Tyliek Raynor Another Home Run for Owls


Click on the above link and hit play. Unfortunately, there is not a single Youtube video on the internet of Tyliek. Hudl is a bad platform, but it’s the only one available.

By any measure, Temple football adding Tyliek Raynor is a home run for recruiting.

Since homer is a synonym for home run, the fact that Raynor is a homer himself had to help because, in his commitment statement, he said “I’m going to stay home and play for my city.”

If all great Philadelphia players felt the same way, that would have been Will Fuller catching the ball to beat Notre Dame on Halloween Night and not to beat his city. Maybe adding Anthony Russo begat Raynor and maybe Raynor will beget a player like Karamo Dioubate.


Gratz’s Javon Whitfield can’t stop Imhotep’s Tyliek Raynor on his 58 yard TD run on the first play during the 1st quarter Friday night in North Philadelphia, September 4, 2015. ( Photo courtesy philly.com)

We can only hope. The protractor for recruiting starts in North Philly and a 500-mile circle around it includes 46 percent of the nation’s population. Temple is one of the few schools in the country squarely in the middle  of roughly half of the nation’s population.

With the addition of speedy running back Raynor, that was a good start. Raynor was No. 3 on our final five countdown list, behind only West Catholic defensive end Tymir Oliver and Prep Charter defensive lineman Dioubate. Raynor, who was offered by Temple on the spot after he ran a 4.3 at the Matt Rhule Football Camp in June of 2014, is very, very good.

How good?

Consider this: He could not play in seven games this year because of an injury that limited his effectiveness in other games, but his backup, Mike Waters, scored 44 touchdowns and was named Philadelphia Inquirer Player of the Year. That’s not just for Philadelphia, but for the entire Inquirer coverage area, which includes the entire Philadelphia suburbs, most of New Jersey and all of Delaware. He was also named Pennsylvania Player of the Year.

That’s pretty good. I saw a lot of Waters, including a performance for the ages in the Pennsylvania state championship game against Erie Cathedral Prep. This is what I tweeted out to my followers after that game.



Much to my surprise, Waters saw the tweet and retweeted it to his followers. The bottom line is that if a great coach like Albie Crosby says Raynor is better than THAT kid, then Temple has something very special indeed. They will have the luxury of red-shirting Raynor.

The Owls will have to get Raynor healthy and keep him that way, but once he returns to 4.3, 4.4 speed, he gives them the kind of home run hitter they need. They have a home run hitter in Jahad Thomas and some fast backups in Jager Gardner and Ryquell Armstead, but neither Thomas, Gardner nor Armstead has a 4.3 40 in the books.

The clock never lies.


37 thoughts on “Tyliek Raynor Another Home Run for Owls

  1. does anyone know the nature of his injury? Jabo Lee?

  2. Raynor is a beast and if there’s one thing the Owls clearly need its speed. This was obvious in the USF, Notre Dame and Houston games. The Owls possess what I would consider G5 not P5 gears on their squad. This kid, along with a few of the wideout recruits and players on the other side of the ball should allow the Owls to compete on the full length of the field.

    I’m also hoping with the two highly ranked QBs we’re expected to land we can open up the field in a way that allows the offense to flourish against top tier programs. My final hope is we’re able to leverage Raynor, Russo and other members of local 215 (and 609 and 610) to stay home and represent.

    • agree. how many times have we seen Zaire Williams (at SMU) and Jahad Thomas (at Houston 2014) get caught from behind? BP never got caught from behind and I only remember Matt Brown getting caught from behind at Bowling Green and that was only because Matty took the time to punch a BGSU defensive back in the mouth. 4.3 speed never gets caught from behind.

  3. I also don’t remember Paul Palmer ever getting caught from behind. By the same token those QBs from ND and Houston were free and clear once they got in the open field. We need speed on both sides of the ball….and also on special teams. I’ve grown weary of seeing the fair catch or the 3-5 yard punt return. I just hope we don’t get any of the verbals poached by PSU, and don’t try to sell me that’s a good thing for our programs visibility.

    • No, Boo-Boo was never caught from behind but because we have new fans wanted to keep the comparisons relatively recent. Todd McNair wasn’t either, nor was Elmarko Jackson. Stacey Mack, I do recall him turning the corner at Rutgers and being caught and pushed out on the sidelines. That hurt because I think we lost that game something like 13-8.

  4. Great job Coach Rhule on signing this kid. this wasn’t mentioned in the article (no surprise) so I will take the honor of saying it. its just funny that i see articles on here saying Rhule isn’t recruiting well and Rhule isn’t doing this and that but when its a article about him signing a stud, no mention of hey “good job Coach”. #gofigure

    • Read the headline. Another home run for the Owls. That’s praise. Don’t have to put “Matt’s” name in every headline. The MRAs are awfully sensitive.

      • In addition, til this kid is healed, plays, and contributes, a final grade cannot be given on this class. Zaire Williams and the kid from Florida in last year’s class are just two reasons for tempering excitement.

      • Shoulder injury 9/4 and an ankle on 12/5. Much more concerned about the ankle. Look at BP, though, and all the injuries he had and he still ran a 4.45 at the NFL combine. It’s not like Tyliek ripped up his knee or anything. Poor Jabo Lee did.

      • Mike, maybe you should start a Gofundme site here so we can raise the money for “thoeotherjd” to pay for a membeshipr over at Pravda where “it’s all Rhule love, all the time” So let me see if I get his reasoning, one of the primary reasons Pravada listed as why Rhule was the ONLY viable candidate for the Temple head coaching job was that he was such a good recruiter. Ok, in that case shouldn’t getting players like Raynor be the expectation for him rather than gushing over it? Maybe you should have just written the first sentence of this post as so:

        “By any measure, The Matt Rhule Football Program at Temple adding Tyliek Raynor is a home run and another singular triumph for Rhule.”

      • well Mike, u should know me by now that I am not a MRA. I’m not even sure what that is. i have always stated on this site that “i’m a Temple University fan who wants the best for our program. I have criticize Rhule when I felt he deserved it (see a MRA would never do that) and given him his props when i felt he deserved it. unlike you, i never judged Rhule the day he was hired.

        my point is simply that when this site criticizes Rhule (which is very often) his name is blasted all over the article. the last few weeks his recruiting has been blasted (even though he has recruited very well since he got hired) And when Temple goes down to Vanderbilt and crushes them, your Monday article doesn’t even mention Rhule or the job his staff did to have the team prepared. but when we lose a game, Rhule name is mentioned all over the article. it’s blatant and clearly shows a disdain for the coach.

      • I’ve never had any disdain for the coach. Coaching, when you waste 20 seconds before every play in the fourth quarter down 11 points because you are waiting for a call from the sideline, I have a disdain for that. When Toledo beats you because they were more businesslike in the days before the game, I have a disdain for that. That’s fair criticism. There’s a number of examples of praise for Matt when warranted. Tyliek, he deserves praise for. The game day coaching must improve.

    • Although I agree to extent. Mike has stayed away from being overly critical lately. The comment section of this website’s reader base however is a completely different story.

  5. MR is doing a better job as this class will finish ahead of the 2015 class. The assessment of achievement is relative to the expectations and goals established at the beginning of the endeavor.


    Rivals has Temple ranked 64th which is the highest of all Recruiting Sites. The general expectation is to finish in the Top 50 coming off a 10 win season, playing in the conference championship and going to a bowl.

    That is a reasonable expectation; and, believe the Temple coaching staff, players, and athletic dept expects the same.

    The first reaction to independent analysis and constructive criticism should not be defensive. Focus on the facts.

    • Amen. Got to think a top 25 team finishing out of the top 50 in recruiting is being just outside the minimum standards of top 25 teams. Let’s hope we can sign Karamo to push that toward 50.

  6. Did Hood transfer. You seemed to drop him from the conversation.

    • Hood’s definitely in the mix. Nowhere near as fast as Armstead (10.8 100 meters in the NJIAA state track meet) and probably not as capable of taking a 94-yarder to the house (Jager Gardner vs. SMU) as the other backs. He’s a good, 7-8-16-yard-type runner. Hard worker who will push the faster backs.

  7. That 94-yarder was great. As a track guy I noticed, once he broke free, a fluid, high knee lift, sprinter technique in action for 80 yards. Would have liked to have seen him get more carries than he did especially after Jahad went down. Hood had some nice carries.

  8. JD,

    I don’t need a subscription to any site “where its all Rhule love” or a site “where it’s all Rhule hate”. I would like a site that is fair and unbiased. is that too much to ask? I would like a site that keeps me inform as to the happenings of my beloved Temple program and has good banter about that. my only point about this site is that it seems to lean to a lot of negativity towards Rhule.

    but maybe i’m a half glass full optimist and this site is a glass half empty site. i have stated many times that Rhule hasn’t been perfect but i do like the direction he has the program headed.

    The last few weeks Rhule recruiting has been lambasted on this site constantly. I thought the criticism was a little premature bcuz 1. Rhule has always recruited well (hence the season Temple just had) and 2. it was a little early for criticism bcuz Rhule has always closed strong as we get closer to signing day. and what happens in the last week? Rhule signs Russo, Raynor, and 2 speedsters from Florida.

    but of course I come back to this site and funny no mention of Rhule. i always remember the lead up to last years Vanderbilt opener on this site. it was so negative towards Rhule. then we kick Vandy butt, and no mention of “good job Rhule” or nothing. same with Penn State this year.

    Look, when Rhule should be criticize I’m all for it. He hasn’t been perfect. but he has had success which u wouldn’t know about if u just read this site.

    • He’ll be lucky if Franklin is still the coach when he comes off his redshirt year. I do find some satisfaction in knowing PSU is in a position of trying to flip temple commits.

    • That was my initial take but the kid is rated 3* by Rivals and has some nice numbers. It also states he was offered by Cal on the Rivals site. I’ll take him.

    • Kid’s a little small for lb but if he really runs a 4.46 I see safety in his future. Maybe this kid is the reason they haven’t offered the Wood linebacker.

  9. one of the biggest objectives for MR and his staff this recruiting season was to increase team speed.


    to his credit MR has secured the commits of some really scary fast players in 2016.., note my comments below on this site after the ND game

    “two plays in the second quarter highlight the state of our program and the lack of Top 10 speed…, 1. Jahad Thomas got caught from behind on the 39 yard run by a linebacker! in the open field. 2. Kizer outran our DBs on the 70 yard TD run…, our best RB should not get caught from behind by a linebacker, and Temple DBs must have the speed to catch a QB in the open field…., at the end of the night ND was just a bit bigger, stronger and faster…, the outcome would have been different if Temple had the same team speed as ND..,”

    • I give MR and staff high marks for their recruiting over the past few years. They addressed the significant deficiencies in defensive secondary and receivers (to say nothing of the kicking game) over the past few years. This class seems to be hitting the speed issue head on which bodes well for future games down south and against P5 programs.

      • 4.4 speed for a LB seems off the charts. Great job by coach Rhule, although I am somewhat concerned by the great bulk of the schools who have offered. By my count, we have two schollies left but we have been known to overbook by the time this jetpack takes off.

    • also, note the tight window Kizer threw the game-winning touchdown pass to Will Fuller. That’s a 5* star throw and a 4* catch. Our kids gave their all, but it seemed at times ND could make a 3-quarter speed play to beat our 4-quarter speed effort.

    • stats matter.., number of recruits with 4.4 speed or less by year:
      2013 – 0
      2014 – 0
      2015 – 2, and one was TJ Simmons
      2016 – 6 and still counting

  10. still steaming over that No. 25 from Toledo outrunning our DBs.

    • interesting to watch the evolution of Temple’s recruiting strategy, Golden recruited a complete team by position every year and focused on big guys…,

      Daz wanted big OLs and small fast guys;

      MR does it by needs.., 2015 was all about RBs and WRs…, this year the priority is on QBs and guys who can run…,

      • Most NFL teams do the best player available, regardless of need. Unfortunately, colleges can’t do it that way because Alabama seems to get all of the best players available. Takes a little fun out of the, err, process.

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