Kareem Gaulden Should Be Fan Favorite

If, on or around Feb. 3, the browser on your laptop or other device seems extra slow, resist the temptation to throw the gadget against the wall. Just remember it is National Signing Day for college football. In about two weeks, the internet will be shut down or close to it and the cure is readily available. Curing crazy is always a good thing and one way the NCAA can do that is to approve an early signing period.

That is the only way reasonable young men of their word will not have to go through what Temple football recruit Kareem Gaulden is going though now. Gaulden, a defensive back, was one of the early recruits Matt Rhule was able to snag for the Owls. If there had been an early signing day, like last summer when Gaulden gave his word, there would be no poaching of recruits of other programs.

Gaulden took to twitter and expressed his displeasure with the situation last week.


That tweet immediately made Gaulden a fan favorite at Temple, someone who to this class might be what All-American defensive back Kareem Ali Jr. was to the last class. Ali is the son of two former Temple athletes, one a football player and the other a track star, who grew up going to Owl games. After originally committed to a Power 5 school, Ali realized his dream was to play for the school that he cheered for all his life.

Gaulden, another defensive back, earned the same kind of love from Temple fans after that tweet. Fans love players who keep their word, and those are the great majority of athletes who commit early. An early signing period would eliminate the craziness of other schools coming in to try to flip recruits and those high school players deserve that option.

The others who take time to make their decisions can wait until Feb. 3 and that’s why an early signing period would be a victory for all recruits.


37 thoughts on “Kareem Gaulden Should Be Fan Favorite

  1. right attitude and swagger for a match-up corner…,

    if the trend continues 90% or greater of the 2016 class will red-shirt.., expecting a few heroes coming off red-shirt this year to run with the 1s and 2s.., will provide great insight on the progress of #FollowTheProcess

  2. That’s awesome.

    • I think it’s probably our loss. #trusttheprocess.

    • So here’s a question for all the recruiting folks commenting on this board. Navy doesn’t necessarily recruit well, I believe they are low compared to other AAC teams but yet year in and year out they are successful.

      • They have a better gameday coach than we do in Ken Niumatalolo. Great coaching in football overcomes a lot of talent ills.

      • They also play a unique offense which most teams don’t see except when they play Navy. That gives Navy an advantage during the season when a team only has one week to prepare. That advantage is not always enough to overcome better players who have good coaches.

      • Army runs the same offense and they haven’t had a winning season in years. Yeah game day coaching can steal a game or two per year but I think for schools like Temple, it is finding the diamonds in the rough and coaching them up which I think Harden, Golden and now Rhule have done successfully is the difference. Non p-5 schools are at a real disadvantage on a number of levels and the cost of attendance/ walking around money makes the chasm bigger.

      • Navy has better athletes and better coaching than army.

  3. The fact not a p5 will haunt us until that point the situation changes. You can’t blame Rhule for this situation. The fact we’re able to recruit guys like Ruso is a statement to MR anf staff.

  4. the Darien kid is still a Temple commit. he has it on his Twitter page. Penn St offered him but he’s still a Temple commit.

    Once again KJ is wrong again.

  5. Recruiting services like rivals etc are just as awful as Mel Kiper for the draft. I give them very little credibility insomuch as their ability to rate the predicted output of a high school football player. They are brutally incorrect far more than they are on target. No championships have ever been won on the first Wednesday of February.

  6. With all the commotion over Russo I thought he’d be a 4 or 5 star. Same with Aaron, thought he’d be a 3 star. Very good gets none-the-less. All I can say is that even the big programs take 3 star guys, like OSU here in Ohio. So if the Owls can get enough 3’s with a 4 thrown in here and there, they should be able to compete.

  7. only three G-5 schools will finish in the Top 50 this recruiting year, Houston, Boise St, and Western Michigan…,

    it is about access and $$$s.., PSU pays its athletes a $4,800 stipend every year, that amount is in the Top 10 of all P5 schools.., how much do you think
    Temple provides each athlete?

  8. Amazing that Cincy is offering almost 2K a year more than Penn State. Temple needs to step up its game in the COA area. Maybe they gave all the money to Rhule.

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