Getting The Right Mix


Someday,  a player like Sebastian Silva could be lifting Matt Rhule like Dick Beck did for Bruce Arians.

On Halloween Night, Temple hosted Notre Dame and 100 big-time recruits at the same time. Among those players were Michigan commits,  Penn State targets and other various four-star players.

The Owls came up empty that night both scoreboards.

Unlike the Penn State game, when defensive back Keyvone Burton committed the next day, the Owls left that game with an empty feeling—a heartbreaking loss compounded by no commits. Had the Owls won that night, who knows what would happen but this weekend—at least from a recruiting standpoint—was three times percent more productive than that otherwise spectacular night for Temple football.

Not only did the Owls get their top recruiting target, quarterback Anthony Russo of Archbishop Wood, but added a couple of speed merchants. The latest pair are listed as “athletes” and they are Randle Jones III, from Miami Beach (Fla.), and Linwood Crump (Sayerville, N.J.) Both supposedly have sub-4.5 speed and, for people (raising my hand here), who said the Owls need burners like Travis Sheldon and James Nixon, they certainly fill that need.

Ideally, a great recruiting
class is a mixture of guys
wanted by P5 schools like
Dioubate and “trust the film”
guys and guys who
Bruce Arians liked,
tough guys, who could play
but were under the radar.
Nick Sharga of
the current team fits
that third category.

No word yet on the DT Temple needs, Karamo Dioubate  from Prep Charter, but that would be another Russo-like coup at his position. Temple has been known for final week signing surprises under Al Golden and, to a lesser extent, Matt Rhule, so maybe he’s one. He’s been involved with Michigan State and Auburn and is a Penn State decommitted player.

Ideally, a great recruiting class is a mixture of guys wanted by P5 schools like Dioubate and “trust the film” guys and guys who Bruce Arians liked, tough guys, who could play but were under the radar. Nick Sharga of the current team fits that third category.

Still would like to see the Owls make Russo more comfortable in his situation and add Sharga-like linebacker and Wood teammate Sebastian Silva. Even more than the Russo factor, adding an accomplished all-state player like Silva—who is faster, bench presses and dead lifts more than Tyler Matakevich now—would fill a linebacker need in this class that has popped up since the Owls lost a decommit to Rutgers.  Silva’s situation reminds me very much of Dick Beck’s when he came out of Central Bucks West. Beck, like Silva, was under-recruited but became the only captain of the 7-4 Owls in 1990. The rumor now is that the Owls will try to entice Silva to be a preferred walk-on and that just won’t work because other schools are offering him real money. Rhule should now, like Bruce Arians did for Beck then, find a scholarship for Silva. Just like I guaranteed Bruce back then, I guarantee Silva will be worth the scholarship. Fortunately, Bruce listened to me.

Silva is not only a baller, but he has captain-like qualities and the Owls would be remiss letting a quality player and individual like this get away. One day he will captain a college football team and I would like that team to be Temple.

Tomorrow: Why All Fans Should Love Kareem Gaulden



7 thoughts on “Getting The Right Mix

  1. Has anyone seen this kid play in person? Sounds like the right move but there has to be a reason why Temple has rated him below all the other offers and commits.., maybe the staff thinks the team has enough depth at LB? Not sure about the guys coming off red-shirts this year, but the returning LB starters are really good….,

    super interesting tweet from MR reference “we just got faster”…, one of my takeaways after the ND game was the team needed more speed in the open field on both sides of the ball…, needless to say the MRAs blasted the observation.., certainly glad MR came away with the same observation

    I just don’t get the “no negative comments” allowed rule (just realized the pun)…, 🙂

    • comments, both positive and negative, are encouraged. This was a positive weekend since we got a 3-star qb who, in my mind, is closer to a 5-star. We got elite speed, which we need (and hopefully have if we use both Jahad and Cortrelle on the edge next year offensively). This class is not so much to improve next year as it is to avoid a losing season in 2017. We need the big uglies (OL and DT) and one LB to fill out this class. Nineteen down, six to go. Maybe we have a Feb. surprise.

    • I noticed your #trusttheprocess post over there. That is such a typical post for Pravda that I thought it was for real until I saw it was you who wrote it. I wonder how many people will get the sarcasm? I certainly did and got a chuckle over it. Spit my coffee out on the computer screen.

  2. And I have seen Silva play in person and he’s the real deal playing for an elite program against great competition. I think the staff sees the 5-11 (vs. Tyler’s 6-1) and that’s holding them back from the offer. All other measurables (dead lift, bench press, speed) are in Silva’s favor. Plus, he, like Tyler, is a heat-seeking missile on the field. To me, when a high school kid is doing lifts and also has speed superior to the national college player of the year, you offer and don’t worry about anything else. Lumor decommitting if we get Silva is a win-win for Temple.

  3. Which player decommitted to Rutgers


  4. I totally agree Mike, your insight is dead on and I do believe Silva is the real deal, but I am not sure that Temple is convinced. TU took a chance on 2 undersized linebackers, #55 and #8, the only scholarships they were offered, the result #1 and #2 on the all time tackle list and #8 the most decorated football player in Owl history, enough said go 3 for 3 and get the kid signed.


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