Add Snowmageddon To Temple’s Luck


Being a Temple sports fan, I’m used to a number of odd things happening at strange times that seem to stunt the Owls’ growth in the two marquee sports.

Add this latest Snowmageddon Episode to Temple’s dumb luck.

Arguably, it is probably the biggest recruiting weekend of the season with Temple trying to close the deal on some high-profile football recruits and the forecast of a crippling blizzard cannot help things. Sure, once in a blue moon you will find a kid from Florida who loves the snow and thinks it is the greatest thing in the world and decides to commit on the spot.

Ninety-nine percent of the other people living on the planet do not think that way.


It was a good idea in the first place because the Temple basketball team was going to host unbeaten AAC rival SMU on Saturday night in a game that figured to pack the Liacouras Center and show the recruits a packed house of spirited Temple fans. Now, that game is moved to Sunday and probably will not have nearly the same atmosphere.

Ironically, this snow is not going to be a good first  impression because it had not snowed all winter—not even a flake—and the winter had been relatively mild with quite a few 50- and 60-degree days. You can tell the recruits that all you want, but they see what they see.

Logistically, it is just not going to be a good thing. Even though the recruits will be on campus, other things are routinely planned on recruiting weekends that will just not go off—like trips to Lincoln Financial Field and Center City.

There is always the hope that things go well and the Owls pull in the haul they expected, but the snow will not be their friend this weekend.

In another development, Penn State–a place where it snows all the time–is hosting Temple recruit Dae’Lun Darien this weekend.

The forecast there is a coating to an inch.


12 thoughts on “Add Snowmageddon To Temple’s Luck

  1. I’m hoping for a recruiting Snow Job and a big-time defensive commit.

    • Yes, seems like we have an overabundance of DBs. I had to delete one insulting comment today. Not. If you are going to insult, at least give a reason. Otherwise, I assume it’s Sarah Palin.

      • A DL would be nice. Fast DBs cut down on big plays, which have hurt the Owls in the past. I make bad puns, but I’m no troll or Idaho Graduate.

  2. Not talking about you, Dave, but an IP address in Germany who is not enamored with this site but gave no reason. Must’ve been Hitler’s grandson.

  3. Mike, you’ve forgotten one more instance of bad luck. TU finally gets into the Big East and not only is the league demoted, it then implodes. If it weren’t for bad luck, TU would have no luck at all.

    • that’s pretty much No. 3 in the above box. I’m sure there’s a lot more I forgot like the Holy Trinity of 3 Hail Mary’s (Fordham, UCF, Buffalo) and no Hail Mary’s for us. leading Pitt 52-33 with 2:01 left and losing, 53-52 would be another. Drawing a MAC team as a bowl opponent after a 10-win season yet another.

  4. By the way Mike how could most of us who contribute regularly here see immediately what a bad choice Toledo was and no one in the administration did. Much of TU’s bad luck rests on bad decisions made by those in charge who are paid to know better. From university presidents who wanted to kill sports to coaches who relied on JC players it’s been one bad decision after another. I’m fully convinced that had TU made an investment in football when it became a member of the Big East and had the football team been respectable, the sports teams would now be in a P-5 conference because of the TV market. Unfortunately, for the Owls it now may be too late.

  5. tough and persistent. I have no other team I care nearly about as much as the Temple football team. That’s why it gnaws me to no end when I see little things that should never happen (ill-prepared hurry-up offense at Houston) along with big decisions that should never happen (playing against a MAC team). This crap occurs far too much.

    • Think much of it is due to a lack of appreciation for the current reality and an inability to comprehend the consequences.

      Previous administrations did not see the P5 train coming and we got run over.., it hurts seeing Rutgers, Maryland, and Louisville in the P5.., and shame on us if Cincy, Houston, Boise St, and UCONN get an invite before Temple

      The 7-0 start should have established new goals.., win a conference championship, win a bowl game, and finish in the Top 25…, it is beyond me how the current administration let Missouri-gate play out during Conference Championship Week.., and how we let the team go to Boca days ahead of Toledo in order to put pleasure before business…,

      Having hardware in EO from a conference championship or a bowl game is more important than 10 wins…, and not finishing in Top 25 is a lost recruiting tool..,

      Pretty simple, win your conference, win your bowl game, and finish in the Top 25…, all three would be great., and just one of the three is better than none.., the number of games you win each season is the means to those ends.., the number of wins mean very little if it doesn’t put hardware in the trophy case..,

      Temple needs to focus on achieving one or more of the three above for four or more consecutive years.., that is the only chance for a P5 invite

      Good news is the talent and schedule next year facilitates having a great season.

  6. The snow left SMU flat in the first half. Worked out ok today.

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