. Even if they officially call the new on-campus stadium “The Apollo of Temple” maybe one day fans will unofficially refer to it as “the house Anthony Russo built.


Temple Should Look to Wood for Package Deal


53 thoughts on “Anthony Russo Commits To Temple

  1. Mike until there is an official announcement from Anthony Russo I remain skeptical. The sources on this feel like it was my cousin’s girlfriend’s best friend who is in the emergency room when Jerry Penacoli came in with the gerbil. I hope your sources are accurate but I guess in this case I am from Indiana.

  2. One cousin’s girlfriend I would not go with. Two separate cousins girlfriends unrelated to the other (one a former Temple player, one a wood parent), I’m running with it. .. and no gerbils were harmed in the making of this story. Just a great night for the Owls.

    • thanks, brian. appreciate all the positive things you write about me on the Rivals’ site. You do defend me when I’m attacked over there, right? Or is that just kj and jd? This scoop is not me as it is a couple of guys (Temple player, Wood parent) that I have been able to establish long-term relationships with. Two-source theory I learned in journalism class remains in effect.

  3. Phil, that’s the conditioning over there for the parrots. Unless any news comes from the grand poobah editor or his right hand man it must be discredited and ridiculed

    • Would not have expected anything else. Got only one “give it up for PaPreps” over there.

      • Just noticed the other endorsement from kj. thanks for fighting the good fight over there. At times, it seems like you are James West (played by Robert Conrad) in the Wild Wild West, the lone fighter for good flipping the bad guys coming at you over your shoulder. 🙂

  4. Heard from a good source that PSU is losing several commits. Can’t wait til TU and then Pitt beats them next season. The heads of their fans will explode.

  5. Temple opens the 2017 season at ND, it would be great to get the back-up QBs playing time during the 2016 season. having a red-shirt freshman start and play his first game against/at ND would is probably not a good idea

    • Not if it’s this kid. If Russo is far and away the most talented, and let the competition be fair with Montel Aaron, he will be the starter. I don’t see Nutile, Marchi,Loughery, etc., having anywhere near the upside of Russo and Aaron.

  6. Immaturity carries the day over there. Par for the course.

  7. Mike am I correct in assuming you shell out a monthly fee to participate on the chat boards over there? It provides roughly the same unbiased and open perspective as Fox News….note, not the Fox business school which I attended.

    • you are correct on both counts. the comedic relief is worth the $10 bucks. I had to shake my head and laugh when all the Houston coverage was about “great season” and not a word criticizing the atrocious clock mismanagement.

  8. I’ll be the first, congrats to the coaching staff to land this kid.

  9. Our Lady of Good Counsel. Thanks Mrs R.

  10. Wonder how much Thomas was involved or him being OC helped close this one. Have to think Rhule really sold Thomas’s work with Matt Ryan for a QB who I’m sure has NFL aspirations.

  11. I read a lot of interesting posts on about Russo committing to Temple. While the comments were all over the place and some completely non-sensical I was impressed by the sheer number of postings. I wish we had the same interest for the Owls in local market and social media outlets. I also wish we had a shot at Rutgers this year so we could make clear conference doesn’t matter when you take the field.

    • I thought some of the big donors were already shown drawings of the stadium. If so, they would already have an architect. This is very puzzling.

      • Maybe this vote is for an architectural firm to develop actual designs and plans that could be used for getting permits, construction, etc. I suspect what big donors were shown were “artist renditions” showing what a stadium in the campus location could look like

      • it was a drawing done by the same firm who did the Tulane stadium.., suspect they will be a leading candidate but this next step must go out for bid

      • God no. The Tulane stadium looks like a piece of crap. Give me the Houston stadium or, at worst,the Boca Raton stadium. If neither one, where’s the pen so I can extend the Linc lease?

  12. I read on another site Tymir Oliver, a three star Rutgers decommit who plays defensive end, may also be coming Temples way. Anybody have any Intel on that situation?

  13. the field was sub-terrain to mitigate the effects of the lights on the community and open-end.., the plan was to sell separate naming rights for the stadium, the field, and the locker rooms…,

  14. Any thoughts on the two guys we signed today? They appear small but quick based on the little info I’ve seen. I would also add they’re AAC quick not P5 quick.

    • The Jones kid was an up and comer after his junior year. Appears that he was on a mediocre team. Saw forty times ranging from high 4.4s to low 4.6 and 5’10 to 6’1″. Kid’s an athlete who appears to need to gain weight and strength. Same is true of other kid. Neither have any kind of national rating.

  15. Man that guy bashing Rhule’s recruiting ability on a previous article simply doesn’t feel the need to chime in here. I wonder why.

  16. russo makes me happy. get the prep charter kid, a few under-the-radar types like Matakevich clone Sebastian Silva, keep montel, and we’re in business.

  17. Hey Matt. Stop misstating what I said. If you can’t quote correctly don’t quote at all. I said that Matekevich was highly ranked before he got hurt and dared you to point to where I said he was a highly ranked two star and you didn’t so stop the snide remarks. . Never said highly ranked two star and up til this week-end there were few good recruits. That’s why TU was fifth in the AAC and ranked 78 overall. Now that they got the Russo kid, which was a hell of a sell job and likely has something to do with the promotion of the new OC TU may get one or two more better recruits. And don’t forget, til these kids sign nothing is set in stone. The two kids signed today aren’t even ranked and likely make Russo’s signing a wash in comparing the class with other schools.

    • Fact check: Tyler was a 2 star recruit. You described him as being highly recruited.

      I never said highly ranked. I asked for your proof of this “highly recruited” and higher star rating preinjury. You have produced neither.

      • Do you read what you write. You accused me of saying a high ranked two star and, again, he was highly ranked and was being highly recruited before he got hurt as evidenced by the articles I included in previous posts.

  18. In regards to Temple leaving some cards on the table at the end of the season, here’s a quote from a SI interview with the Bills QB Tyrod Taylor speaking about their coach Rex Ryan: “He just preached about going out there and finishing strong. Any time you step on the field there is something to play for and that’s how we played it.” But that’s not how Temple played it – they lost focus and forgot what they could still accomplish, coaches and players alike (mostly coaches). Hopefully Rhule learned a lesson. If not, looks like Temple is satisfied with good but not great. When you have a chance for greatness you should go for broke till the end, not pull up and glide through the finish line for 2nd or 3rd place. Just a thought…..

    • totally agree. even more upsetting to me was the reaction to the fall. all the quotes from Matt after Houston were “I’m not going to apologize for 10 wins” and “well, it was a great season.” I did not hear one comment why the hurry-up offense was a 2015 version of the Keystone Cops. If that was me coaching, the first thing I would have said was: “I’m embarrassed the way we approached those final 12 minutes and I want to apologize to all the great fans of Temple for not being better prepared.” Instead, we swept it under the rug like a dead cat and no one in the media asked what was that lump in the rug. (except for Temple Made Zach Gelb)

      • Mike I agree with many things you say here but how many wins did you say at the beginning of the season that you wanted Rhule to get this year to be respectable?

      • before the season I thought this was a 10-2 regular-season team with losses to PSU and ND. Still, never even my wildest dreams did I think we’d lose 3 of 4 with this talent and look like we never practiced a hurry-up offense in our most important game of the season. Losing to a MAC team left an incredibly bad taste in my mouth. Why do teams like Western Kentucky do better than us? There’s no way WKU has better talent or is a better school than Temple. Coaching, yes. They have that part all over us. In football, coaching means a lot more than hoops or baseball.

  19. Got to wonder if we ditched the hurry-up offense practice so we could meet with the emissaries from Missouri that day.

    • Yeah the offense was not impressive versus Houston nor Toledo and showed little sense of urgency against Houston. Houston was a better team as evidenced by their beating FSU pretty handily in the peach bowl. The main problem with the Temple offense isn’t so much coaching but the lack of the big boys upfront to control the line of scrimmage. They improved slightly over last year but still not good enough. Too many negative plays with 2nd and 3rd and longs all year. Great teams are built from the inside out. You can have all the speed in the world at the skill positions but if the boys upfront are getting pushed back, the offense will struggle. Need to get some big talented offensive lineman!

      • the offensive line did pretty well against Penn State and Notre Dame. It would have helped against Houston to get the play, run to the line, snap the ball in 10 seconds or less. Maybe #UnfinishedBusiness isn’t the proper hashtag for this season. #TempoTemple could be. No more dog stare to the sideline if the play you eventually call is a bomb on 3d and 3 at the H38 with 7;18 left when the DB is laying off your receiver by 10 yards. I’d say coaching was a big part of the problem at Houston.

  20. Houston and Toledo were sideline losses.., ND and USF had bigger, stronger, and faster athletes…,

    Fighting through Missouri-gate, Temple came out flat against Houston, woke-up, and couldn’t execute the 2 minute drill..,

    players took the lead from the coaches in Boca Raton, happy to be there.., put pleasure before work…,

    • to me, western kentucky showed what you can do with inferior athletes than Temple’s against USF. Good coaching trumped Willie Taggart. Jeff Brohm is a better gameday coach than ours and that’s a sad fact that we must accept. USF might have better athletes than us, but not better than Western Kentucky’s and ours are better than WKU’s. Our coaches have to step up their game, plain and simple. It’s a joke that we took the Boca trip like we were going to Disney World. Even our Pop Warner 12-year-olds (Northwest Philly) took care of business in Disney World first, then enjoyed Space Mountain later.

  21. That’s an interesting but common sense point Mike. Temple went down and vacationed first, losing focus, then “played” the game. Instead they should have practiced hard, focused, played the game and then had a couple days to have fun. How hard is that to understand?

    • We had plenty of fans stay at the Toledo hotel and said that while the Rockets went to the mandatory functions like press conferences, they did very little to none of the side trips like beach volleyball, boating in the everglades and bowling. I hope our kids enjoyed the turkeys, spares, falls in the sand and getting wet. I would have enjoyed seeing them lift the trophy more.

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