Temple Better Be Paying Attention

Cincinnati Enquirer blows cover off Bearcats' Big 12 bid.

Cincinnati Enquirer blows cover off Bearcats’ Big 12 bid.

Since it was too cold to go outside on Saturday, time is never wasted watching ESPN 30 for 30 episodes of the award-winning series. The Saturday one featuring the Big East particularly pertained to Temple.

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino hit the nail on the head when he said: “In all of those Big East meetings, everybody was swearing unity and allegiance to the Big East and the minute they were over, all of the athletic directors were on the phone trying to make deals with another conference.”

It is with that backdrop that Temple should be concerned with the Cincinnati Enquirer’s report today that the President of that university was in active talks with the Big 12 to get his team out of the American Athletic Conference (AAC).

Temple should be paying attention because, if it was not obvious before, it is every man (school) for himself and without Cincy and UConn, Temple could one day wake up and find itself in nothing more prestigious than Conference USA.

The Oklahoma President says that it is all about TV and, if so, Temple—not Cincy—holds the ace in this deck of cards and that’s something Neil D. Theobald and Pat Kraft should be hammering home. Temple should be looking out for Temple, period.

From the Enquirer’s report, it is clear that Cincy is taking that approach.


5 thoughts on “Temple Better Be Paying Attention

  1. Temples admin’s butts should still be sore from what happened during our brief stint in the Big East and we shouldn’t get caught flat footed again. As Bush would say “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and we won’t get fooled again.”

    The Owls need to understand it’s always been every man for himself whether it’s PSU blocking us from the B1G or nova fighting us on the big east for years. I hope Theobold is working the phones.

    • This is not a significantly better conference than the MAC was in football, especially after Syracuse, Pitt and Louisville left (not counting Rutgers because we’ve been consistently better than them). There is no excuse for us not winning this conference. If Cincy, Memphis, Uconn and Houston leave, people will be saying the MAC is better and it would be hard to argue with them. We’ve got to accentuate our positives, especially TV ratings, while we have them. We would have been in a much better position had we not crapped the bed on 12/5.

  2. The ACC is Temple’s only realisitc shot at moving to the P5. Temple does not belong to the American Association of Universities (AAU); which excludes it from consideration by the Big 10. Nebraska is the only non-AAU school in the B10, but they were members at the time they joined. The ACC does not seem too interested in expanding at the moment. And it is not a matter of working the phones, so Temple needs to sit tight. Building a 35,000 seat stadium isn’t going to help our cause either, we would have the second or third smallest stadium in the ACC and those things unfortunately matter. We need to start filling the Linc on a regular basis, and gaining more of a national TV following if we want an invite. Similar to how Boise State built a national following. The only difference is, we are in the 5th largest TV market in the country, not Idaho. So saturation of our market + National following will = ACC invite. We are not there yet. Yet

    • Bob Bernardo was, to me, a great linebacker at Temple and, in my mind, his dad was the greatest head football coach in the long history of Northeast High. We both agree on the ACC being the end game. I, however, disagree on the method to get there. I don’t think we get there from the AAC. I do believe if we can slip into the Big 12, there is a much better shot of going from one P5 to another P5. It is soon (maybe now) impossible of going from G5 to ACC.

      • Mike, it’s Jr here, I will relay the kind words to my father.

        We will have to agree to disagree. I do not think picking up the phones is the key to maneuvering into the B12 or the ACC. It is about bringing additional value to a P5 conference that would allow that conference to enhance its television contract. We aren’t there yet. I hope I am wrong though and we see Temple in a P5 sooner rather than later.

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