Waiting for The One

Linwood Crump made the play of the day on Saturday for Temple.

While it might seem like the Owls are finished with their recruiting, a couple of positive things happened for Temple football on Saturday.

One, Linwood Crump remained firm in his commitment to Temple, tweeting that he was going to spurn Rutgers’ attempt to flip him.


A tremendous statement from Linwood Crump

Two, head coach Matt Rhule was working last night on a home visit with Temple Football Forever’s No. 1 recruiting target, Prep Charter lineman Karamo Dioubate. Hopefully, the fact that Imhotep’s Tyliek Raynor and Archbishop Wood’s Anthony Russo decided to play for their city convinces Dioubate to make this the Holy Trinity year of Philadelphia marquee recruits.

In other developments, the Owls are trying to flip wide receiver Isaiah Wright from Rutgers. This remains a possibility because the Owls really need a playmaker to replace Robby Anderson. While Ventell Bryant and Romond Deloatch appear ready to take that step, the fact that they have not so far is a bit disconcerting because anyone with two eyes knew Anderson was extra special right away.

You want that one receiver that you know is extra special right away and Wright might be the right guy.

It should be an interesting next few days.


12 thoughts on “Waiting for The One

  1. Mike, the other guy who could fill the bill of ‘the next Robbie anderson’ could be Darnell Salomon out of Florida. My understanding is Temple is on his list of final three schools. The kids a 4* recruit who by all accounts is a special talent with speed and size. I believe you have some reservations about him regarding an off fraction that happened his sophomore year of high school but from a pure talent perspective he’s probably the guy you describe.

    Have the owls cooled on Salomon or has he committed to another school? If we were to land him and Dioubate this would likely be the strongest recruiting class in school history with two 4* recruits and about a dozen 3* assuming we don’t lose kids to other schools before NSD.

    • this class could mark the 4-5-3 evolution in the MR recruiting era in Temple Football history…,

      the beginning of his era talented kids were forced to play in year one due to the overall lack off talent – 4 years on the field

      gradually the team increased the overall talent which allowed the increased number of redshirts so the recruiting strategy put emphasis on finding those diamonds in the rough.., over 90% redshirted last year – 5 years in the program

      now, if he pulls off few special kids, these kids will play in year one, or maybe redshirt, but play only three years, before moving on to the next level – 3 years on the field and off to the draft

      looking at the top half of P5 schools you will find more coaches are choosing to play their best kids in year one because they want to get three years of performance on the field – positive return on investment. The marked trend in the SEC, Big 10, 12 etc has been to move away from redshirting.

      there is much to like in 3 and hope MR is able to pull it off

      • after year one, I really thought we had a chance to see P.J. leave after year three. still would rather have p.j. over hackenberg any day. p.j.’s year two made him safe for a year four. still, temple football is better off when there are more guys like bp–so talented enough they cannot pass up the big bucks after year three.

  2. I like Ventell and Romond. PJ seemed to favor Anderson too often this past year.

  3. looks like we lost Solomon and Darien.., back to 5 and >90% redshirts

  4. Mike, u don’t think Ventell can be the alpha male receiver next year? i think he can. he showed flashes working under Anderson last year.

    • flashes. anderson showed the whole package right away. that’s what concerns me about the group after him; that we might be back in 2014 without a go-to receiver.

      • I think the Patton kid could be the breakout star they need if he can stay eligible and in good stead with team rules. The kid can run and it would be the rare linebacker that could cover him.

  5. yes, but he’s a TE. we need a Willie Marshall/Rod Streater/Rob Anderson type to go along with a Gerald Lucear/Travis Sheldon/type. Where is my Willie Marshall or Rob Anderson? Those ceilings were about 20 feet; I think Ventell’s go up only 12-15. Put Jahad in the slot and I may have my Sweet Feet.

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