Top 5 Recruits On TFF Wish List


Should be No 1 target.

With one week left in the recruiting process, there are a number of guys the Temple coaching staff is still involved with but, in our minds, if the Owls get three of these five guys, the 2016 recruiting class goes from decent to great. This is just our list, not Temple’s, but from a public perception standpoint, getting most of these guys would be quite a haul.


  1. Kelvin Harmon, WR

The Palmyra (N.J.) native currently is uncommitted, and his most recent offer was from Virginia Tech. The All-American wide receiver has 165 catches for 2,674 yards and 36 career touchdowns. He’s a longshot for Temple, chiefly because he had the foresight to pick a visit to Miami (Fla.) this weekend during a snowstorm.


  1. Sebastian Silva, LB

Silva, a teammate of Anthony Russo at Archbishop Wood, is under-recruited, much like Tyler Matakevich was coming out of high school. He is a clone of Matakevich (6-0, 215) only stronger in both the bench press and dead lift now and 1.5 seconds faster in the 40-yard dash. If Temple thinks this kid is coming as a preferred walk-on, they are making a big mistake because he has a full ride to a couple of FCS schools and his family does not have the money to pay his way through Temple. He is more than worth the scholarship. It’s amazing when a high school senior has measurables superior to the National Player of the Year, but it’s true.

  1. Tyliek Raynor, RB

Amazingly, Raynor, from Imhotep Charter, missed most of the season with an injury and his backup, Mike Waters, scored 44 touchdowns to become the Philadelphia Inquirer Player of the Year. If Raynor is good enough to beat THAT guy out, he deserves a scholarship to Temple. He is an Arizona decommit and he runs a 4.3 40 with the moves of a Bernard Pierce or a Paul Palmer. He would fit in well at Temple.


  1. Tymir Oliver, DL

With the last two picks, the Owls really need to go after lineman and Oliver, from West Catholic, is one of the two best remaining on the board. He has an official visit to Illinois this weekend and it’s hard to believe that playing for Bill Cubit will be more appealing than playing for a charismatic guy like Matt Rhule. This is where Rhule will have to earn his recent pay raise and close the deal.  Oliver is a Rutgers’ decommit.


  1. Karamo Dioubate, DL

Dioubate, a 4-star tackle from Prep Charter, decommitted from Penn State and is said to have had three visits to Temple since the decommit day. Only one, of course, was official, but it would seem to indicate that Dioubate has the kind of comfort level with his possible future Owl teammates that does not exist elsewhere. He is also involved with Michigan State. He would be for the Owls’ line what Anthony Russo was to the quarterback position.


20 thoughts on “Top 5 Recruits On TFF Wish List

  1. New this morning: Freddie Johnson (WR) commits.

    Freddie's other offers:

  2. great list…., remember Game Day? can’t discern how that helped us this year in recruiting, just thought the exposure would net a bigger boost. Don’t HS kids watch Game Day? and I remember seeing all the HS invitees eating in K Lot and on the sidelines during the game.., how could they not come away impressed? are we missing something?

    “It’ll be great for us recruiting wise,” Rhule said. “I’m excited about College GameDay coming, and I’m really excited about recruiting.”

    • When I saw game day and heard the Owls were hosting 100 (mostly P5) recruits, I was real excited and thinking this is going to be a haul for the ages and put the Daz class that was ranked No. 52 (highest-ever) to shame. No commits that night, but I thought that was because we lost. Then the Owls were ranked in the top 25 for 6 weeks after that and there was no doubt. Now, wtf indeed. this should be the highest-ranked class in Temple history by a longshot but now (from a Purely Objective standpoint, national rankings) it is going to rank below many of Al Golden’s MAC classes. Of course, on Pravda, every recruiting word is Peaches and Cream by the 2 editors over there. It’s been that way since Dec. 2012. Makes you wonder how USF ever beat us 44-23.

      • In an effort to be fair to the recruiting process….three years ago our secondary was worse than a CYO in jersey and the coaches recruited studs from Jucos and preps. Two years ago our receiving corps couldn’t catch a cold nor beat my mother in a foot race and they responded by bringing back Robinson and getting Jennings and Bryant.

        They have addressed the needs in an effective manner. I would certainly like to see more highly rated players coming on but the coaching staff has demonstrated an ability to address needs with their process.

  3. Seems like Temple has definite shots at 2-3 of these guys. Go Owls.

    • get me all five guys and this class will be an unmitigated success. Until then, I’m like that guy who showed up to ruin our hurry-up offense practice the week before Houston. From Missouri.

      • hard to follow the logic…., “game day is going to be great for recruiting, excitement, rah, rah”,…,

        then, “we don’t think like everybody else, stars don’t mean anything”..,
        now it’s back to, “the process takes time, things don’t happen over night”….,

        red-shirting 90% of every recruiting class is a by default strategy

        maybe we just need that one game changing recruit and others will follow? or invest in a hot, local networked recruiter?

        We broke into the Top 25 on the field, and we can break into the Top 50 in recruiting.., we just need a method

        and for those who believe the recruiting ranking don’t matter wise-up already.., the correlation between recruiting and on-the-field success is undeniable.

      • Or Indiana.

  4. Karamo Dioubate lost some weight, eh?

  5. What about Darnell Salomon whose reportedly got the Owls in his final three. It is my understanding he is a legit top tier recruit who has a run-in with the law on his file.

  6. Redshirting 90% of your freshman is actually a good thing. shows that u have upperclassmen who can play so u have the luxury of developing your freshman.

  7. Got Taynor and Russo ( not on your list but a huge get). I love it when a plan comes together as they used to say on the A-team.

    • so happy for my good friend “Matt” .. great guy, great recruiter. we”re working to make him a great game day coach. everything in due time.

      • It looks like we’re expected to land Rashad Weaver, the de-commit from Michigan too. Things do appear to be shaping up.

  8. yeah, boy. that’s what I’m talkin’ about. trust the process, but when you get guys like Raynor and Weaver that’s some damn nice verification. It’s one thing to see the film and think you are smarter than the other big-time coaches; it’s quite another to see the film and other big-time guys getting paid more than you say, yeah, I agree, he’s a damn good player. This is what Temple recruiting should be going forward.

    • If we get just two of the kids from your list of five this would be considered a huge year. I’m also hopeful this will allow the Owls to start ring fencing some of the local pipelines for talent.

  9. I love the fact that Anthony Russo said he will try to convince the Philly kids to stay. I hope Matt can return the favor for Anthony by offering Sebastian Silva a scholarship. The comfort level for a kid having a roommate who is also a good friend (and a great player as well) is off the charts. Plus, Silva loves Temple, too.

  10. I understand PSU may have just offered Weaver. Not surprising considering the free fall they are experiencing with this recruiting class and their coaching staff. I don’t see Franklin last two more seasons.

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