Montel Aaron, We Hardly Knew Ye


When Montel Aaron committed to Temple in the middle of October, he was just what Temple football needed—a mobile quarterback who could succeed P.J. Walker as the maestro of the read option offense.

Things change, people change, programs change and the parting of Aaron and Temple is a trade that will help both ball clubs. Very rarely does Temple get its No. 1 recruiting target, and this year the Owls got their No. 1 guy when quarterback Anthony Russo committed to the Owls. (It happened just once before, when Temple recruited Parade Magazine All-American first-team quarterback Kevin Harvey.) Having both Aaron and Russo around in the same recruiting class would have been an uncomfortable dynamic. It would have fostered great competition, but one guy would have eventually won it and I’m fairly certain after watching film of both that Russo would have been that guy.


Montel Aaron’s statement

Russo was the No. 1 guy all along and, with former Matt Ryan coach Glenn Thomas now the Temple OC, look for the Matt Ryan and Anthony Russo comparisons to commence in a couple of years. Already, Trent Dilfer’s nickname for Russo is Ryan.

For Aaron to make it all the way across the country and to find himself in a strange town under those circumstances would have been a tough thing, especially if he wants to play quarterback in the NFL. Aaron’s decommit from Temple was as classy as they come and, wherever he winds up, he will have a fan for the next four years in me.

My guess it will be in Hawaii for former Temple OC Nick Rolovich, the head coach of the Rainbow Warriors. (Rolovich was Temple OC for one day, accepting the job, then reconsidering the next day to stay with Nevada.)  When Aaron and Rolovich get together, they will at least have something in common.

I hope that Temple fans never become Rutgers’ fans and badmouth every kid who becomes a decommit. The qualities that originally attracted Temple to him still exist. Montel Aaron, we hardly knew ye, but best of luck to you.

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Wednesday: The 5 Best Things About This Class


18 thoughts on “Montel Aaron, We Hardly Knew Ye

  1. why redshirting over 90% of your incoming class every year has a negative impact on recruiting top talent.., from Clemson’s OC, Jeff Scott

    “Recruits keep up with everything,” Scott said. “They want an opportunity to play early. If you’re recruiting the best of the best, and you go in there and say, ‘Hey, we’ve got a plan to redshirt you,’ you’re not going to get many guys to sign up for that type of deal.”

  2. If you’re recruiting at Clemson or any of the SEC level programs you’re likely brining in 4* and 5* kids who can suit up year one. However, if you’re a G5 school you’re likely getting a lot of 2* and 3* kids who aren’t ready to compete year one and need that extra time to develop. I don’t know if 50% or 90% is the right number to redshirt but I would expect Temple to have a higher percent of freshmen sitting that year then a P5 school.

    I also think temples ability to redshirt a significant % of an incoming class speaks to progress in program development. The shows they are able to take the time to develop kids don’t have a gun at their head to field the incoming kids right away.

    • agree and tracks with the logic..,

      think the coaches are saying the desired end state is balance, consistent with the current trends of impact first year players….,

      the number of redshirts represent a bell-shaped curve in the stages of program development.., bad teams are forced to play kids who may not be ready, lower number of redshirts – 4 years in the program

      good teams can afford to develop players, higher number of redshirts (>90% for Temple last year) – 5 years in the program

      great teams get impact kids who will only play for three years before moving on to the draft, and who probably will not commit if told they are going to redshirt, lower number of redshirts – 3 years in the program

  3. I have no problem with red shirting kids so long as they truly have an upside . The problem w/ two stars is that some of them are physically incapable of improving and become drags on the program. It does say something though about the kind of kid they are getting to commit when PSU and OSU are stealing them . I have a buddy who loves PSU who says that PSU’s poaching of TU commits demonstrates how far the program has fallen.

    • Bingo, especially sentence No. 2.

    • makes for a very interesting 2016 Temple vs. PSU game…., don’t think Franklin will survive losing to Temple two years in a row.., Temple beats PSU and Franklin will probably lose his job, and MR might take his job…., how/why? PSU will not finish higher than 7-5 with a loss to Temple, not enough for Happy Valley; and, MR would leave Temple in a heartbeat if offered that job

      • I said the same thing to someone a couple of weeks ago. it would be TU’s luck that it loses Rhule to PSU because he beat them twice. The PSU fans were ready to oust Franklin after the TU game and it went downhill from there given his waste of the freshman running back, good wide receivers, and a very good QB by running a Satterfield type offense. I really believe that if he let Hackenburg throw downfield like O’Brien did, Hack would have stuck it out one more year.

    • I think that PSU poached a problem.

    • Tavon Young 2 star recruit
      Tyler Matakevich 2 star recruit
      Robbie Anderson 2 star recruit
      PJ Walker 2 star recruit
      Dion Dawkins 2 star recruit
      Kyle Friend 2 star recruit
      Matt Iannionadis 2 star recruit
      Nate Smith 2 star recruit

      • You continue to add nothing to the discussion. The fact is that there are probably thirty two stars on the team that will never see the field. Stay over with Pravda.

      • I believe these star rankings are disingenuous at best. If Temple signs a player he is marked down, if PSU signs a player his grade goes up. The folks doing the evaluating are in it to sell subscriptions and the big time programs have the most fan support so that alters reality. I agree with your assessment that all of the guys you listed turned into really good players. Were they undervalued coming out of HS or did the coaching staff find tuff guys that want to succeed and were coached up? Don’t think we have an answer to this question. Good recruiting means getting good athletes who are hard workers with a desire to succeed. Put them in the right positions and coach em up. Golden did a great job of this and so is Rhule. Hardin was also good at finding talent below the radar and developing it.

      • I have stated numerous times on this site that I have no idea what a Pravda is. Not sure why posters who don’t go along with this “site company thinking” r told to go to this Pravda. But I do own a pair of Prada shoes.

        My original point is that r team this year and next year r led by a bunch of 2/3 start recruits which tells u everything u need 2 know about recruiting ratings. And yes John every single program has about 32 players who will never see the field. So I’m not sure what ya point is?

  4. Agree on Franklin not being able to survive another loss to Temple, especially considering he clearly has higher rated recruits coming in the door. The fact he’s poaching Temple may not sit well with their fans but OSU and some other P5 schools are in the same boat (talk to Les Miles about Russo).

    The fact is these aren’t your grandfathers Owls. AG and MR have done an incredible job building out a program. They’ve convinced kids who could have gone anywhere to choose Temple and that’s no small feat given the fact we’re still not at the adult table with the ncaa.

    It seems the townhall regarding building the stadium has turned into a shit show with all the usual suspects in attendance wanting their grift. I’m hopeful Theobold can get this done ‘the right way’ since that would really help in getting our program to the next step.

  5. For what it’s worth the Rutgers folks on’s heads are exploding over losing recruits to Temple. There are several posts harshing on our program. I’ve been trolling over there just for sh$ts and giggles. It’s fun to tweak the pinies and remind them Rutgers ain’t Alabama.

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